Patient zero

It’s kind of ironic how after I send “State of emergency” (my novel about an epidemic) to the publisher, I get all the symptoms. I must be patient zero. 😛

Like my beta reader said: “Evacuate Sweden!”

Jokes aside, I’m done with “State of emergency” for now. I’m also done with the planning for my next novel, “Out of hand” that I want to start seriously writing on as soon as I get better. I really can’t wait to start that one. It has a romance between two women who meet under very bad circumstances and hate each other in the beginning. What’s not to love with that? 😛 Or at least I hope so… I’ll make it work. It’s also very different from “State of emergency” which is good. I really need to write something different after working on that for almost two years.

Might have a short story or two to be posted here as well in the near future.

But the number one thing I need to concern myself with right now is getting well again. I really, really hate being ill.



After once again breaking down in tears, claiming that I’ll never finish my novel and that I’m not good enough to even attempt to join the ranks of other published authors I look up to, the fiancee said that unless I finish my novel the wedding is off.

So there is only one thing to do. Write.

To be honest, this isn’t a proper post. Just know that most people are at least a little bit anxious about their writing. I usually think my writing is good, but sometimes… ugh.

Well, I’m going to go and keep writing now.

Happy writing and reading, people!