Well here we are… (beware frustration)

And what have I done? To be honest it feels like nothing. On average I’m writing 300 words a week if even that. Updating my blog isn’t even on the radar. Even though I want to, I really want to. It’s May. Last time I updated my blog was January.

I looked at my goals for the year yesterday. Almost all of them are writing-related. And what am I doing? I’m either dealing with the stupid health issues or working. There isn’t much energy for else. And most of the time I don’t even feel guilty. I’m doing the best with what I’ve been given. And you know what? I have less than twenty working days until the summer. And during the summer I will collect myself, get my body to work again properly and have so much time to write. Before then all I can do is bide my time.

So I’ll probably not write anything here until the middle of June, but luckily it’s not far away. In the meantime I can start thinking about what I actually want to blog about.

Before I graduated, the idea of my blog was short stories. And it kind of works (except the mess that is “Never break a leg before christmas”, I know I haven’t finished it and honestly I will) except during school weeks when lesson plans take up a lot of my creativity and energy. Whatevers left I want to give to novels or novellas. So what can I blog about? What do people blog about? I don’t have that much writing experience, I mean, I do but not if you compare to other bloggers. Especially not this dreadful year. I have very little experience with self-publishing. What can I write about then? Teaching. I have experienced with violent kids, kids with dyslexia, kids with ADHD, unhelpful parents. I can talk about being rootless, of not living in a place more than four years all my life. I guess I can talk about boats. And nature. I can talk about stress and guilt. Of putting on music and dancing around to it. What else is there to me?

IMG_20170501_184516My mum gave me this light. It runs on cooking oil, how cool is that?


My pen drive


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in the middle of move. We get the keys in eight days from now and we honestly can’t wait. I hope for some stability now and stop moving around like a restless soul.

When packing and organising, I found my most valuable possession. My pen drive. I don’t know what I would do if I lost my stories. What do people do to protect their work? I have occasional months of being terribly lazy and forgetting to back up but I want to be better.

To me this pen drive encompasses my whole life. It contains everything. It contains all I have written since 2011 which might not seem like many years but to me it’s been years of rapid development. Not just writing-wise.

In it, I have my fanfictions. The good, the bad, the downright terrible. In it, I carry the first disastrous drafts of State of Emergency.  It has all my short stories, posted and unposted. It has the words I produced during the skiing vacation in 2013. One-shot femslashes I wrote during lectures in teaching school. Secretly. In the back. And I was still paying attention to the lecturer, I promise. It contains the full drafts of Out of Hand and Stargazing. The plans for State of Emergency part II. An an unfinished draft of On Board the Monster.

It contains stories I wrote while I lived in Sundsvall. Stories I wrote while I lived in Lysekil. Stories I wrote while I lived in Uddevalla. I wonder what stories I will write while I live in my new town.
I’ll probably run out of pen drive space before soon, though.

On being a writer and wasting time


I don’t usually review books on this blog (even though this isn’t a proper review), unless I’m making my lists but this is too valuable not to mention. I’m talking of course about Time Management for Writers by Sandra Gerth.

I bought this on a whim. I have quite a tight budget at the moment and I try to save the money I can spend on frivolous things for lesfic novels because from time to time I really do need to read something new that has lesbians (latest novel I read was Good Enough to Eat by Jae and Allison Grey, no wait that’s not true, I also read Bitter Fruit by Lois Cloarec Hart).

Anyway, Time Management for Writers is absolutely awesome! I thought I managed my time well, but oh no, I really don’t. This also explains how Ms Gerth (writing as her alter ego Jae) manages to write two novels in the time I write one. The book gives a lot of concise advice and small exercises to perform after each chapter, everything to make us the best and most effective writers that we can be. To me some of the advice seemed rather extreme at first, e.g. not cooking every day but rather making more food from time to time and then rely on leftovers. But afterwards I started thinking. I write a lot, sure I do, but not nearly enough and not more than an hour or two per day. Which is ridiculous concidering how much time I spend on other things, including cooking (I spend a lot of time in the kitchen 😛 ), watching television, reading or even writing this blog post. This book has taught me to do better and I’m already seeing a change. I want writing to be my job and there is only one way forward.

And that’s why I wanted to tell you all about it. Writers, please read it, it’s for both newbies and people who have been writing for several years. It’s wholeheartedly recommended by yours truly.

…and now I’m going to take the lesson to heart and go and write. Oh wait, dog walk first. And then I need to make dinner. Wait, what did the book say again?


Beta reader wanted

I’m looking for serious beta readers for my novel “State of emergency”. “State of Emergency” is semi-dystopian and revolves around a terrible disease spreading through Sweden, killing off a third of the population in the first week.

I’m looking for someone over 18 as it has sexual (lesbian) themes.

What I’m looking for from a beta reader is commentary on the overall story, character development and occasional typos or grammar mistakes. Any help is appreciated, really.

It’s 60k words long right now but I’m hoping to add 20 – 30k words.

If you’re interested, just send me an email at kathylsalt@gmail.com.