B is for Books

I took an embarrassing amount of time to think of a word for the letter B. I thought of babies, but I don’t have much to say about that right now. I thought of bananas, but even though I don’t eat them I’m not a banana hating extremist and I don’t have much to say about that either. It could be B for blog but I’ve already talked about my lack of blogging enough times. For some reason the word “books” didn’t cross my mind until last week.

I generally don’t say that I’m a book nerd. I write them and read them (neither as much as I should) but I’m more of a stories-nerd than a book nerd. Sure, books are pretty and having a personal library would be cool but I rather store books on my kindle and being able to access them anytime than fill my house with paper-books. The only lesfic novel I actually own a physical copy of is “Backwards to Oregon” by Jae simply because I felt a terrible need to hold it (Not to mention that the first copy I ever got of “Backwards to Oregon” was a pirated “gift” from a friend about six years ago and I felt so guilty about it I had to buy it afterwards). Actually scratch that. I love books too, pretty ones. (like the cover of “Just physical” – have you seen it?! It’s so gorgeous. Or what about “The Book jumper“? The whole cover is beautiful. Not to mention “Wrecked” by Sydney Canyon. It’s also so pretty in its own way.) Maybe I would like to fill my house with books but find the whole idea so impractical. Probably I’m just boring.

I also worry about filling my house with boring books. Should I just buy books that I’ve already read and know that I like? With kindle it feels less permanent, easier to forget about than a pretty book that will stay in my bookshelf forever.

I have always loved stories and I’ve always had a need to reread books. When I was young, six or seven, I wasn’t a good reader but my mother would borrow audiobooks from the library. I remember one that I found really scary. So scary that I had to hide under the kitchen table while I listened and yet I would listen to it over and over. Now in adulthood, I continue. I don’t feel I have properly read a book until I’ve read it a couple of times and a bad book I will read only once (actually, sometimes twice, there is always a chance I like it better the second time).

Some examples:

  1. Departure from the Script by Jae (read two times).
  2. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (read two times).
  3. Taking Fire by Radcliffe (read three times approx.)
  4. Sword of the Guardian by Merry Shannon (read two times).
  5. Conflict of Interest by Jae (read four times approx.)
  6. Backwards to Oregon by Jae (read five million times approx. Okay fine, probably six or seven times).
  7. Above all, Honor by Radclyffe and most of the sequels (also five million times approx. I think I might love this series more than Backwards to Oregon actually. Go check them out, the series and the characters have a hold of my heart that no man can asunder) (I’m actually rereading them right now, on the second novel currently.)
  8. Passion’s Bright Fury by Radclyffe (read five times approx.)
  9. The Harry Potter Books (probably ten times all through my youth and I think I should reread them again soon).
  10. Dark Horizons by Rae D Magdon (three times approx.)

There are more of course, those are just some examples. Some I reread for comfort, some I reread because I want something easy and some I reread simply because I want to discover more nuances.

Speaking of books one of my kids (students I mean) said his mom owns my book. I said I don’t think so because I don’t give out my author name at all at work (except for my friends who actually bought Out of Hand! ) My kids knows I’m an author because I want to inspire them to write stories and they do think it’s cool. Maybe he wanted to impress the others that his mom has my books? I’d rather die (okay, that was too strong) than give my author name to my kids’ parents. Let them see me as only teacher.

The last thing I have to say about books before I finish this rambling post about rereading and kindle vs physical is that when I was a child I thought that adults didn’t read fiction and only non-fiction. And I was very sad about that. Thank God that isn’t the case, right?

Happy reading everyone!





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