“Out of Hand” teaser.

This is a teaser for my novel “Out of Hand” that will be out tomorrow! 

“Mimi sank back into her seat and looked out of the window. The trees were still flying by. She was still feeling a bit queasy, but her head was pounding a little bit less and her mind was clear. Her only goal had to be to earn her freedom.

And then never drink again. Whether her drink had been spiked or not, her mother had been right, drinking never led to anything good and was definitely not becoming of young ladies. Apparently, it led to their kidnapping. Mimi snorted.

She turned to her side and observed her kidnapper. The idiot. The creep. The liar. It really was too bad that she was also so gorgeous. Strong, slender arms, a dangerous look in her eyes, and a hard line for a mouth. Mimi shook her head and looked away. She must be sicker than she thought to be thinking something like that in a time like this.

She glanced at her purse that lay abandoned by her feet. Maybe she could reach for her phone and call someone? Paige was the obvious answer. Mimi didn’t think that her brother would take her serious, and she would rather let Leo steal her away than call her parents. No, the only one she could call was Paige.

Maybe the key to getting away was acting completely normal. She leaned down and reached for her phone inside the purse.

“What are you doing?” Leo asked without taking her eyes off of the road.

“I just want to call Paige and tell her I’m away on an excursion. As exciting as it is travelling with a handsome stranger, I can’t let my friends worry.” She had barely finished her sentence when Leo’s large hand came as if out of nowhere and took her phone from her hands.

Mimi could only stare while Leo opened the window and threw her phone out of it.

“That was a gift,” she growled, furious with Leo. Inside her ribs, her heart fluttered with fear. Before, she could have almost believed that this was some sick practical joke, but Leo’s actions proved otherwise. For the first time, real fear gripped at Mimi’s insides.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. I have seen her face, she’s going to have no choice but to kill me,” she mumbled to herself.

“I’m not going to kill you.” Leo’s voice suggested that it was an absurd idea, but Mimi wasn’t so sure.

“Steal my organs and sell them on the black market?”  Panic was settling in the pit of Mimi’s stomach, and she searched her mind for any other reasons that Leo might have kidnapped her. “Sell me as a slave to the highest bidder? Rape me?”

Mimi’s last question seemed to punch Leo as she produced an angry sound somewhere between a snort and growl.

“Of course not,” she snapped. “I’d never hurt anyone that way.”

Mimi wasn’t convinced but knew she needed to calm down.  She looked out of the window instead, trying to focus on a single point, but it was hard. The trees were flying past too quickly outside, making her head spin again. She fell forward, cradling her head in her hands and whimpered.  

“You’re not dying on me, are you?” Leo said. “Come on, you think I’m that gullible?”

Mimi could only groan in reply. If Leo thought she was dying, maybe she would stop the car and Mimi could escape. She let her body go limp and fell forward. She stayed like that, hanging lifeless in her seat belt.

Leo swore and she snickered silently to herself. Even if she didn’t manage to run away, making her kidnapper panic was worth the extra vertigo that she felt in this position.

“What the hell did you give her, Mila?” Leo muttered.

Mimi wrinkled her eyebrows. Who is Mila? Then the words slowly sunk in. She sat up.

“You!” She pointed a finger in Leo’s wide eyes and open mouth. “You are the one who drugged me last night! You are the reason that I’m ill!”

Anger replaced relief in an instant as Leo’s expression went from light to dark.  

“If you pretend like that.” Her voice was stone cold. “I won’t believe you if you actually need help. Don’t cry wolf.”

Mimi snarled. Like she cared about that. She wasn’t planning to be with Leo long enough for something like this to be needed a second time.

“Answer my question,” she demanded. “Did you drug me last night?”

Leo turned her gaze back on the road.


“No?” Mimi didn’t believe her. Not in the least. “I’m not an idiot.” She pursed her lips, reveling in the fury that rose within her. Anger was nicer than fear.

She was fed up with the situation now. She wanted to go home, drink a large cup of coffee, and put an ice pack on her head. And then do a lot of sewing.

“I hate you.” The words probably meant nothing in Leo’s ears. But it felt good to say.”


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