Lesbian (or almost lesbian) series worth watching

A new week has started. For some of us that means back to work and some of us are on vacation, some of us have jobs that doesn’t allow for regular vacations – authors, stay-at-home-mothers, farmers and others. Monday comes for all of us.

…and I don’t know about you but one of the nicest things to do on a Monday night, once you’re home from work, once the kids are asleep or the cows are tucked in at night, is to plop myself down on the sofa and watch one, two, or three depending on length of a nice series. Movies can be good too and sure, maybe I’ll make a list like that sometime but here is a list of my five favourite TV-series that has lesbian or queer elements to them.

Gentleman Jack

Gentleman jack.gif

It seems like Gentleman Jack has become a little bit of a phenomena in the lesbian world and for good reason! Gentleman Jack (a very old British derogatory term, similar to the word “dyke”) is about Anne Lister, a lesbian, who lived during the late 1700s.  You can read an awesome and very long article about the real Anne Lister here. The series follows Anne as she falls in love with another Ann, a miss Walker. This series has almost anything you can ask for. Horses, drama, relationship, love and sex between women, and I don’t think I’ve been touched by a series so much all my life. The fact that it’s based on real life events just makes it that much better (or more horrible if you read the previous article all the way to the end.) I also love how Anne Lister sometimes stare right into the camera (and therefore your soul). If you haven’t seen it, you should. It can be viewed and enjoyed by anyone, straight or not.

Lip service

Lip service.gif

Lip Service is not a new series and the last episode aired in 2012. I don’t remember how I first found it but it’s a series worth watching. At least the first season. I loved that it wasn’t just about lesbian drama and girls falling in love or breaking up, but there was a mystery element to it. It also starred some incredibly good looking women so there is that, just saying. I like it because it’s set in Glasgow, Scotland and the characters are very human and not perfect, in fact, most of them make a lot of mistakes. It’s very, very funny and quite embarrassing at times, but I love it.

Van Helsing

Van Helsing

Van Helsing “only” get’s its first lesbian couple in the third season and it’s not a couple that I’m particularly invested in BUT it’s so worth watching anyway. I don’t even care that they “queer-bated” us in the first season, but I digress. Van Helsing is about a Vanessa who wakes up after being in a coma for a few years. The world she wakes up in is not the same. Vampires have taken over. Ancient prophecies are coming to fruition. Old monsters are waking up. Van Helsing is rather fast paced at times and perfect for binge watching. It’s also rather unpredictable.

Wynona Earp 


Wynona Earp seem to be only watched for one reason and that reason is the relationship between Waverly and officer Haught, or wayhaught as they’re also called. The series is about a descendent of the famous Wyatt Earp who is a real person.  Wynona has inherited Wyatt’s gun and is supposed to use it to kill monsters or demons or witches. If you liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charmed or Supernatural you *might* like this one. It’s in the same genre but a little bit different.

Legends of Tomorrow

Sarah Lance.gif

Legends of Tomorrow is a marvel series and I honestly only fell in love with it during the second season but it is pretty badass. It’s a gang of heroes led by a bisexual woman who prefers women and has a monogamous relationship during the latest season. If you like marvel movies I suggest giving Legends of Tomorrow a go. It’s about the Legends who travel through time to save the world over and over, but it’s so much more than that. It’s not just a silly series about heroes with supernatural powers, it’s a series about people finding out who they are, learning to face their fears, learning to face themselves. I also have a bit of a crush on the aforementioned captain, Sarah Lance, she is the typical “only learned to kill, never learned to love” character but I love it. She is one of my most favorite female characters ever.

…. and then we have two bonuses: 

Brooklyn 99

Rosa Diaz.gif

Brooklyn 99 only gets it first main character in a “lesbian” (she’s bi) relationship in season 5. However, this character named Rosa Diaz, makes it worth watching it from the very beginning. Brooklyn 99 is a comedy phenomena about a small precinct in the police force of New York. Rosa Diaz is just a secondary character and I sometimes have trouble stomaching the main character Jake Peralta but as the series goes on, you fall in love with him too.

Z Nation

Z nation.gif

Z nation has no lesbian relationships (well, maybe Addison Carver flirted with that women that one time) but it’s full of badass women (and the absolutely gorgeous actress Katy M. O’Brian) and I needed to get at least one zombie serie on here since I love zombies. It’s about a small group of survivors, making their way through America during a zombie apocalypse. You might say to yourself that you’ve watched The Walking Dead and Fear of the Walking dead and that you don’t need another. But that’s where you would be wrong. Z Nation is The Walking Dead and so much more. There are different plant zombies, sentient zombies, zombie-balls, episodes that make no sense but in a good way. Please guys, you need to watch Z Nation ❤ .

There you have it, my list of very watchable series. Do you have any recommendations for me?



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