One day…

One day I hope I’ll get to those projects that are floating in my head. Like the Viking novel about the fights between Christianity and Heathenism in Scandinavia, with two starcrossed lovers, one on the side of Christianity and one on the side of Heathenism.

Or the paranormal crime series with my kickass femme werewolf, and her clumsy and shy genderqueer girlfriend. The two of them solving crimes together. (and probably making a fool out of themselves in the process)

I thought that I would have started the Viking one now but my muse, aka the fiancee, gave me another idea. So I’m writing a (funny?) romantic kidnappning story. Okay, the aim is for it to be romantic at least. 😉 Hopefully when that’s done I can start the Viking one. Or maybe the paranormal crime one, who knows?


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