Kerosene and a Spark (lesbian romance)

A.N: This is not “enemies to lovers”, but more “lovers to enemies”. Also NSFW and all that.  After writing the blog post yesterday I sat down to write non-stop. This is the result.

Ela loved power. She always had and probably always would. Her title, queen, was more than just a nickname since her dad dying. She had a proper throne now and the sentences she gave out stuck. Her word was law. However, this was not what she had wanted. The sword in her hand. The neck in front of her.

Kero’s neck.

It didn’t seem so long ago that Ela had pressed her teeth into that soft skin. Bit it. Not gently. It didn’t matter. Kero had always made her pay afterwards. Their trysts more battle than love-making. But Ela had never wanted to kill her. This was not what their dalliance was supposed to lead to. This was wrong.

“You might as well kill me.” Kero’s voice was husky as always, just the sound of it made Ela’s insides twist. Stupid woman, she thought, if Kero just could have been normal… Like everyone else. Or if she could have just not been a criminal. That would have been helpful. “Just do it. What are you, a chicken?”

“You dare to judge me?” Despite her harsh words, Ela kept her tone soft. “You want to die?”

Kero looked up. Their gazes met. Her eyes weren’t like Ela remembered them. A few months in the castle dungeon had removed the spark that had once been there. The gold was gone, only honey remained. “I have accepted my punishment. I am ready for this to end.”  

It will never end. She had to remind herself not to burst into tears, that there were important people watching. How could she explain to Kero that she couldn’t kill her? That it wasn’t just about sex. That it wasn’t just about Ela’s own feelings. She couldn’t kill Kero because Kero didn’t deserve it. Because in spite of running an underground network in Ela’s own capital, Kero was a good person.

“You’re free.” She said through gritted teeth. “Free to leave the Abeesh kingdom.” Free to leave me. “No longer bound to your service to the crown.” No longer bound to me. She widened her eyes, willing the tears that lingered there to dry.

“It can’t be that easy.”

You call this easy? Ela couldn’t believe Kero’s words. Maybe she really was more fool than queen; was she the only one being torn asunder inside?

She nodded to her right hand who went and unlocked Kero’s chains. They fell to the stone floor with a loud bang.

Without the weight bearing her down, Kero could stretch out; when she stood upright, she was almost as tall as Ela, even with the latter standing on a plateau.

“I never lied to you.”

What? What was Kero saying?

“I didn’t lie about anything.” There was a softness in her eyes that seemed to reach all the way into Ela’s heart.

Ela shook her head. “There is something called lying by omission.” Her words were said through gritted teeth. She was doing everything in her power to not slap her. She wanted to grab a fistful of short dark hair and yank her forward. Sink her teeth into Kero’s cheek. Leave her mark just below Kero’s eye. Hurt her in the best of ways.

“Leave.” She turned around, not bearing to see her go. She knew she had to leave. She knew she was going to cry. “Guards. Help her reach our borders safely.”


* * *


She thought she had seen the last of me. Kero felt like laughing when she sat astride on one of the beams near the ceiling, waiting for her prey. Her prey, of course, being the Queen of the Abeesh. Pfft, queen. Kero sneered. A part of her loved Ela, yes, but she didn’t deserve the word queen. No one in her family did.

  Speak of the devil. Ela entered the bedchamber, her fair curls bouncing with every step she took. She really did looked like an overgrown child in that pink dress. Kero couldn’t tell what it was about her that she found so appealing. Why she was still dying for one of Ela’s kisses.

 Ela sat down by her vanity and started brushing her hair.

 “What’s wrong with you?” She asked her reflection out loud.

 No time like the present. Kero flung her leg around the beam and landed behind her.

“I believe I can answer that for you.”

Ela stared at her through the reflection. She looked terrified. Good.

“Where did you come from?” Her bottom lip quivered and Kero could see Ela’s fingers curling around the fabric on the vanity. Kero hoped that Ela hadn’t stashed a weapon there, but if she had, so be it. Kero had come prepared for a fight.

“The country isn’t yours, my queen.” Kero smirked. “It belongs to the people and they aren’t yours either.”

“They are yours then?” Ela turned around and stood up so violently that Kero took a step backwards. “Why do you look so smug?” The usual fire was back in Ela’s voice. “I knew you couldn’t stay away.” She put her hands on her waist and stared Kero down.

“I can’t stand the sight of you.” It was the truth although Kero had to admit it was more than that. She hated Ela. She did. She also craved her like oxygen. Sometimes life was cruel like that.

Ela said something else but Kero couldn’t hear it. There was a buzzing in her head, blood rushing through ears. Her hands started trembling. Kero might have hated Ela. She might have hated every single emotion that Ela gave her. But she hungered for the woman in front of her.

The kiss was forceful and seemed to surprise them both. Kero didn’t know who initiated it but since Ela’s back was pressed against the vanity, it must have been herself.

Ela’s nails scratched her scalp and her teeth cut into her tongue and Kero wanted more. It would never be enough. She ran her hands down Ela’s waist and pulled at the fabric there. If this was the last night before they both died, they needed to be naked.

Without a warning, Ela pushed upwards and kneed Kero in the groin. She wasn’t a man but it still made her groan and take a step backwards.

“Why did you do that?”

Ela’s chest was heaving and her lip was bleeding.

Did I do that? Kero couldn’t help but smile even though she could taste her own blood in her mouth too.

“What?” She lifted her head so she could look down at the already much shorter woman. “Too much for you already?” Please don’t say yes.

“You imbecile.” Ela took a threatening step forward. “What do you think would happen if I call for my guards right now?”

Kero’s laughter made Ela’s triumph turn into puzzlement. She took a step towards the door but Kero stopped her with a grip to her arm.

“Why do you think I returned?” Kero’s grip tightened. “Because I want you so much? Because I can’t stand not touching you again?” Sure, that was partly it but she couldn’t tell Ela that.

“Let go of me.” Ela pulled her arm from Kero. “I’m not scared of you.”

Kero knew that. If Ela had been even the slightest scared of her, Kero would never have wanted to touch her.

“Why is my castle silent?” A wrinkle of worry appeared between her eyebrows. “Kero?” Ela took a step toward her.” Answer me!”

If Ela hadn’t been looking so tortured at that moment, Kero would have kissed her again. All of a sudden, she didn’t want to tell her.

“You drive me insane you know.” She pulled on a lock of Ela’s hair. “I can’t be near you and not touch you. Do you know that?”

“Kero!” Ela slapped her hand away. “Tell me now.”

Instead of answering, Kero kissed her again. She couldn’t wait. Her whole body pulsed and she had to close her eyes. She didn’t want to look at Ela’s stupid face anymore.

When she bit Ela’s lip on purpose and revelled in the ground it produced, Kero knew that there would be nothing as good as this. It didn’t matter if the coup worked out. If she became the ruler herself. This woman. This queen that Kero hated with all of her heart and soul. This was the best life had to offer.

She pulled her towards the royal bed and fell on top of it, pulling Ela with her as she did.

“We need to talk about this, you know?” Ela whispered breathlessly into Kero’s mouth. Instead of answering, Kero reversed their positions so that she was on top. She ground herself onto Ela, eager to get both of them off as quickly as possible. Ela was whimpering underneath her, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Kero quickly closed her eyes as well. She couldn’t look at Ela, if she did, she would start feeling sorry for her.

If Kero felt sorry for her, if she let even an ounce of sympathy for Ela, enter her heart, she would be lost. And her cause with it.


* * *


Ela woke up, finding herself wrapped up in Kero’s arms. Her body felt tender but her soul was satiated in a way it hadn’t been for months. She looked up and saw to her distress that her belly was covered in bite marks. Like love notes they shone purple on her pale skin. She gritted her teeth but saw to her triumph that she had at least placed a perfectly round bite mark around Kero’s nipple.

How they had fallen asleep was beyond her, it had never happened before.

“Wake up.” She kicked the nearest chin. “I’m cold.”

It was strange. Her whole chamber was cold. No one had been in to lit the fires. Or woken her up for supper. What was going on?

Kero groaned next to her, but her sleepiness wasn’t cute as much as it was pathetic. Ela’s heart swelled. Stop looking. Kero was not cute. Not. She really needed to get up now.

She got up and picked up her dress from the ground. She needed to venture into the castle to check what was going on. When she was dressed, she looked back at Kero who was still sleeping on the bed, then she walked towards the door.

“Wait.” Kero said when Ela’s hand was on the doorknob. “Don’t go out there.”

Ela turned around.


“Because there are people out there who would kill you.”

Ela crossed her arms over her chest. What was Kero saying?

“Why is this time different from all the other times? There has always been a risk of assassins.”

Kero sat up, quickly buttoning her shirt.

“This time, they are sent by me. And this time, your guards aren’t here to protect me.”

Fear gripped Ela’s heart. Real fear for the first time.

“This is a coup.” Kero didn’t sound triumphant. She didn’t sound like she had won. She didn’t sound like a successful revolutionary. “You’re not a queen anymore.”

Ela swallowed. Her throat suddenly dry. She took her hand off the door knob.

“My family has ruled for generations.”

Kero got off the bed. “And just like that, your tyranny is over.”

“My… tyranny?” Tears started falling from Ela’s eyes. She didn’t care that Kero saw it. She fell to her knees. It was over. All of it. Her reign. She had never felt so powerless. And she had once let Kero fuck her with her hands tied behind her back.

Kero came to stand in front of her. All Ela could see was her feet.

“You let me rot in the dungeon for months.”

Ela swallowed a whine. It was true. It was all true. And Kero wasn’t the only one. The miller. A couple of thieves. One young girl who had accidently shot down her favorite song bird. Many more. Kero was just an example of all the people she had hurt.

“So what is going to happen to me now?” She didn’t look up. “Are you going to kill me?”

Kero said nothing. The minutes ticked by.

“I… can’t.”

Without wanting to, a mirthless giggle escaped Ela. “What are you, a chicken?” She hoped that Kero would remember uttering those very words earlier the same day. Oh how quickly the tables had turned on them.



Kero sat down in front of her and grabbed her hand.

“II have never hated or loved anyone more than I do you, right now.”

“I know how you feel.” Ela sighed. “Did you come here to kill me?”

“I don’t know,” Kero said. “I think that’s what the others thought. Maybe I was.”

“You know I’ve never been scared of you.” Ela needed her to know, that even know, even with the revolution, she wasn’t scared of her. Kero would never claim that part of her. Everything else, even her kingdom, she could have. Ela sighed again. “So what now? You help me escape?”

Kero pressed a peck to her lips.

She nodded slowly.

Then she stuck the dagger she had been hiding, right into Ela’s heart.



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