I Love You, Nora Whispered is here!

Nora Whispered ecvr

This book is my absolute baby. Never have I been prouder. Are you interested in a romantic historical lesfic that has both horses and complicated women? Look no further. Pick up your kindle copy here. In a few days the physical copy should be available too.

Love in the time of horses and polio.
England, 1948.

Nora Lakes suffers from post polio syndrome and very low self-esteem. She has spent her entire life in the chaos of her huge family, always feeling less than and without any future dreams. When her sister Martha manages to get her a job at Waterhouse Acre Stables, she can hardly believe it. She had never imagined that anyone would have employed her, damaged as she is. She also never imagined she would meet anybody like Katherine.

Katherine Waterhouse was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has a mean streak and doesn’t like people in general. What she does like, is horses. She wants to be a professional rider but growing up in a conservative house where her choices are limited by her sex, Katherine has always been trapped in her role as a woman.

Nora and Katherine – two women with very different backgrounds, drawn to each other with an intensity neither of them are prepared for.

Do they stand a chance?

Nora Whispered cover


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