Review of “Paper Love” by Jae

Paper Love_Jae

Paper Love by Jae.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a special place in my heart for Jae’s books; her “Backwards to Oregon” was the first lesfic novel I ever read and since then I’ve also fallen in love with “Just Physical”, “Something in the Wine”, “Next of Kin” and “Second Nature”. I interviewed Jae last year – you can find that interview here.

But let’s turn our focus to “Paper Love”, her 18th novel.

“Paper Love” is set in Freiburg, a small town in Germany and is about the romance between Susanne Wolff and Anja Lamm. Susanne is an emotionally distant workaholic who lets fear get in the way of making choices for herself and Anja is an incredibly sweet and down to earth woman who knows what she wants in life but like Susanne, sometimes she lets fear rule her.

Susanne is a consultant and moves temporarily to Freiburg to save her uncle’s stationary shop. Anja happens to work there and she doesn’t like when Susanne becomes her boss and wants to do things very differently than she’s used to. I liked both of these characters equally and I enjoyed how similar they were underneath the surface and how well they complemented each other. I’m also a sucker for relationships with a height difference and enjoyed that Anja was described as short.

I also really liked the side-characters too, the uncle, Susanne’s twin-sister and Anja’s best friend. I liked that these people had their own stories, they weren’t just two-dimensional voices that popped up from time to time. They were believable as well.

What I really loved about this book and what made it stand out was the description of Freiburg. I’ve never fallen in love with a setting before but the way the author described everything made it seem so beautiful. I could see it in front of me. The little streets and shops, the bäckle, the cobblestone sidewalks, it felt like I was there. I understand why the author, and the character Anja, loves living there, even if I have never seen it in real life. The only thing that makes me chuckle though is that “the sunniest city in Germany” seems to get a lot (A LOT) of rain.

All in all, I loved this book and it falls into the pile of “will be re-read”. It has a lovely setting, believable characters, a clingy cat not to mention advice on how to turn around a business. What more could a novel need?

If you’re interested in it, you can find it here.

Thanks for reading!


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