I sent my newest novel, “Stargazing”, to my publisher yesterday. It was originally a short story that ran away from me, about Star, a lesbian pornstar and Lissa, a virgin.

Here is a short teaser:

 Lissa stared open mouthed at the GIF that played over and over on the screen in front of her. Heat flushed to her face, igniting her skin. Her heart started pounding in her chest. Stupid internet, it should really come with a warning label. She swallowed once. Twice. Just scroll past it. Of course she was going to scroll past it. She wasn’t going to sit there and stare at


 With a small gasp, Lissa closed her screen just before her sister Dea stuck her head through the doorway. She kept her hand on the lid, terrified that Dea would ask to check something or even come closer when Lissa still hadn’t scrolled past the GIF of two women doing… well.

“What is it?” She sounded a bit more annoyed than she felt. “Sorry. I was just in the middle of… something.” She shook her head and tried to smile casually but knew that she was still blushing. She hoped that Dea wouldn’t notice. Or at least wouldn’t comment on it.

 “You work too much.” Dea made a face, ever the caring older sister. “I was wondering if you wanted lunch, I brought some Caesar Salad, I thought” she fell silent. “Are you okay? You look… ill.”

“I’m fine,” she hurried to say. “I’ll be right downstairs. Just give me a minute.” She sighed with relief when Dea just nodded and her head disappeared from her doorway.

Lissa opened her laptop again and stared at the GIF with wide eyes. She didn’t even know what it was about the two women no, just the one on topthat was so captivating to her. There was something tantalizing about her. Something primal. She had short dark brown hair and her body was

 “Lissa! I’m hungry!” Dea called out.

“Start without me.” Lissa wasn’t ready to stop looking yet.

The women were kissing now, but the black-haired one turned her face away from the camera, opening her mouth as if gasping for air. At the same time, the brunette on top started biting at her neck with fervor. Neither ceased their other movement either. The one on top was strapped and it was clear what they were doing.

More than anything, Lissa couldn’t stop staring at the brunette woman’s face. Her face was rather round, but not in a soft or delicate way, just round. Her hair was short, cut close to her skull and her olive skin created a nice contrast to the much darker skin of the woman underneath. Her mouth was curled into a possessive grin but her eyes were gentle as she looked down upon the woman at her mercy. At a later frame her grin became a surprised laugh as if she couldn’t believe the pleasure she was feeling.

 That laugh sent a surprised jolt all the way to Lissa’s clit. She took a deep breath and made the conscious choice to click ‘x’ up on the right and closed her laptop.

Now go and play nice with Dea, she told herself, then maybe after work today you go out or something. Can’t stay cooped up inside like this. It’s driving you insane.


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