Working on the Hellmouth

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As everyone else left, I stayed. I stayed loyal to my employer. To my students. To the parents of my students. I stayed loyal to myself and to the legacy I have built within these 92 walls. My home outside home. My place of no regrets. The place I found my role as a teacher. 

My friends have all left, finding rescue and relief at other schools. There are just a few fools left. I’m one of them. Stuck in this place where I need an inhaler at least once per lesson to stay inside this sick, sick building. 

In every disaster movie there is always one person who doesn’t want the rescue. Who stands on top of the exploding mountain and wants to see how it ends. I am that person. I am on top of that mountain. It’s exploding underneath me and I can’t breathe. 

Literally. I used my inhaler twice today while the kids had lunch. 

We have wheezing kids too. Kids with runny eyes. Kids with rashes so severe they’re bleeding. 

We have coworkers who have had to go to the doctor with symptoms they experience nowhere else except at work.

When they came last week, the construction workers asked us “are there people working here? Are you still in these buildings? Haven’t you got another school yet?”

No we haven’t.

They have forgotten about us. 

Blåbetång we call it. It’s poisonous. It’s making us sick. Radon. Radiation. It’s spread to the walls, the mold, the moist. Do people know that over 300 children and adults work here? 

It doesn’t seem like.

Author note:  I have blogged about my place of work before but during this past six months it has been worse. We have appeared in all the local papers and the environment is so bad some children have had to change buildings because they couldn’t breathe indoors.  We’re hoping they’ll close the school, we can’t live like this anymore. It’s hard enough just being a teacher; a VERY bad work environment isn’t acceptable.

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