Before the Emergency


Author note:

The story you’re about to read is not a story like my usual stories. It’s possible to read it as a standalone story, but otherwise it’s about the main protagonists that you will meet in my first novel “State of Emergency” which is to be published later this week. It contains snippets on how Mercedes and Idun fell in love. 

Cover is by the talented Deniz Pekin.

Beta read by my dear friends K and Narcosynthesis.

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… and they called it puppy love


The soft voice by her door made Rae lift her head. She had ignored the earlier yells from somewhere in the house, but her homework wasn’t interesting enough to ignore Leone looking at her shyly.

“Can I come in?”

Why are you here? Leone had never visited her room like this before.

 Rae nodded and moved her chair back so there was enough room for Leone to come inside the tiny bedroom. “Of course it is.”

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Bubble and Squeak (short lesfic, romance)

Beta read by my lovely friend K.

 Hannah glanced at the tall figure next to her. Seeing Jane on her feet, smiling and alive was more than fantastic. If it wasn’t for the scrapes on her cheek, the black eye and the left arm resting in a sling, Hannah could almost pretend that everything was normal and that the past couple of weeks hadn’t happened.

 She reached for another potato to peel and in the same moment Jane reached for another egg. Their fingers brushed over the counter.

“Oh, sorry.” Hannah blushed as their eyes met briefly and she hurried to focus on the potato in front of her.

No. Nothing was normal. Nothing would ever be normal again. Everything was new and exciting and terrifying, all at the same time.

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What Have You Done To Me? (short lesfic, erotic romance)

Or The Queen of Fire and the Empress of Ice

“I knew you would come.” Rafaela, queen of the Reattlen, couldn’t keep the smirk of her face as she looked at the intruder in her chamber.

Talanamar, the leader of the Eibmoz – a people made up of only mercenaries – walked towards her on visibly stiff legs. Rafaela hated the way Tala walked, it reminded her of old injuries, and yet it was something she wouldn’t change. It was part of Tala, part of her past and her present. Probably her future too.

 Not that Rafaela would know of Tala’s future. Their time together was over now. Rafaela had called for help across the five domains and Tala had answered. She had, together with over five thousand soldiers, come to the Reattlen’s aid. The threat was gone. The Eibmoz had to return to the Frozen Lower Islands now.

“Yeah well… You made it clear, my queen.” Tala sounded pained. “You made it clear that you wanted me to come to you. I couldn’t find it in myself to refuse.”

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Never Break a Leg Before Christmas part 5

 Nonnie closed the door after paying the babysitter and sending her through it. She sucked in a shaky breath as she returned to the living room where Nicole was waiting for her.

 The doctor was sitting casually on the sofa with a lazy look in her face. She had never looked better, managing to somehow look cocky and hopeful in the same time. The top buttons of her shirt were undone, revealing her olive skin. Nonnie wanted to press her lips to that exposed triangle of skin.

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I remember you (short lesfic)

At the beginning of time she had waited. There, at the birth of the sun and the stars, she had sat and stared. She had watched them explode before her eyes, she had felt the heat on her skin despite the cold at the back of her skull. The frozen earth hadn’t bothered her.

She had watched the beginning of history. How many days had she waited? How many weeks? Months? Years? She had waited for centuries, decades, lifetimes. She had thawed and frozen with the ebb and flow of time, watched the earth die and rise again. She had bided her time, waiting for the kiss that would thaw her self-imposed ice age.

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Can You Teach Me Something? (short lesfic, romance)


Olivia. Four syllables that turned Imogen’s insides to a thousand humming birds and threatened to pour the most idiotic words through her being and out of her mouth. She walked around the small table that was surrounded by twelve children of various ages, she should really be focusing on them and not on how Olivia’s dark hair contrasted against the seeming softness of her cheek or how her crooked smile occasionally turned in her direction.

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Happy birthday Samantha (free lesfic short story (erotica) )

Happy birthday, Samantha!” Sam looked up from her place by the desk. She was still new enough to not know the woman’s name, even less how her co-worker could have known it was her birthday.

Thank you,” she said, only quickly glancing up from her computer screen hoping that it wouldn’t be taken as an invitation for further conversation. It didn’t work.

So, do you have any grand plans after work today?” The woman came into her office and walked right up to Sam’s desk. “I know you’re new to London, so me and some of the guys were thinking that we could take you out.” Sam resisted the urge to growl at the woman to leave. She didn’t want to celebrate her birthday, and definitely not with this woman.

Actually,” she said, trying to sound as polite as possible, “I’m kind of tired, I was looking forward to just going home, taking a bubble bath and drinking some wine.” The woman looked as shocked as if Sam had told her the sun had stopped shining.

Well,” Sam’s co-worker said, “it’s your own choice of course, but I think we could have a good time.”

I’m sure we could,” Sam said, “but I also have a lot of people to call, and…”

Ah,” the woman replied before letting Sam finish, “say no more. I understand.” She winked at Sam, making her wonder what the co-worker thought she had understood.

Wha-?” Sam started to say but then another one of her co-workers stuck his head through her doorway.

Samantha, what are you still doing here?” Sam almost groaned out loud.

I’m working,” she said, “the thing you pay me for.”

You Americans are always such workaholics,” the man said, “it’s your birthday! No one expects you to stay at the office past five on your birthday!” Sam didn’t know which part to respond too. Americans are always workaholics? Who had told them it was her birthday? What did the woman think she had meant? She gave up.

Well, I’ll pack up and go home then, thank you,” she said even though she would regret not finishing her report later. This just wasn’t her day.

Sam missed her old work back home in the US. As cool as living in London could be, it just wasn’t the same. She even missed the stupid pranks they used to play on each other. But more than anything else, she missed Maura.

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Don’t worry, I’ve got you (short story)

Come on, Follet, you look like you could use a drink!” Del looked up from her spot on the comfy chair. When she saw who was talking with her she shook her black haired head.

Leave me alone, Alenko,” she said. “I’m not in the mood.” She lifted the side of her lip, ready to snarl something else at him if he didn’t leave. She knew that with her strong physique and red scar across her lips she looked more than a little intimidating. Surely intimidating enough to get Alenko to leave her alone.

He held up his hands in a defensive gesture.

Fine, fine, I was just offering. You’ve been sitting here all night.”

Del nodded, but didn’t smile. She couldn’t wait for the others to leave. The national holiday brought out the strangest things in people. They wanted to celebrate the country’s finest. The heroes. The do – gooders. It made Del sick. She wanted no one to celebrate her or her past actions. She hated this stupid day. Usually she made it bearable by drinking with her old commander, but the bastard had betrayed her and gone on a date instead.

The lobby filled with silence as Del was finally left alone. She should have felt relief, but instead she was filled with anxiety. She tapped her foot on the floor and tried to resist biting on nails. She was a lieutenant commander damn it, acting like this was beneath her. After crossing her legs and then uncrossing them, she got up and headed for the door. She didn’t really want to, but anything would be better than just sitting here.

* * *

And there was something better. As much as Del had dreaded going into town, she had to admit that moving to the beat of music inside the club was nice. It was a lesbian club, a small one and Del could drown in blessed anonymity. She was just a person in the crowd, not a hero, not military. Just another lesbian out on the Fourth of July who wanted to get lost in the music. She danced for a while longer, but then when the next song ended, she headed over to the bar and ordered a drink.

She leaned against the bar on her elbow and let her gaze sweep across the room. The club wasn’t completely filled with people since most were celebrating elsewhere. Del found herself wondering why the people around her weren’t with families or friends, celebrating with apple pie, fireworks and good conversation. They couldn’t all be dealing with latent PTSD tendencies and a commander who had abandoned her on this night of all nights. Del chugged her drink down as the beat of the music continued.

That was when she noticed a young woman sitting by one of the tables to the side. She was nodding her head to the music, golden locks bouncing around her shoulders. She looked a bit like a porcelain doll. Del was so focused on inspecting the woman’s pale skin and cute nose that she didn’t notice the woman’s gaze traveling, suddenly blue eyes looked straight into Del’s black ones. Del immediately looked away. Her cheeks heated and she hated it. She lifted her gaze again and noticed that the blonde woman was laughing. Seemingly at her. Del turned her head towards the bar and ordered another drink.

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