Short stories (lesfic)


Don’t worry, I’ve got you

A lone wolf soldier goes out of her way to spend some extra minutes with a woman she has just met. (Romance)

…and They called it puppy love

Rae and Leone are two teenagers living at a home for unwanted girls. They start sleeping in the same bed for comfort despite not even being friends during the day.

Happy birthday Samantha 

Sam is having a lonely birthday when her girlfriend shows up to surprise her. (Romance/erotica)

Easy as ABC 

The friends Chell, Anya and Bonnie decide to have some fun. (Erotica)

You, you, you 

Grace knows she’s gay but has never had a girlfriend, nor does she think she’ll ever have one. Not while she still has feelings for her alluring friend Rezan. (Romance)

Unwritten perfection 

Online friends and writers, April and Christine meet for the first time. Will they let their age difference keep them from realising their feelings? (Romance)

Jules’s Midwrite Crisis

Jules has given up on ever publishing anything. She sets out to find a rare copy of her favourite childrens’ book. Instead she finds Marina. (Romance)

Can You Teach Me Something? 

Imogen has always had feelings for her fellow teacher Olivia. Then one fateful afternoon, they wind up in a car crash together. (Romance)

I remember you

More poem than story. “At the beginning of time she had waited. There, at the birth of the sun and the stars, she had sat and stared. She had watched them explode before her eyes…” (Romance)

What Have You Done To Me? 

Rafaela, queen of the Reattlen, can’t let Talanamar, leader of a warrior tribe, leave before they get to spend at least one night together. (Fantasy/Romance/Erotica-ish)

Bubble and Squeak 

Does love always start with conflict? Hannah and Jane used to hate each other, then one day, they don’t. (Romance)

Artichoke, Lettuce and Mayo

Stream-of-consciousness writing. Love story between a crazy chef and an experienced food runner.

Monster series (sci-fi-ish/Romance)

Not a monster

Artemis, survivor of experiments as a child, goes to find another survivor. She didn’t know it would to turn out to be the love of her life: crazy, peculiar, Orleanna.

The real monster

Róisín used to be just one of Kali’s dancers, and despite the cautious affection between them they can never be together. But not even Kali can ignore the fear that grips at her soul when she finds out Róisín has been poisoned.

Never Break a Leg Before Christmas (Romance)

Nicole, a workaholic surgeon wasn’t looking for a relationship. That was until she met the actress and single mom, Nonnie.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 coming soon



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