Summer update


I’m spending this week in Norway, my big sister lives here with her boyfriend (manfriend?) and their five-year-old daughter. My parents and all our dogs are here too. It’s been lovely spending time in the Norwegian south surrounded by strawberry fields and mountains.

It’s also fun to revert back into being the little sister. I’m almost thirty and yet my big sister still calls me the Swedish word for “mischief”, she will say “mischief, will you help me with bla bla” I don’t remember what I did in toddlerhood to earn that nickname, but it’s stuck. Some girls got to be called Princesses when little but not I, no, I’m Mischief.

In between being social and playing with my niece, I have done a lot of writing. Like A LOT of writing. Two days ago something clicked in my brain and since then I have done 10k words. My newest novel, “The Biggest Secret” is at 50 000 words now but it’s not finished. I secretly wish for it to be 100k, I have never written such a long novel before. I think however, it will land at around 80 or 90k.

I will not manage to write at crazy speed for the rest of the novel of course but hope to still do at least 2k a day-ish. My wife has been doing a weekly commute for four months and she is finally on vacation today when she comes here tonight. I haven’t properly seen her for four months so you can bet that I will want to spend as much time with her as possible. With that said, she isn’t a morning person so I’m planning to write in the mornings before she wakes up.

I have also planned a couple of blog post for the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for that.

I thought I could, so I did – a blog post about going from being unpublished to published author.

S is for Source – the next installment in the ABC posts. It’s about who we write for and where stories come from. This one is done in the same way as P is for Pressure.

Review of Take Me Home by Ria M Apple 

….and other reviews of the books I had in my summer to-read list.

Otherwise I hope you’re all surviving in the summer heat. Remember to hydrate and go inside if it gets too much. Heat can be dangerous even if us in the north tend to high temperatures in theory.



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