Bittersweet and Sparrow – Announcement

I’m so proud and happy to announce that the first installment in the Waerdarei-series will be published on the 1st of March through Triplicity Publishing.

The Blurb

Rathmoria Emporie, 1719. Sparrow Stonehill, a street walker, is forced to leave her house of employment when it’s bombed one night. From now on, Sparrow’s life will be on the run. Between a brutal oppressive leadership and an equally violent revolution – where is her place?  What side is she on in the civil war? And what does Astrid Dace, the alluring general of the revolution, want with her? 

A love story set in a fictional industrial age dystopia; Bittersweet and Sparrow is the exciting first installment in the Waerdarei-series.

There is still romance, there are still complicated female characters, there is still tears and emotions and sex but otherwise this one is different than my others.

I shall over the following weeks posT a few teAsers and reveaLs as We get closer to the release date, starting with “Welcome to Rathmoria Emporie” that will be posted on February 4th.


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