Bubble and Squeak (short lesfic, romance)

Beta read by my lovely friend K.

 Hannah glanced at the tall figure next to her. Seeing Jane on her feet, smiling and alive was more than fantastic. If it wasn’t for the scrapes on her cheek, the black eye and the left arm resting in a sling, Hannah could almost pretend that everything was normal and that the past couple of weeks hadn’t happened.

 She reached for another potato to peel and in the same moment Jane reached for another egg. Their fingers brushed over the counter.

“Oh, sorry.” Hannah blushed as their eyes met briefly and she hurried to focus on the potato in front of her.

No. Nothing was normal. Nothing would ever be normal again. Everything was new and exciting and terrifying, all at the same time.

“It’s no problem,” Jane said in a calm voice.

Their eyes met again, Hannah smiling shyly before focusing once more on the task at hand. How many potatoes had she peeled while trying to ignore Jane?

 It was hard to believe that they had spent the first weeks of their acquaintance fighting like cats and dogs. Jane had accused Hannah of being a shallow and bitchy straight girl and Hannah had retaliated by calling Jane a dyke. To say that they had disliked each other would be an understatement.

 But all that had changed now.

“I can whisk those eggs.” Hannah hated to see Jane struggling with only one functioning arm.

“I’m not an invalid.” Jane didn’t look up. “And I need to do something.”

She held the bowl with the fingers of her broken arm and whisked with the others, but the bowl swayed dangerously, threatening to get away from her.

Hannah dropped the potato and pulled the whisk from Jane’s grip.

“If you have to do something, go and set the table.”

“Fine, princess.” Jane rolled her eyes but didn’t struggle. Instead she left and went to get the plates while muttering something under her breath.

Hannah ignored her while she quickly threw the peeled potatoes in boiling water. She then took out some leeks, sprouts and broccoli and started chopping them up. Another thing that Jane couldn’t do with her injured arm. It didn’t matter that she had promised to help Hannah, Hannah was adamant to not let Jane do anything that was too difficult.

“Hey!” She heard behind her. “I was supposed to do the chopping.”

Hannah turned around just in time to see Jane pout. It was a funny sight. The tall butch woman with a black eye, pouting like a little girl. Hannah wanted to kiss those lips until they stopped pouting. Not that she would ever tell Jane that.

She stuck her tongue out.

“The table needs glasses as well.”

Jane muttered something else but still did as she had been told. Hannah smiled triumphantly and returned to the vegetables. She did feel a bit bad though, she couldn’t even imagine how hard it was for Jane to be incapable of doing so many things.

 Her heart jumped into her throat when a head was placed on her shoulder and copper hair covered her right eye. She let the knife drop to the board, too terrified to move. An unarmed arm snaked its way around her waist. This was the closest they had ever been.

“Thank you for taking care of me.” Jane spoke into her hair, the small puff of air sending shivers through Hannah’s body.

“Any time.” Hannah hated how lame it sounded. She should have said something better, something cooler, something – She sighed and tried to relax. She didn’t want the gentle embrace to end.

Jane held her for a few more minutes, then let go of her rather abruptly.

“I suppose the table needs cutlery too.”

Hannah’s body felt cold as Jane left her. She returned to her vegetables, trying to ignore how her heart refused to calm down.


* * *


“So what is this called again?” Sarah, Hannah’s cousin viewed the contents of the pan suspiciously.

“It’s called bubble and squeak,” Hannah said as she divided it and held out her hand for the others to hand her their plates.

“Of all the things you could have cooked, you chose a glorified omelette, is that all they teach you over at -”

“Hey, if you must know, it is a British staple. Or so Hannah tells me.” Jane chimed in with a teasing wink.

Hannah didn’t care about the teasing, she knew they would like it once they had tried it.

They sat down and ate in silence for the first few minutes.

“I’m moving in with Bianca,” Sarah said all of a sudden. She looked relieved as soon as the words have been uttered, as if she had struggled to keep them in all night.

Hannah and Jane both stared at her and then each other. It was almost expected since Sarah had been sleeping at Bianca’s almost every night for the past month. The direction they had been heading in had been clear.

“I’ll cover you with rent, of course.” Sarah spoke quickly. “At least until you find a new roommate, if that’s what you want to do, or until you’ve moved.”

 Of course Sarah expected them to move. She and Jane had fought so much in the beginning, making life hell for the three of them. But that had changed now. Hadn’t it?

“I’m willing to pick up half of the rent,” Jane said, looking at Hannah. “If that’s okay? I don’t want Sarah to have to pay more than necessary.”

Hannah noticed that both of them were looking at her. She quickly chewed her food and swallowed. Made a quick calculation in her head; she was still a student after all. But she could do it.

“Yes.” She nodded. “Of course I don’t mind.”

“I’m sorry to be leaving you like this.” Sarah still looked worried. “Are you sure you’re going to be okay?”

She looked at Jane now. They had been friends since they were six years old and had lived together since they had left home. Hannah guessed it would be strange for them to live apart. She had seen glimpses of their great friendship since moving in with them to start culinary school. She hadn’t expected to clash so badly with Jane for the first few months, or to be facing living alone with her.

Jane nodded and smiled at Sarah.

“Yeah, we’re sure. Right?” She looked at Hannah.

“Right,” Hannah agreed.


* * *


Hannah had insisted on washing up on her own in spite of Jane’s and Sarah’s protests, so the friends sat down on the sofa. Jane didn’t like the idea of Hannah having to do all those dishes on her own, but she tried to focus on her other friend.

“Congrats! On the move-in. That’s awesome.”

“I’m glad you think so.” Sarah smiled. “Are you really sure you’re okay, though? I know that you and Hannah don’t really -”

Jane held up the arm that wasn’t in a sling.

“We don’t have a problem with each other anymore.” Jane sighed. “I was wrong about her and I hope that she realises she was wrong about me. I…” She felt herself smiling almost unwillingly. “I’m looking forward to living with her.”

 “Do you…” Sarah looked like she was struggling to get her words out. “Do you think it’s because of your… accident?”

 Jane looked down, the thumping of her heart speeding up. She couldn’t, wouldn’t, talk about it yet. And she didn’t want her friendship with Hannah to have been born out of such an ugly experience.

“I’m sorry,” Sarah hurried to say. “I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

No, you shouldn’t have.

“It’s okay.” Jane tried to calm her quivering voice. “I don’t know what brought it on, our new friendship. I’m just glad we don’t fight anymore.”

 Sarah nodded.

“Me too.” She punched Jane’s shoulder lightly. “So do you think Bianca will want our new bedroom all pink?”


* * *


 Inside the kitchen, Hannah had heard everything. She wiped the final fork with a cloth and placed it back in the drawer. She usually let the dishes dry on their own but she had wanted to give Jane and Sarah a chance to talk. It hurt her to hear that Jane was still so very affected by what had happened, although it was hardly surprising.

 Hannah never wanted to experience that again. That feeling of hopeless anger at seeing somebody you cared for in a hospital bed, beaten unconscious. Not knowing if she would wake up again, but knowing that if she did she would carry mental and physical scars for the rest of her life. And that somebody else had put them there for no apparent reason other than hatred.

 Hannah thought that she had hated Jane, but when faced with real hate she had learned that she didn’t hate. She disliked. And dislike could be overcome and turned into liking. At least in their case. In their case, liking a lot. It had taken something so extreme for Hannah to wake up, and realise that if Jane had died, she would have missed her. Hannah felt ashamed when she thought about it.

“Hannah?” Sarah came into the kitchen, holding her phone. “Bianca just called, I think I’ll head home now.”

Hannah suddenly swallowed back tears. She didn’t know why she felt so emotional, but she didn’t want to say goodbye to Sarah.

“What’s wrong with you? Silly Hannah.” Sarah opened her arms and held her gently. “I’ll be back, you know? We’ll still see each other.”

“I know, I know, I just…” Hannah couldn’t explain it. She put her arms around her cousin’s waist and held on.

“I didn’t know being alone with me was that terrible?” Jane came into the kitchen.

 Hannah and Sarah let go of each other and Hannah wiped the stray tears from her cheek.

“That’s not it and you know it.”

 She could feel Sarah’s questioning gaze in the back of her hair. Something was going on with her and Jane, and it was probably clear to everyone in the kitchen.

“Well, I’m going to head out.” Sarah pressed a kiss to Hannah’s forehead and gave Jane a quick kiss. “Speak soon, okay?”

 They went to the door and saw her out. They watched her go to her car and drive off. Then Jane closed the door, and locked it with all the extra locks she had installed after ‘the incident’.

 “I think I’m going to have a cup of tea,” Hannah said, not tired yet. “And then sleep.”

“I think I’ll just go ahead and brush my teeth already.” Their eyes locked and Jane licked her lips. Hannah didn’t even know if she was aware of how she was looking at her. “I’m tired.”

Bullshit, Hannah thought but didn’t say anything. She nodded.

“Good night then. I’ll see you tomorrow.” After some visible hesitation, Jane leaned down and brushed her lips to Hannah’s cheek.

“G’night,” Hannah mumbled at Jane’s back.


* * *


Jane put the sling over a chair in the bedroom and lay down on the bed, on her back wearing just a T-shirt and panties. Her knees were hurting and her back almost pounding. She was still not as healed as she wished she was. But more than the physical pain, she hated the reminder of what had happened to her.

 She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She really was tired but there was an unrest in her body that just wouldn’t get away. It was different than the fear of nightmares that had haunted her nights just a few weeks ago. This was an unrest that made her legs tremble and butterflies dance around the pit of her stomach.

Somewhere not too far away, in the kitchen, Hannah started humming. The melody was nonsensical, not a real song, but the sound was absolutely heavenly to Jane’s ears. It was followed by the subtle sound of something being cut. Probably prepping for tomorrow’s meals. It was something that she had started just a month before, thinking like a chef even though she was at home. It was one part annoying and two parts adorable.

The kettle was put on, Hannah most likely preparing her tea. Jane could imagine her, sitting by the kitchen window, looking at the garden with a dreamy look on her face and a cup in her hand. Maybe she would have changed into her pyjamas and let her hair down in a messy ponytail. Happy and relaxed. Jane fell asleep with a content smile on her face.

 She wasn’t sure how long she had been sleeping when she felt more than heard her bedroom door being opened. In a heartbeat, her eyes were open and she sat up fast, her covers pooling at her waist. Fear gripped her by the throat and she desperately reached for the light on her right.

“It’s just me.” It was Hannah and Jane’s fear immediately abated. She still turned on the light so the room wasn’t so dark.

“What’s wrong?”

Hannah was indeed wearing pyjamas with a messy ponytail; she had a lost look on her face.

“Nothing is wrong,” she said. “I just…” She bit her bottom lip, unknowingly drawing Jane’s attention to her mouth. “I need to apologize.

“Apologize? Geez, Hannie, it’s in the middle of the night.”

“I know.” Hannah sucked in air through her teeth. “But… right is right.”

She looked so distraught it tugged on Jane’s heartstrings and she patted the bed next to her.

“Come and sit down.”

Hannah did as she was told, but looked down on the floor the entire time as if refusing to meet Jane’s gaze. It was puzzling behaviour. Usually Hannah was confident, brazen even, and she had never before looked down.

“What’s wrong?” Jane reached forward and grabbed her hand.

“I’m what’s wrong.” Hannah looked up now. “I’ve been horrible to you, ever since I moved here. I don’t know why you want to live with me now.”

“That’s what you’re thinking about?” Jane couldn’t believe her ears.

Hannah nodded. “I can’t sleep because of it. I need you to forgive me.”

“Hannie.” Jane spoke slowly. “There is nothing to forgive. You were mean to me, but I was mean right back. The person we should both apologize to is Sarah. She’s the only innocent party in this.”

“But you’re the one I worry about it.” The words were soft and all of a sudden, the hand under Jane’s turned and their fingers entwined.

Jane sighed. She wasn’t used to people worrying about her, she liked being independent and free. It felt like everything had changed, that horrible, horrible day.

“Is this because of what happened to me?” She couldn’t keep the poison out of her voice. She didn’t want Hannah’s pity.

“I…” Hannah sighed. “You know that we had stopped fighting before it happened -”

“But?” Jane didn’t care about her harsh tone of voice. She didn’t want to think about what had happened. She didn’t want to remember. If Hannah wanted her to work through it, that meant she couldn’t be around her. That was just how things were.

“Jane!” Hannah forced her to look up with a finger on her chin. “What’s wrong? Why are you being so cold?”

“I’m not a victim.” Jane’s voice was stone cold. “If that’s all I am to you, then I think it’s best we both find somewhere else to live.”

Hannah leaned backwards and looked at her in silence. Jane knew that what she had said was hurtful but couldn’t help it. If she was going to be reminded of what had happened to her every time she looked at Hannah, they really couldn’t live together. Jane just wanted to leave it all behind. She had to.

“Jane.” Hannah’s voice was soft. “Please don’t think that way. I…” She tried to grab Jane’s hand again but Jane pulled away. “Please don’t be upset with me.”

“Just go to bed, Hannah.”

Jane lay down and pulled the covers over her head. She wanted Hannah to leave.

 But Hannah didn’t leave.

To Jane’s surprise and confusion small hands came to push her to the side and when she finally moved with a groan, Hannah lay down next to her. Always a princess.

“I’m not leaving while you’re still upset with me. I just can’t.”

“Well I can’t live with you knowing that every time you look at me, you see a victim,” Jane bit back.

 Hannah turned on the bed until they were facing each other. Her gaze was very soft. She reached out and tucked Jane’s hair behind her ear.

“That’s not all I see when I look at you, are you crazy?”

“I don’t know.” Jane refused to give in.

“Yes, you do know. I don’t know why you’re being so thick-headed about it. Jane, when I saw you at the hospital I thought I was going to die. I thought you would die, so I thought I would die with you. It has nothing to do with what happened to you but about who you are. I used to hate you but you won me over.”

 Hannah’s gaze was unwavering and Jane had no choice but fall into her loving eyes.

“It didn’t change after what happened to you. It changed before. You know this.” Her eyes pleaded to Jane.

Jane nodded.

“I’m so-”

Hannah silenced her with a finger to her lips.

“I can’t wait for you to heal,” she said. “I can’t wait for you to go back to work and come home telling me about it. I can’t wait for you to get your confidence back, I can’t wait for -”

“All you’re doing is reminding me that I can’t right now.” Jane couldn’t wait to go back to her job as a personal trainer at the gym. She was sick of feeling so helpless.

“But soon you’ll be able to.” Hannah was right there, her soft hand on Jane’s cheek and her gentle gaze meeting Jane’s. “You just need to be a bit more patient. Just like you were with me.”

 Jane couldn’t look away; it was as if Hannah was staring right into her soul.

“You did require a lot of patience.” She smiled teasingly. She needed to make a joke to lighten the mood a bit.

Hannah nodded and smiled fondly.

“That I did. Sorry.”

Jane shook her head.

“There is nothing to be sorry about, not anymore.”

 Hannah bit her lip and then before Jane was able to react in any way, she had leaned forward and pressed their lips together.

 As many times as Jane had imagined kissing Hannah, the reality was much, much sweeter. The kiss was soft, almost chaste, a gentle press of lips against lips, and despite the carefulness of it, it sent Jane’s heart hammering away, heat pooling between her legs and goose bumps rising on her arms.

Hannah pulled back, biting her lip, her cheeks reddening.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” The breathlessness in her voice sent thrills through Jane’s body. “I hope I didn’t make a mistake?”

“No.” Jane shook her head. “No, not at all, I… that was a very nice kiss.”

 Hannah smiled and looked like she was about to say something, but Jane had had enough. She didn’t need to hear what Hannah was going to say. Either it was something about the incident in which case Jane didn’t want to hear it. Or it was about their feelings for one another in which case, Jane didn’t need to hear about it. It was as clear as the sky being blue. They had been dancing around the issue for months. Jane didn’t want to dance anymore. She didn’t want to talk anymore. She wanted to learn to feel whole again. She wanted to find herself again. And she wanted to do this with Hannah.

Before any words had come out of Hannah’s lips, Jane had covered them with her own. This kiss was harsher, more desperate. She wanted to feel something, and she came alive where they touched.


* * *


 Kissing Jane was heaven. Hannah could hardly believe it was finally happening. She couldn’t get enough of Jane’s lips, sounds or how her fingers were running up and down Hannah’s arm.

 Hannah squirmed forward so she was closer and snaked her arms around Jane’s neck. It was only when her kissing partner winced and pulled back that Hannah remembered. Oh!

“I’m so sorry!” She leaned back and turned the light on. She carefully touched her fingers to Jane’s arm. “Are you okay?”

“I am.” Jane groaned and looked at her pleadingly. “It just hurt for a moment; can we forget about it and just keep kissing?”

 Hannah nodded but made a mental note to go very slowly. Jane was still injured after all.

She leaned in again and joined their lips together. It was strange really, how wonderful it was to kiss someone she had felt such distaste for before. Jane wasn’t even her type and still here Hannah was, dying for Jane to kiss her and touch her.

 When Jane tried to move her arm to Hannah’s hair and again groaned in pain, Hannah had had enough. She pushed Jane back and leaned up, resting on her elbow. Her long blonde hair fell forward, creating a shield around their heads as if protecting them from the world. The look in Jane’s eyes made her shiver inside. Jane’s eyes had turned black and there was a slight trembling in her limbs as if she was ready to pounce but was holding herself back.

 Hannah chuckled softly and stroked her fingers against the side of Jane’s face.

“I know you have a top-mentality to go with that butchness, darling.” She pressed a kiss to Jane’s nose. “But you’ll have to keep that caged for a little bit longer. And then you can do whatever you want with me okay?” I’ll be here later too.

 They were roommates now. Girlfriends? Well, at least roommates with benefits, Hannah thought. Whatever it was that was going to happen between them during the following weeks, they would eventually wind up back here. In bed together.

 Hannah pushed her fingers into Jane’s hair, scratching her scalp. Jane closed her eyes and exhaled, some of the tension disappeared from her shoulders. She knew what Jane liked, she had shared a wall with her for the past couple of months. And while she had occasionally hated, and occasionally enjoyed, the subtle sounds of sex that had flowed from Jane’s room into hers, it had taught her a thing or two. She knew who Jane was in the bedroom, and as excited as Hannah was to experience that for herself, perhaps it was a good thing that they could get a bit acquainted before… before Jane is completely unleashed. Hannah giggled to herself.

“What?” Jane opened one eye and regarded her with a teasing smile.

“Nothing.” With her hand still in Jane’s hair, Hannah leaned down and kissed her again.

She opened her mouth carefully, giving access to Jane’s searching tongue. It felt like she was melting. Jane’s mouth was hot and wet and she tasted absolutely delicious.  

 Hannah reached down and started running her hand over Jane’s abdomen. She circled a finger around the belly-button and rejoiced in the tightening of muscles underneath. She wanted to take Jane’s shirt off and look at her completely but wasn’t sure if such a request would be appreciated or not. Not only would it be tricky to take it off, what with her arm, but it would probably also be bad to remove it and expose more bumps and bruises. At least as they were now, they could almost pretend they didn’t exist. Hannah didn’t want to break the magic.

They kept kissing as Hannah kept stroking the bare skin there, backwards and forwards, creating goose bumps under her fingertips. She moved lower, stroking the line of Jane’s panties.

“Hannie…” Jane mumbled. “Don’t. I…” She cried out softly when Hannah stroked right between her legs, over her panties. She panted. “I don’t want to do anything when I’m not capable of reciprocating properly.”

 “I don’t care.” Hannah’s heart sped up as she stroked faster, finding the hard prominence of Jane’s clit under the fabric.

“Of course you don’t.” Jane groaned low in her throat when Hannah pressed harder. “Princess.”

“You know it.” Hannah started pressing soft kisses around the curve of Jane’s jaw while never stopping the movement of her hand.

 The fabric under her fingers was becoming increasingly damp and she fought against the impulse to put her fingers into her mouth. Jane’s whole body was trembling and her hips were thrusting upwards gently in time with Hannah’s movements.

 She moved Jane’s panties to the side with one finger and touched another to Jane’s burning flesh. Jane was wet, so, so wet, and when Hannah rubbed her thighs together she could feel that she was in the same predicament. It felt as if she wasn’t careful they would go up in flames.

 “Let me touch you, please.” Jane sounded like she was in pain. “It doesn’t feel right that I’m…” She fell silent and whimpered instead when Hannah circled her opened with a teasing finger.

“You prefer to be the giver, huh?” Hannah nipped at her ear. “I. Don’t. Care.”

Before Jane could say anything more, Hannah swirled one more time around her entrance and then pressed a finger inside.

 She moved her finger slowly, rejoicing in Jane’s moans and the feeling of slick muscles around her. She knew that this was out of Jane’s comfort zone, being on her back and just letting Hannah pleasure her. It made the gift even sweeter. Jane was showing Hannah a huge amount of trust.

 “Hannie.” Jane’s clit twitched under Hannah’s thumb. “Fuck, princess… I.”

Hannah pressed her hips into the mattress, wanting to find something, anything, to soothe the ache between her thighs. Her pyjamas were too warm and she wished she was naked. She wished both of them were naked and that she could feel Jane’s skin against hers.

 Jane pressed her lips together, closed her eyes and moaned throatily. Her whole body tensed up as the muscles around Hannah’s fingers pulsed. Hannah had slept with other women, but never before had another woman’s climax made Hannah feel this powerful or accomplished.

 When Jane dropped her head to the side, panting and her mouth slightly open, Hannah couldn’t help but claim her lips again. They kissed slowly, taking their time, Hannah moving her fingers gently to coax every last tremor out of Jane’s body.

 Eventually Jane went limp and Hannah removed her hand. She couldn’t help but to lick her fingers right away. She didn’t want to seem lewd but she also didn’t want to wait to taste the woman in her arms. And she knew that they were done now.

“You should sleep now.” She kissed Jane’s closed eyelids.

“Huh?” Jane even sounded sleepy. She deserved another kiss just for being so cute.

“I enjoyed that.” In fact, Hannah was pretty sure that if she didn’t go back to her own bedroom and relieve some of the pressure by her own hand, there would be permanent damage. “But you should sleep.”

 But Jane’s eyes were droopy and she was looking more grey than alive. She was still injured and whatever pills she had taken for the pain after dinner were probably making her drowsy.

“But what about you?” Jane’s eyes kept close.

“I’m fine.” Hannah hoped that Jane could hear the happiness in her voice since she couldn’t see her smile. “Just sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow.” Their fingers entwined.

Jane sighed deeply. As she exhaled her fingers relaxed and let go of Hannah’s.

Hannah waited a few more minutes, then she carefully got up from the bed and tip-toed out of the room.


* * *


The next morning Jane woke up to the smell of fresh coffee, scrambled eggs and Hannah humming to some nonsensical song that she had probably made up herself. There was a smile on her face that she first couldn’t understand but when she noticed her still damp panties the events of last night came back to her.

 So it had finally happened. Jane chuckled to herself. It had been a long time coming. And suddenly she couldn’t wait to see Hannah. She had missed her during the night, even while being fast asleep.

 She got out of bed, put the sling back on her body and hurried into the bathroom. She couldn’t see Hannah fast enough but it was probably best to brush her teeth first. When she surprised Hannah in the kitchen with a good morning kiss she wanted to taste fresh and not like sleep.

 “Jane!” Hannah’s whole face lit up when Jane came into the kitchen.

“Morning, princess.” Jane put her good arm around Hannah’s waist and drew her close. She kissed her gently on the mouth. “I slept well. Thanks to you.”

“You’re very welcome.” Hannah kissed her back just as eagerly. “Now sit down and eat. I made breakfast.”

Jane wanted to keep kissing her, but the smell from the stove was equally seductive and she let herself be led to the table. Hannah pressed a fork in her hand and placed a plate in front of her. She took her own plate and sat down in front of Jane.

 They ate their first bites in silence, from time to time sharing a quick smile.

“You know,” Jane said when she had swallowed the last piece.  “For being in culinary school, you sure cook simple things. Bubble and squeak, scrambled eggs.”

Hannah nodded, her blonde curls bobbing.

“I could have made you a cheese soufflé with rosemary but what do I have to prove?” She licked her spoon. “I’m becoming a chef because I love cooking, not because I don’t have a love for simple foods.” She giggled. The sound warmed Jane from the inside. “And my scrambled eggs have cream, cheddar and chives. Hardly simple.” She looked so pleased with herself, Jane couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Then she leaned over the table and wrapped her fingers around a chunk of Hannah’s hair. She pulled her forward gently, but firmly, and pressed a big kiss on her lips.

 “Mmm.” She said when she let go of Hannah’s hair and sat back down. “Your kisses taste better than your food, you know.”

Hannah laughed.

“Not sure if I should be offended.”

 Jane smiled at her gently.

“You shouldn’t, trust me. Your kisses are just that good.” She winked.

 Hannah got up and got their plates. After leaving them by the sink, she went over to Jane. She made a gesture and when Jane had moved her legs, Hannah sat down in her lap. She put her arm around Jane’s neck and pulled her close, Jane’s injured arm between them.

 “Are my kisses really that good?” Her smile was somehow both shy and confident in the same time and Jane had to place a kiss at the curve of her mouth.

“You know that they are.”

It was nice to have Hannah in her lap, it made her feel strong and less like an injured victim. She put a hand on Hannah’s waist and squeezed softly, wanting to assert her dominance just a tad. Yesterday she had let Hannah play her like a violin, today it was her turn.

“What do you want to do today?” She leaned forward and started nibbling on Hannah’s neck, smiling against the soft skin when the woman in her arms squirmed and shivered visibly.

“It’s Saturday.” Hannah sounded breathless. “My day is wide open.”


Jane motioned for Hannah to get up. She stood up and grabbed Hannah’s hand, then she led her into the closest bedroom without another word.



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  1. Very good. A bit unusual in the way the outside world intruded into the bubble of the heroines so violently.
    Between the name, the hair, and the “princess” I had to think of some other characters, however. 🙂

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