U is for Understatement of the century

No… seriously.

Five days ago I wrote a post saying that this was the most unproductive summer I have had for ages and how it’s good for me to take a break and all. And then the bombshell hit.

I put my current work in process on ice and started another one. And in just three days I’m up 9 THOUSAND words. I don’t know what’s happening but I’m just grabbing my laptop and holding on for dear life.

I start work in ten days. Technically I could be up to 40k words by then. Doubt it, but I think I shall be close. The words are just pouring out of me.

I can’t tell you about it though, because then the magic will go away. I just hope it will be beautiful.

…and don’t worry about my other one, the Saltbridge Hollow #1. I put “A Tale of Spiders and Canned Soup” for hold for over a year while suddenly finding myself writing “Stargazing” and both books are out now and all is well.

Reminder that you can check out my novels here.

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T is for 2020 Summer Update

I’m feeling meh.

Meh GIF on GIFER - by Moogurn

It’s summer. Usually my summers are filled with writing, transformation, more writing, reflection, growth and even more writing. I opened the main document for my work in process (the first part of a series called “Saltbridge Hollow” so that’s exciting) it said that it was 5 days ago since it was edited. FIVE DAYS. I haven’t opened my work in process for five days.

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I Love You, Nora Whispered is here!

Nora Whispered ecvr

This book is my absolute baby. Never have I been prouder. Are you interested in a romantic historical lesfic that has both horses and complicated women? Look no further. Pick up your kindle copy here. In a few days the physical copy should be available too.

Love in the time of horses and polio.
England, 1948.

Nora Lakes suffers from post polio syndrome and very low self-esteem. She has spent her entire life in the chaos of her huge family, always feeling less than and without any future dreams. When her sister Martha manages to get her a job at Waterhouse Acre Stables, she can hardly believe it. She had never imagined that anyone would have employed her, damaged as she is. She also never imagined she would meet anybody like Katherine.

Katherine Waterhouse was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has a mean streak and doesn’t like people in general. What she does like, is horses. She wants to be a professional rider but growing up in a conservative house where her choices are limited by her sex, Katherine has always been trapped in her role as a woman.

Nora and Katherine – two women with very different backgrounds, drawn to each other with an intensity neither of them are prepared for.

Do they stand a chance?

Nora Whispered cover

F/F Crossword challenge!

Hi everyone!

These are strange times indeed.

I am however happy to announce that one of my novels is up on Jae’s F/F Crossword Challenge – toaster oven edition.

You can find the Crossword Puzzle and the rules here. 

It comes with the chance to win one of these books:

  • The Goodmans by Clare Ashton
  • Uncommon Emotions by Lynn Galli
  • No Strings Attached by Harper Bliss
  • You’ll also be entered into the drawing for the grand prize at the end of the year, with a chance to win a book package, plus an autograph book full of autographs of popular WLW & lesbian fiction authors.


Exciting, right?

Happy playing!


Working on the Hellmouth

Bildresultat för hellmouth gif

As everyone else left, I stayed. I stayed loyal to my employer. To my students. To the parents of my students. I stayed loyal to myself and to the legacy I have built within these 92 walls. My home outside home. My place of no regrets. The place I found my role as a teacher. 

My friends have all left, finding rescue and relief at other schools. There are just a few fools left. I’m one of them. Stuck in this place where I need an inhaler at least once per lesson to stay inside this sick, sick building. 

In every disaster movie there is always one person who doesn’t want the rescue. Who stands on top of the exploding mountain and wants to see how it ends. I am that person. I am on top of that mountain. It’s exploding underneath me and I can’t breathe. 

Literally. I used my inhaler twice today while the kids had lunch. 

We have wheezing kids too. Kids with runny eyes. Kids with rashes so severe they’re bleeding. 

We have coworkers who have had to go to the doctor with symptoms they experience nowhere else except at work.

When they came last week, the construction workers asked us “are there people working here? Are you still in these buildings? Haven’t you got another school yet?”

No we haven’t.

They have forgotten about us. 

Blåbetång we call it. It’s poisonous. It’s making us sick. Radon. Radiation. It’s spread to the walls, the mold, the moist. Do people know that over 300 children and adults work here? 

It doesn’t seem like.

Author note:  I have blogged about my place of work before but during this past six months it has been worse. We have appeared in all the local papers and the environment is so bad some children have had to change buildings because they couldn’t breathe indoors.  We’re hoping they’ll close the school, we can’t live like this anymore. It’s hard enough just being a teacher; a VERY bad work environment isn’t acceptable.

Thanks for reading!


The F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge

The F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge is a year-long event for readers of WLW and lesbian books. Each month, I’ll post three book-themed crossword puzzles on this blog. All of the crossword clues will be from books featuring female characters who identify as lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, trans, asexual, demisexual, queer, or questioning—so basically anything other than heterosexual.

Sounds awesome right?

What makes it even more awesome is that my books and I are participating!

Head over to Jae’s blog to find out more:

The F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge


Happy First of January

In the similar spirit as I had at the end of 2017 and 2016 and 2015, I welcome 2020 with open arms. I love January 1. Full stop. This also marks the end of my hiatus. I’m back. And I have loads of plans. My winter project sadly didn’t lead to anything but I’m going to use the extra time to be an author. I had plans to take a night class but I just decided no. I don’t want to. I just want to go to work, come home, write. Write short stories. Write novels. Edit novels. Blog. Taking hiatus was good because now I’m fizzing with creative energy and as we watched the countdown on TV last night I planned a short story in my head. That I’m going to start writing the moment I finish this blog post.

New Years goals for 2020:

  • Publish “I Love You Nora Whispered”. It’s in the final stages and I will continue working on that today thanks to my amazing beta readers!
  • Write and hopefully publish a novel that is currently called “Frozen Symphony”. It’s sort of, kind of, contemporary romance with a supernatural twist.
  • Write more short stories. I miss writing short stories, especially erotic ones. No promises but I will try.

I don’t really know where I want to take my blog. I do posts when I have ideas and I feel like 2019 was a year of ideas. I want to do more reviews. I love doing lists. I love talking about being a lesbian. I do like talking about writing but sometimes I feel too experienced to do that even though I’m about to publish my fifth novel. I want to, as silly as it sounds, “keep it real”. I don’t want to pretend or write posts that contain nothing to get readers or something.

I always, always, always want to be better at marketing and getting my books out there, boosting my sale or whatever you say. I still suck at that. I even took an online class and I still suck. A bit unsure what to do there.

What I do know is that I don’t want to continue my hiatus. Kathy is back!

What goals do you guys have for the year?