S if for Spring Update (both teacher and author)

Today I signed a contract for a new job! After posts like this and this and others, you can imagine how happy I am.

  1. I’m going to be teaching kindergarten and I really prefer working with younger children.
  2. I love my new boss. It’s a woman with principal experience. She seems really organised and direct. We really clicked (I think).
  3. Most of my students will have Swedish as a second language and some of them will not speak a word of Swedish. I’m looking forward for the challenge.
  4. The school hasn’t opened yet. It opens after the summer. I get to be there at the start of a school, the start of an organisation. Have a lot of say.
  5. The building is completely new. Not even finished building yet at the point of writing this blog post. It’s going to be so nice to not be in old, moldy, rooms.

The feeling I had when resigning from my current one was one of wonder and finale. I have given over 3 years to this school, to this impossible situation. Shame on the politicians who kept us in poisonous environments for that long.

Just 21 normal school days left now. Then I’m free of that place. Forever. And before that I’m going to enjoy the last few weeks with the best 24 kids I know. It’s crazy to think that they’ve been “mine” since 2017.

Now, let’s leave teaching behind and talk a bit about writing and novels.

  • “I Love You Nora Whispered” is still in editing. I revised the second edit today and sent it back to my editor. I hope to have a cover reveal for you all soon.
  • Zombie series is again put on the back burner. I can’t help myself as I again start another contemporary romance.
  • For the second time a short story is in the process of turning into a novel. That’s my project for this year. So far I call it “Like a Dream” and both main protagonist are teachers. I’m very excited about it.

So that’s all updates for now. My summer holiday is shorter this year but still long. I’m looking forward to nice summer days, spending my days writing and just enjoying life. It wont be the same considering corona and all. But I’m going to try to keep it as normal as possible.

More than anything I want it to be productive.

If you’ve read all the way here, thank you. I’m going to go back to novel writing now.

A.N: It seems like I screwed up the alphabet when doing my ABC-series of posts. Ooops.



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