I Love You Nora Whispered Character Presentation – Nora

Author note: As a celebration of finishing my fifth novel I’m going to once a week for the next five weeks do presentations of characters from my newest novel “I Love You Nora Whispered”. It’s a story set in England during the 1940s.

Last week I talked about Katherine Waterhouse. Now it’s Nora Lakes turn.

Oh Nora. I have a soft spot for her. She started up as minor character and I had already planned all of the novel when I realized that I hated the entire thing, scrapped the entire thing and started from the beginning. Nora is the one who saved it all. Without her, there wouldn’t be a story.

Nora Lakes was born in the late 1920s as the fifth child in a family of eleven not counting the parents. She was normal as a child, very kind and inquisitive but as a small girl she contracted polio and even though she survived it (along with the siblings who got it) she was never the same after that. She has post-polio syndrome where she experiences weakness, shortness of breath, inflammation in the joints and muscle atrophy among other things.

In the beginning of the story, her ailment is almost like a part of her personality and it colors how she views the world. She is convinced everyone in her family dislikes her and most of the time they don’t prove her wrong. Who would marry an invalid like her? Who would employ a cripple like her? Nora, dear, sweet Nora, sees herself like people see her.

…that is, until she moves to Waterhouse Acre Stable and meets Katherine.

Next week it’s time to meet Martha Lakes, Nora’s sister and best friend.


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