Lesfic Novels I’m Planning to Read this Summer

It is summer. A lot of people are finding themselves with more free time than usual, myself as usual. As a teacher, I have about two months off spanning over June, July and August. It is awesome and I usually take the time to play full-time author. It is also a time I try to read more books. Before the term finished I had been rereading all the Harry Potter books BUT I want to mix it up with some lesfics I haven’t read yet too.

Anybody who knows me is familiar with the fact that I’m a master re-reader. In fact, I usually don’t feel like I know a story before Ive read the same book at least twice or thrice. This can lead to crazy stuff, like me spending all of 2016 reading all of Radclyffe’s Honor-series just over and over but I digress. This summer I want to broaden my horizon with some new books and also some authors I haven’t checked out yet. Some of the titles are books I’ve been meaning to get around to but haven’t.

Read on to see which five books I have put on my list!


Paper Love_Jae

Paper Love by Jae.

“Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan in this lesbian romance from best-selling author Jae. Susanne Wolff isn’t thrilled when her mother sends her all the way across the country to Freiburg to save her uncle’s stationery store from bankruptcy. Freiburg is too provincial for her taste, and besides, pen and paper are outdated anyway.
Anja Lamm, Paper Love’s only full-time employee, takes an instant dislike to the arrogant, digital-loving snob who’s supposed to be her temporary boss.
But thanks to a meddling cat, a business trip to a stationery fair, and an armada of origami boats, Anja soon starts to see beneath Susanne’s aloof exterior, and Susanne discovers how sexy pens and notebooks can be—at least when Anja handles them.
As the end of Susanne’s three-month stay approaches, will she stick to her plan to leave, or will she open her heart to more than just paper love?”

ria m apple

Take Me Home by Ria M Apple

21-year-old Mia Alfred moved to New Jersey over a year ago leaving her beloved small town of Missouri with its 5000 residents behind. It was a good town and served its purpose but she wanted more, she wanted to become a successful journalist. Mia wanted to believe she was better then her job flipping burgers at a greasy burger joint and struggling to pay rent. But a year of smelling like fries with no leads into the writing world was making it almost impossible to be happy . If that wasn’t bad enough Heather her best friend and roommate was keeping a secret that ticked like a bottle rocket waiting to destroy them both. On the eve of her 21st birthday Gen Bennett stood outside in the cold, bags in hand rethinking how she got here. Hours earlier she was living in her parents luxury pent house suite painting the day away and the next, she was getting kick to the curb by her parents because being a lesbian wasn’t what one did in their family. She begged them to reconsider, begged them to love her. They simple turned away and told her to get out. Now here she stood waiting on a ride to take her to Boston Ma where something had to give, something better had to be out there. Can two unlikely people become best of friends in 24 hours, or will they kill each other on the six hour journey from New Jersey to Boston Ma. If only they had found each other earlier maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad or maybe turning back was the better option.”

Lynn Lawler

Awakened by Fate by Lynn Lawler

(Okay, one re-read) “Jackie is a woman living life according to her own rules. She’s married, but it’s the unspoken, open kind. She can have as many female lovers as she likes; she just can’t talk about them.

After a bizarre encounter turns her world upside down, things slowly begin to change. She finds herself in desperation as she searches for answers. What she discovers is nothing is delivered in a neatly wrapped box.

Now that everything has been brought out into the open, she finds she can’t run away from her truth anymore. With her new life, comes new responsibilities and a different outcome than what she was expecting.

Jackie isn’t alone in the story. She meets several new people who help her along her journey.”


Price of Honor by Radclyffe

(The only book in the Honor-series I haven’t read) “Blair Powell and Jane Graves have much in common and even more that sets them apart in an invisible battle raging on home soil. Blair’s father is the president of the United States, while Jane’s is a domestic terrorist bent on bringing about a new world order at the expense of the present one. When Blair takes to the campaign trail to support her father’s re-election, Cameron Roberts and the newest members of Blair’s security detail must protect the president and his daughter from foes bent on revenge. Jane and her secret ally within the president’s inner circle vow to destroy them all, at any cost.”

May Dawney

Survival Instincts by May Dawney

(Can’t wait to read this one!) “Civilization ended long before Lynn Tanner was born. Wild animals roam the streets, but mankind is still the biggest threat to a woman alone in the ruins of a world reclaimed by nature. Lynn survives by sleeping with one eye open at all times and trusting no one but her dog.
When she is forced to go on a dangerous journey through the concrete jungle of New York City, Lynn does all she can to scheme her way to safety. Her guard, Dani Wilson, won’t be played that easily, however. As their lives become entwined, Lynn finds herself developing feelings for Dani and is forced to find the answer to the question that scares her most: is staying alone really the best way to survive?
Fast-paced and full of adventure, Survival Instincts introduces a post-war dystopian world where the only person you can rely on is yourself…unless you fall in love”

In addition to these books I’m still working my way through Harry Potter. Most likely I will also do a fair share of re-reading some of the books I’ve already read.

Come back in August to see what I thought about these books and any other I read along the way!


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