Welcome to Rathmoria Emporie

Rathmoria Emporie, a beautiful pearl in the middle of the continent. Even though our homeland has no sea borders, it offers rich variants in climate and nature. Rathmoria has it all, lush forests, stimulating city life and fields that invite running and playing.

Rathmoria Emporie is run by Chancellor Timothy Rathmore, the head of the PFJ party. He was elected in 1688 in the second election of the common era, finally beating the previous Chancellor Kendrick who hadn’t done anything for the good of our nation. Chancellor Rathmore started his first term by growing our nation’s economy and setting the course of the nation. He opened up trade routes where there was none and he healed the damaged relationship with our neighbours. 

Please do visit our capital, Rathmoria City. When Rathmore was elected for his second term, he had a vision. To build a new capital on the bones of the old industrial town of Waerdi. The Chancellor oversaw the plans himself and today Rathmoria Emporie has the largest capital in the west. The old structures are incorporated, leaving beautiful bronze buildings, combined with newer wooden houses where the best and brightest in all the land live. 

Speaking of the best and brightest of Rathmoria Emporie. The Chancellor has, in his wisdom, closed the old public schools and opened the Ameliorate Institutes all over the country, the biggest one pulsing in the heart of Rathmoria City. The Chancellor has decreeded that all children should be raised at home and taught by their mothers until the age of 8. Then, if you’re lucky, you might get accepted into the Institute. There you will be taught about our country, advanced maths and chemistry and you will get a chance to sample books in the most complete libraries in the entire world. The students who graduate from the Institutes get a unique chance to serve in the Amelioratite branch of service, the Chancellor’s personal special force. The students get to serve for one or two years and if they do really well, some of them go on to have full careers with the Amelioratites. Most of the graduates however, go on to take on essential jobs, have families and live happy, full lives. 

No visit to Rathmoria Emporie is complete without a trip around the countryside. Rathmoria has, regretfully, during the last few years had a problem with countryside bandits, so take care when travelling. There are guides to book at the Rathmoria City tourist center and lists of safe places to visit. If you do meet bandits, please alert the authorities and help the Chancellor and the Amelioratites to stamp them out. Stay especially clear of the old town Stochhall Hollow or the bandit’s stronghold called Anchorage. 

If you want more information, or to find literature or book guides, visit the Rathmoria City tourist center, or talk to the local Rathmorians who love to help. 

I hope you enjoy your visit to Rathmoria Emporie!

Author note: This is a teaser for my upcoming novel “Bittersweet and Sparrow” that is coming out in the beginning of March. 


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