I Love You Nora Whispered Character Presentation – minor characters

Author note: As a celebration of finishing my fifth novel I’m going to once a week for the next five weeks do presentations of characters from my newest novel “I Love You Nora Whispered”. It’s a story set in England during the 1940s.

In this post I want to focus on minor characters, the families that Katherine and Nora come from.

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I Love You Nora Whispered Character Presentation – Martha

Author note: As a celebration of finishing my fifth novel I’m going to once a week for the next five weeks do presentations of characters from my newest novel “I Love You Nora Whispered”. It’s a story set in England during the 1940s.

Now let’s get to know Martha Lakes

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Autumn update



We are now almost halfway through October! I’m having a hard time realizing and accepting that the year is drawing to a close. In one way I’m very grateful since 2019 started in a very bad way for me and usually I love December and January and I want experience them again without being on heavy medicine. But more on that at another time.

I wanted to give a bit of an update. When the term started I made a post on how I was going to manage to stay active as an author and blogger even while working as a teacher. I always fail at that but this term I wanted to manage. I want to be an author all year around and not just during June, July and August.

Now I haven’t been as active on here and other social media as I wanted but since writing that post I have been asked by my boss to take additional classes at university on teaching Swedish as a Second Language to help children who are new to Sweden. This is a mission and an opportunity I’m very grateful for since it also adds to my responsibility as a teacher. HOWEVER that gives me less time and energy for author stuff. Even now I should be studying and instead I’m writing this post.


  • “I Love You Nora Whispered” is in beta reading and I’m writing character representations that I’m posting here. So keep an eye out for that.
  • I was supposed to start the first installment in my zombie series but instead I kind of started a contemporary romance novel about an author and a teacher (yeah, yeah, I know). That’s all I’m going to say about that now.
  • I want to write some short stories (under 5000 words) to publish on my blog that you can read for free but we will see how much energy I have later this month.
  • It’s almost November but I’m obviously not doing NaNoWriMo. I did manage once (although it was during my fanfiction days) but not since I started working. I am writing and that’s good enough for me.
  • We have moved into our new home now after living in temporary spaces since May. It’s such a relief.
  • I’m still continuing my ABC blog post series even though it might seem like I’m not. I’ve just had posts to write that didn’t fall into the proper letter.

I thought I could, so I did

I wrote the outline for this post months ago. Then work happened and my creative energies turned to teaching. After dressing up as Moses and speaking in first person during a lesson about religion after fixing a conflict that happened during recess, it’s hard to go home and just turn on being a lesfic author.

However, I was happy for my diligent planning during the summer. I know what this post is about HOWEVER I have no idea on why, underneath the outline I wrote “I GOT HORNS”… just like that. In caps lock. What did I want to tell my future self? Was that suppose to be the beginning of this post? I have no idea.

In this post I want to talk about becoming an author and what that means, mentally and practically.

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Beta readers wanted

Hi everyone! 

I’m looking for serious beta-readers for my newest novel “I love you Nora whispered”. I’m looking for somebody serious, preferably with English as a first language. It’s a lesfic set in 1940s Britain and it’s about polio, horses and believing in oneself. It’s just over 70k words long. If you’re interested and have the time, send me a message!


On The Topic of Miss Walker’s disease


 Ann Walker, wife of the famous Anne Lister, a brave person in her own right.

Everyone is always talking about how important representation is and what it means for groups of people. Of course it is good to read and learn about lives different than ours but it is very special to read, see, experience stories that has a character similar to us. Especially, it seems like, for marginalized groups. Just ask most book-loving lesbians how it felt to discover lesbian literature, but I digress.

I have loved the BBC/HBO series Gentleman Jack and I have talked about it before. In this post I want to focus on Miss Walker and what she means to me. Not just as a lesbian, but as a woman dealing with an illness. In this post I’m focusing on her as a character in the TV-series and not necessarily as a historical figure.

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Review of Awakened by Fate


“Awakened by Fate” is a novel that means a lot to its author, that much is clear whenever she mentions it. I had attempted to read this once but my work was very stressful at the moment so I put it on hold and read it during the summer when I had a better time focusing and I’m happy I did.

“Awakened by Fate” is about Jackie, a woman who is living somebody else’s life. In an unhappy but open marriage with a man, she gets by through flings with women and drinking too much. Her life is forever changed when she is in a car crash after a party. After that she is introduced to a spiritual lifestyle, a shift that she desperately needs. I sometimes had problems liking Jackie, I didn’t agree with some of her choices, especially choices made before the accident but I also think that’s why I liked her by the end. I had seen her grow and accepted, just like she had too, that she wasn’t perfect.

I actually also liked the annoying husband – Kyle – who I understand I was probably not supposed to like at all; but he was so human with his shifting of blame and hypocrisy. I liked how he was portrayed.

I probably wouldn’t have read this book if I hadn’t interacted with the author. The contents are different than what I usually choses but honestly? It was nice. I’ve never read a lesfic like it. It feels like a story of personal growth mixed in with non-fiction and self-help and I don’t mean it in a bad way. I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a lesfic that is about a person rather than about a couple. The story is about Jackie, there might be other people there, but she owns it. It’s her story and that I liked.


Awakened by Fate” is written by Lynn Lawler, a very nice woman who runs an amazing blog featuring lesfic reviews and interviews with authors. Even if you’re not interested in her book I implore you to check out her blog which you can find here. She puts a lot of energy and time into helping lesbian fiction grow and spread both on her blog and through different Facebook groups.

If you’re interested she has reviewed one of my novels plus interviewed me a few years ago.

Thanks for reading!

T is for Term is Starting


As a teacher I’m incredibly spoiled. I stop working around the 20th of June and don’t start again until 14th of August. It feels like more than two months. Usually the summers feel like a whole life-time passes. It’s a time where I learn stuff, write a lot, play full-time author, go on trips, practice skills etc. The person that comes back to work in August is not the person that left in June.

HOWEVER and that is a big however, during the school year I am very tired and very busy. As I wrote in the post about my workplace, we teachers face certain conditions that are unacceptable. I love my job, believe you me, and I’m active not just in my own class but different groups and projects like a Swedish type of school board where we discuss the situation for our school in general. Last year the principal and I ran a project where we went into every single classroom in fourth, fifth and sixth grade where we taught the students about bullying on the internet. This is on top of teaching, assessing and planning for my own 24 third-graders. I love education and everything that comes with it but I also know that it eats a chunk of will to do other stuff – this includes being an author and running my blog.

This summer has been amazing. I made an author facebook that I’ve been using to connect with people in a more real way than I did before. Especially other authors and writers which has been so much fun. I’ve also done plenty of blog posts plus discovered how fun it is to make reviews of lesfic novels.

The bottom-line is, I don’t want to stop. I want to have my cookie and eat it too. I want to be able to be both a writer and a teacher in the same time, I don’t want to sacrifice one for the other because they are both equally important to me. They are. They are. They are.

So, like a teacher, I’ve made a plan and a schedule. If it doesn’t work out, fine, then it doesn’t, but I have to try. I made a paper schedule for what I’ll do on what days (the picture at the top) and I also roughly planned enough blog posts to take me through the rest of the year. I still did the bulk of my writing during the summer but I’m still not done with “I Love You, Nora Whispered”, I think and hope it’ll be done soon.

So here is to trying! To all of us whose vacations are ending. Let’s hope the year is kind to us.

Please check back in tomorrow for my review of “Awakened by Fate” by Lynn Lawler.