I Love You Nora Whispered Character Presentation – Martha

Author note: As a celebration of finishing my fifth novel I’m going to once a week for the next five weeks do presentations of characters from my newest novel “I Love You Nora Whispered”. It’s a story set in England during the 1940s.

Now let’s get to know Martha Lakes

Last week I told you about Nora lakes and how she has 10 sisters and brothers. One of these sisters is Martha. Martha Lakes is child number three and also the most independent and strong-willed child in the Lakes family. She is also very good at talking and talking fast, but that’s a common trait among the Lakes women.

Martha fell in love with the British countryside while evacuated with other London children during the second world war. After experiencing clear air, horses and other animals, London had never been the same to her and she had as soon as she didn’t have to go to school anymore, taken the odd stable job here and there.

She doesn’t want what her little sisters want. A husband. A home. Lots of babies. The same life as their ma. Martha doesn’t know what she wants, she just knows what she doesn’t want.

It’s still the 1940s and even though women in Britain are enjoying more rights than ever before, there aren’t a lot of jobs being offered to a young woman. But Martha is tough and tenacious and she does alright for herself.

…and that’s how she finds herself working for Mr Waterhouse at Waterhouse Acre Stable.



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