The Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award


I have been nominated for The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award by Deniz Pekin, the wonderfully cool writer of The Book of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms, a set of funny and brilliant, connected short stories feuturing demons and magical realism.

The rules:

Rule 1 – Thank the person who nominated you:

Thank you very much! 😀

Rule 2 – Add the award logo to your blog.

Rule 3 – Answer the questions asked by the nominator.

1. Who is your favorite book character?

Luke Hamilton from Backwards to Oregon by Jae.

2. Why that character?

Well, I might have a teeny tiny crush on her, but also she’s very disciplined. And she stays calm when necessary and she doesn’t let anyone make her feel something against her will. She doesn’t do stuping things because of pride or anger.

3. What’s your favorite subject to write about?

Haha. Angsty romance. Maybe with some sex thrown into the mix.

4. How would you define strength?

Being sure of yourself, knowing that you can meet whatever is in front of you. And knowing that you have made the right choice even when everything is falling apart.

5. Do you get jealous easily?

Not really. Maybe if I thought my dogs loved somebody else more. 😉 But no, seriously, I usually don’t get jealous.

6. What would make you jealous?

If I thought my fiancee found somebody else cuter than me, I suppose.

7. What do you like the most about women?

How versatile we are, from really butch women to the most feminine and all the different personalities and strengths in between.

8. What do you dislike the most about women?

Umm… I don’t know. I mean, things I don’t like could be said about anyone, not just women. Unnecessary drama. Jealousy. I don’t know, things like that.

9. Which country would you like to visit the most?

Germany. I have a lot of friends there.

10. How do you drink your Martini?

Umm… not at all. 😛 Can I have a lemonade instead?

Rule 4 – Nominate 5 bloggers

Madge – the caffienatedbibliophile because she’s one of my favourite people ever, she blogs about books and things related to books.

Family values lesbian because I really like her posts.

Missouri Van because her blog is an interesting read. Hopefully I’ll get to reading her novel soon enough.

Amber Skye Forbes another author. I really find her posts worthwhile to read as a budding author.

Rule 5 – Ask 10 questions of your own

1. If you had to choose an ancient civilisation to live in – which one would you choose?

2. Do you have a sweet tooth?

3. What hot drink do you prefer?

4. Is there any room in your home you spend more time in?

5. Your favourite book?

6. One thing you like about yourself?

7. One thing you can’t live without?

8. Favourite meal?

9. Something you’re looking forward for? Can be anything, big or small.

10. What is your favourite season?


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