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Coming soon – A Tale of Spiders and Canned SoupSpiders and Canned Soup ecvr

“Living on your own can be hard, but even more so when you’re dealing with haphephobia; the death of a twin sister; and a crush on your teacher. Mika is still in contact with her foster family who homes the loves of her life, three young children she would do anything for, when she begins attending University of Aberdeen and meets Pauline, an Australian that teaches Viking history. Neither woman is used to breaking the rules, and their way to each other is a hard one, especially when Mika vows to get custody of the children, whether she is ready to be a parent or not.

A story about growing up. A story about dealing with grief. A story about Mika and Pauline.”


Stargazing ecvr

“Lissa stared open-mouthed at the GIF that played over and over on the screen in front of her. Heat flushed to her face, igniting her skin. Her heart started pounding in her chest. Stupid internet, it should really come with a warning label. She swallowed once. Twice. Just scroll past it. Of course she was going to scroll past it. She wasn’t going to sit there and stare at… Star.

Lissa is a twenty-something party-planner. She’s never been interested in relationships or sex and as the years have gone by she has retreated more and more into her work. Everything changes when she meets Star, an porn actress with a heart of gold and a troubled childhood.

They say that opposites attract, but how much of that is true? What chance do they have when one of them is a virgin and the other one star in pornography?”

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OUT OF HANDOut of Hand ecvr

Mimi Adam lives in a shabby London apartment with an old sewing machine and unpaid bills, learning that working as a modern day seamstress is not what she imagined as a child. Leo lives as a smuggler without a proper home; she wouldn’t call herself a criminal, but she doesn’t shy away from crime.
When Leo is ordered to kidnap Mimi and take her out of the country, the situation quickly gets out of hand. Leo isn’t good at the job and Mimi is bratty, demanding and difficult.

A story about cautious friendship and aggressive attraction while on journey across Europe.

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Sweden, Present Day: Idun Tyr receives a warning from her sister, and army lieutenant, telling her to hide and not come out no matter what she hears. By the time she re-emerges, the world has changed. Her phone has no signal, the internet and televisions aren’t working, and her town is empty of people. Everyone is gone. She sets out to find her missing girlfriend, Mercedes and embarks on a long journey, learning to survive in this new reality. A dystopian lesbian novel about a country torn apart by a vicious disease, following three women on different sides: military, vigilante and prisoner.

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