Kerosene and a Spark (lesbian romance)

A.N: This is not “enemies to lovers”, but more “lovers to enemies”. Also NSFW and all that.  After writing the blog post yesterday I sat down to write non-stop. This is the result.

Ela loved power. She always had and probably always would. Her title, queen, was more than just a nickname since her dad dying. She had a proper throne now and the sentences she gave out stuck. Her word was law. However, this was not what she had wanted. The sword in her hand. The neck in front of her.

Kero’s neck.

It didn’t seem so long ago that Ela had pressed her teeth into that soft skin. Bit it. Not gently. It didn’t matter. Kero had always made her pay afterwards. Their trysts more battle than love-making. But Ela had never wanted to kill her. This was not what their dalliance was supposed to lead to. This was wrong.

“You might as well kill me.” Kero’s voice was husky as always, just the sound of it made Ela’s insides twist. Stupid woman, she thought, if Kero just could have been normal… Like everyone else. Or if she could have just not been a criminal. That would have been helpful. “Just do it. What are you, a chicken?”

“You dare to judge me?” Despite her harsh words, Ela kept her tone soft. “You want to die?”

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G is for Good


… or bad.

Yesterday I was lying in bed with my wife (that’s her hands and legs up there by the way). We were tired and silly and just talking and laughing. I can’t remember anymore how we got there but I decided to tell her about the most sensual part of a novel. I like stories that make me bleed. Stories that make me cry and ache. I just like feeling a lot. I like sadness. I don’t like vanilla stories were everything just falls into place.

Whenever I think of aching moments in stories, I often think about Radclyffe’s “Passion’s Bright Fury”. I love this book (And not just because I have a little crush on Saxon Sinclair). There is one specific scene that always destroys me.

This is the excerpt of that part (the scene is that Sax (the doctor) and Jude (the director) are going upstairs to the roof of the hospital before Sax’s shift starts. They talk a bit, make out a bit, and then the following happens) :

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Stargazing ecvr

Tomorrow on the 22 of June, “Stargazing” comes out. It’s a lesbian romance about Star and Lissa who, even though the like each other, one fundamental difference. Lissa is a work-a-holic virgin and Star is a somewhat laid-back pornactress.

Here is the blurb:

“Lissa stared open-mouthed at the GIF that played over and over on the screen in front of her. Heat flushed to her face, igniting her skin. Her heart started pounding in her chest. Stupid internet, it should really come with a warning label. She swallowed once. Twice. Just scroll past it. Of course she was going to scroll past it. She wasn’t going to sit there and stare at… Star.

Lissa is a twenty-something party-planner. She’s never been interested in relationships or sex and as the years have gone by she has retreated more and more into her work. Everything changes when she meets Star, an porn actress with a heart of gold and a troubled childhood.

They say that opposites attract, but how much of that is true? What chance do they have when one of them is a virgin and the other one star in pornography?”

Stargazing Cvr

Before the Emergency


Author note:

The story you’re about to read is not a story like my usual stories. It’s possible to read it as a standalone story, but otherwise it’s about the main protagonists that you will meet in my first novel “State of Emergency” which is to be published later this week. It contains snippets on how Mercedes and Idun fell in love. 

Cover is by the talented Deniz Pekin.

Beta read by my dear friends K and Narcosynthesis.

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Exciting News


I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve decided to self-publish my first novel, State of Emergency. I’ll have more information in the days and weeks to come, but the goal is for it to be out on August 10.

Here is the blurb:
Sweden, Present Day: Idun Tyr receives a warning from her sister, and army lieutenant, telling her to hide and not come out no matter what she hears. By the time she re-emerges, the world has changed. Her phone has no signal, the internet and televisions aren’t working, and her town is empty of people. Everyone is gone. She sets out to find her missing girlfriend, Mercedes and embarks on a long journey, learning to survive in this new reality. A dystopian lesbian novel about a country torn apart by a vicious disease, following three women on different sides: military, vigilante and prisoner.

I like reading about lesbians part 2

I could talk forever about books that I have read and love. I like to share. This time however, I’d like to list the books I’m looking forward to read this term. As a teacher (and student) I don’t have much money during the summer, but since the term is starting on Monday I will soon be able to get new books again from time to time. Some of these books are not new and I know that. It’s just books I’m planning to buy and read before Christmas.

  1.  “Good enough to eat” by Jae and Alison Grey – this is suppose to be funny, it has vampire and it’s by Jae (partly). What could go wrong?
  2. “Lifeline” and Karma” both by Susan X Meagher and part of the “I found my heart in San Francisco” series. (Sorry. 😉 ) I’m just too invested in Jamie’s and Ryan’s life to stop now.
  3. “And once more saw the stars” by Rae D Magdon. I need to seriously catch up with this girl’s writing. She’s brilliant. I should to stop wasting my money on stuff like food and rent and instead just get the books of hers I haven’t read.
  4. All things rise” by Missouri Vaun. I’ve only heard good things about this book and the setting sounds awesome.
  5. “Next of kin” by Jae. Actually any book by Jae that I haven’t got on my shelf. But this one comes first.
  6. “The magic hunt” by L.L.Raand. This is part five of the “Midnight hunters” series and very high on my list. Why do all my favorite books have werewolves I wonder.
  7. “The muse” by Meghan O’brien. I haven’t read much on this book yet, but Meghan O’brien has never disappointed me yet.
  8. “Soul selecta” by Gill Mcknight. Sadly not werewolves, but like all books by Gill Mcknight I assume it’ll be witty, very funny and well worth reading.

Who knows if I’ll manage to get all of them before Christmas, but this is what I look forward to reading during the next couple of months. Do check them out, even though I haven’t read any of them yet I’m quite sure they are enjoyable reads.

But first comes university. I’m not presenting my master thesis tomorrow for nothing. At least it’s fitting that it’s on children and literacy.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you (short story)

Come on, Follet, you look like you could use a drink!” Del looked up from her spot on the comfy chair. When she saw who was talking with her she shook her black haired head.

Leave me alone, Alenko,” she said. “I’m not in the mood.” She lifted the side of her lip, ready to snarl something else at him if he didn’t leave. She knew that with her strong physique and red scar across her lips she looked more than a little intimidating. Surely intimidating enough to get Alenko to leave her alone.

He held up his hands in a defensive gesture.

Fine, fine, I was just offering. You’ve been sitting here all night.”

Del nodded, but didn’t smile. She couldn’t wait for the others to leave. The national holiday brought out the strangest things in people. They wanted to celebrate the country’s finest. The heroes. The do – gooders. It made Del sick. She wanted no one to celebrate her or her past actions. She hated this stupid day. Usually she made it bearable by drinking with her old commander, but the bastard had betrayed her and gone on a date instead.

The lobby filled with silence as Del was finally left alone. She should have felt relief, but instead she was filled with anxiety. She tapped her foot on the floor and tried to resist biting on nails. She was a lieutenant commander damn it, acting like this was beneath her. After crossing her legs and then uncrossing them, she got up and headed for the door. She didn’t really want to, but anything would be better than just sitting here.

* * *

And there was something better. As much as Del had dreaded going into town, she had to admit that moving to the beat of music inside the club was nice. It was a lesbian club, a small one and Del could drown in blessed anonymity. She was just a person in the crowd, not a hero, not military. Just another lesbian out on the Fourth of July who wanted to get lost in the music. She danced for a while longer, but then when the next song ended, she headed over to the bar and ordered a drink.

She leaned against the bar on her elbow and let her gaze sweep across the room. The club wasn’t completely filled with people since most were celebrating elsewhere. Del found herself wondering why the people around her weren’t with families or friends, celebrating with apple pie, fireworks and good conversation. They couldn’t all be dealing with latent PTSD tendencies and a commander who had abandoned her on this night of all nights. Del chugged her drink down as the beat of the music continued.

That was when she noticed a young woman sitting by one of the tables to the side. She was nodding her head to the music, golden locks bouncing around her shoulders. She looked a bit like a porcelain doll. Del was so focused on inspecting the woman’s pale skin and cute nose that she didn’t notice the woman’s gaze traveling, suddenly blue eyes looked straight into Del’s black ones. Del immediately looked away. Her cheeks heated and she hated it. She lifted her gaze again and noticed that the blonde woman was laughing. Seemingly at her. Del turned her head towards the bar and ordered another drink.

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