Never Break a Leg Before Christmas part 2 (lesfic)

Beta read by my lovely fellow writers, K and Deniz Pekin.


Nonnie put the last touch on her deer costume and exited the bathroom. She looked at the tiny Super Mario that was waiting for her at the end of the stairs. Please let Anthony grow this year, he can’t take any more teasing.

“I’m coming honey.” She went downstairs, picking up her coat that was hanging over the railing. The coat wasn’t brown like the rest of her costume, it was dark green and Anthony wasn’t slow to voice his complaint.

“Your coat doesn’t go with your costume.”

“Yes it does, deer live in the forest, you know that.”

“Fine,” Anthony said and grabbed his pumpkin-shaped basket. Nonnie looked at him sentimentally. He was ten now, who knew how many more times he would even want to go trick-and-treating. At least his red woollen jumper was warm enough; he didn’t need a jacket that would ruin his costume.

 Nonnie grabbed her purse and they left the house.  

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I have the second part of Never break a leg before Christmas written out, it just needs editing. Problem is I’ve fell quite ill, and don’t feel well enough to focus yet. But soon, I hope to.

I’ve also almost finished editing State of Emergency to a standard where I feel comfortable sending it to the publishers. Let’s hope they like it this time!