Can You Teach Me Something? (short lesfic, romance)


Olivia. Four syllables that turned Imogen’s insides to a thousand humming birds and threatened to pour the most idiotic words through her being and out of her mouth. She walked around the small table that was surrounded by twelve children of various ages, she should really be focusing on them and not on how Olivia’s dark hair contrasted against the seeming softness of her cheek or how her crooked smile occasionally turned in her direction.

“Miss! Help!”

 Imogen stopped staring at the unknowing object of her affection and instead focused on the six-year-old that was waving a scissor at her.

“Maddy, stop waving the scissors. What is it that you need help with?”

 Imogen sighed to herself, usually she was much more professional. But she didn’t usually work in the same room as her colleague from sixth grade. Which is probably good, she thought to herself. If they always worked in such close proximity, Imogen would probably have to find another job. And she had only worked at Weild English Speaking School for eight months. She had been sweet on Olivia for about seven and a half.

 They didn’t see each other often as they worked in different parts of the school. Imogen worked in kindergarten with the youngest while Olivia taught math and biology for the older ages. They almost never worked in the same space, unless it was things that the school organised together. Like an arts and crafts day, and Olivia and Imogen was in charge of the activity making little flowers out of thin paper. Not something most of the children appreciated. And neither did Imogen or Olivia, but they hadn’t been in charge of deciding the activities. Sadly. At least Imogen could think of several activities that they would enjoy together… Imogen shook her head. I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

Imogen helped one of the younger girls cut flower petals while she listened to Olivia bantering with some of the boys from the third grade. Olivia was a natural with the younger students too, not as awkward as one would expect from that kind of teacher. Her easy attitude and the way she made them laugh just made her even more attractive.

 Imogen needed the lesson to end, she needed to get away before Olivia noticed. Or the children noticed that she was acting strange.

 The bell rang and the children scrambled from their chairs, eager to leave the chaos of glue, and colored silk paper. The floor was covered in pieces of paper, ribbons and glitter. Imogen and Olivia shared a look and chuckled.

“You can go if you want.” Imogen didn’t want Olivia to go but the space was her area, her responsibility. “I’ll fix it before I go home later. We only have science in the other room after recess so…”

“Don’t be silly.” Olivia touched her hand lightly. “I’ll help. I have math until three but…”

 Imogen hoped that her smile shielded how she practically trembled inside. She had to stop herself from pulling her hand away even if Olivia’s light touch turned her insides to jelly.

“We’ll meet her at three then.” She smiled until Olivia’s retreating back disappeared around the corner, then she sagged against the wall almost unable to stand upright. The things she does to me.

She shook her head. She was being ridiculous. She needed to get her head on straight. Ha, straight. She grinned at the empty room.


* * *


Olivia smiled to herself as she put her coffee in the slot on the coffee machine in the teachers’ lounge. She wished that Imogen could have come with her but with them working at different parts of the school…

“Something good happened?” Olivia’s friend and coworker Anna came up next to her.

“Nothing in particular.” Olivia grabbed her cup and waited while Anna put hers up. “Happy that the crafts is over.” It wasn’t completely true, but she wasn’t about to admit that she enjoyed the crafts because of the cutest kindergarten teacher on the school.

 “Yeah.” Anna snorted. “True that. I can’t believe they still make us do that.”

“The kids like it though.”

They took their cups and looked for a place to sit. Imogen was probably out on break duty by now, watching the youngest, and Olivia tried to act aloof as she sat down by a vacant table near the windows.

She lifted the cup to her lips and sipped while gazing out on the playground. It didn’t take her long to find Imogen, she stood out with her long chocolate-coloured braid and the skirt she was holding in her hand to aid her playing soccer with a bunch of boys. Olivia chuckled when Imogen stole the ball from a surprised fifth-grader and scored for her team.

“Can’t believe she does that.” Anna looked down as well. “She plays with them almost every recess, they’re not even her students.”

“Are you kidding?” Olivia was actually surprised at Anna’s harsh words. “Remember how much those boys used to fight? Trouble that they brought with them into the classroom. She calms them down.” She’s brilliant. Olivia wanted to add but didn’t.

“Take it easy.” Anna held up the hand that wasn’t holding her cup. “I didn’t mean to criticize your hero or anything. It’s unorthodox, that’s all.”

  “When a teacher is outside,” Olivia said, “she’s responsible for all the kids there. Not just the ones she’s responsible for inside. That’s how break duty works.” Olivia was a high school teacher herself, she didn’t have break duty like the ones in charge of the younger ages, but she had a lot of respect for teachers like Imogen who really went the extra mile for all students in the school.

“It’s already quarter to two.” Anna sighed. “I have two lessons before I can finally go home. Weekend woohoo.”

“Ha, yeah.” Olivia did agree, the week had been a long one.

But before she was ready to leave the school, she had one last appointment after her lesson. An appointment with a very cute kindergarten teacher.


* * *


“Hi there.” The time had gone by quicker than Imogen had anticipated and suddenly Olivia was standing there. Her smile was wide and impossible not to answer.

“Hey!” Imogen forgot that they were there to tidy after her students, instead she just happy to see her.

“You were supposed to wait for me.” Olivia had a teasing smile playing on her lips and she pointed to the trash bag in Imogen’s hand.

“Oh!” Imogen felt her cheeks heat. She looked down on the trash bag in her hand and then back up at Olivia’s face. Olivia looked like she was about to burst out laughing, the dimple in her left cheek more visible than usual.

“Relax,” she said and grabbed another bag from the roll on the table. “Let’s get this over and done with.”

As much as Imogen wanted the cleaning to get over and done with, she didn’t like the feeling that Olivia couldn’t wait to get out of there. Not when this was the highlight of Imogen’s day. I’m pathetic.

She tried to keep her eyes on the plastic ribbons that she was collecting, even though it got harder and harder. You don’t even get to see her that often, she thought angrily at herself, you need to look at her. Talk with her. Take this chance. Get to know her. But every time she opened her mouth all thoughts went out the window.

“So…” Olivia finally spoke. “It seems like we’re finished.”

Imogen took the final silk band off the floor and put it in the bag.

“Seems like.” You’re pathetic Imogen, when will you again get the chance to spend all this time with her alone?

They stared at each other rather sheepishly. There was something in Olivia’s usually confident disposition that Imogen didn’t recognise. Was it nerves? No that couldn’t be it.

“Hey, do you…” Olivia scratched the back of her head. “It’s Friday after all. Do you want to get some dinner or something?”

Imogen smiled widely as Olivia chuckled nervously. Is she asking me out? Is Olivia Clark asking me out? No, it’s probably just a friendly suggestion.  Imogen tried to act casual, ignoring how her hands started trembling a little bit.

“That would be lovely.”

“Do you want to change or something first? You came here with bus didn’t you?”

Imogen nodded.

“We can take my car,” Olivia suggested. “I can drop you off at your place and then pick you up when you’re ready.”


* * *


“Have you always wanted to be a teacher?” Olivia asked as she drove away from the school. It was perhaps a silly question, but she needed to ask it. She wanted to know everything about Imogen.

“God no.” Imogen laughed. “It was on the bottom of my list.”

“I’m surprised.” You seem to be a natural with children.

“I wanted to be a midwife,” Imogen continued. “But I couldn’t get into nursing school, turns out I don’t have the best grades from high school.” She sighed. “Luckily teaching isn’t a popular profession and it was easy to get in.”

Olivia let her eyes wander from the road one second, just stealing a quick glance at Imogen. Imogen was looking right at her and a shudder travelled down Olivia’s spine. She averted her gaze.

“Not what you expected?” She could hear the insecurity in Imogen’s voice and all she wanted to do was reach across the gearbox and grasp her hand. Down girl.

“Not really.” Olivia looked at her quickly again to give her a reassuring smile. “But you don’t need to justify anything to me. I was simply curious. Especially since you chose kindergarten.”

“I love children.” They were almost by Imogen’s block now. “And I like working with people, the choice wasn’t very difficult. Even if it took until my first work practice to realise that I had indeed made the right choice. What about you?”

“I wanted to become a mathematician.” Olivia chuckled. “But I didn’t like any of the jobs that such a title gives you. Being a high school teacher sounded like a good middle ground.”

“That’s what I like about the teaching profession,” Imogen said. “We take such different routes to get there.”

Olivia was about to answer when in the corner of her eye she noticed a truck coming closer rapidly, heading straight to them, heading straight for the side where Imogen was sitting. Without thinking she stepped on the gas, needing them to get away from the dangerous vehicle that was coming at a flying speed.

Time slowed down as Imogen turned around and their eyes locked. Olivia wanted to say something, anything, as Imogen’s eyes filled with fear and panic. I’m sorry. The truck hit the back of the car.

 They spun around quickly as the air filled with sounds of horns, cries and breaking glass. Olivia kept her hands on the steering wheel, willing the world to stop. Just for a minute. Just so that she could check if Imogen was okay.

 Finally the car stopped turning and Olivia unfastened her seatbelt. The right side of the car was smashed completely, but the point of impact seemed to have been on the backseat door, not next to Imogen. Olivia took a deep breath of relief.

“Imogen?” She touched Imogen’s cheek. “Hey! You’re okay. It didn’t hit you.”

Imogen had had her face turned away from Olivia but now she moved it slowly. Her eyes were wide, her pupils very small and her mouth was open.

“What happened?” She sounded breathless.

“The truck must have driven against a red light.” Olivia felt a surge of rage move within her but she didn’t let it to come out and play. Imogen seemed to be in a state of shock and Olivia needed to remain calm for her. “How are you feeling? Can you move everything?”

She watched as Imogen moved both arms, legs and lastly her head.

“I think so.” Imogen looked young and helpless. “Can we get out of here now?”

There were sirens singing somewhere far away.

“Do you think you can climb over to my side? I don’t think your door is working.” Olivia unfastened Imogen’s seatbelt and then opened her door. She put one leg out but didn’t leave completely. She held out her hand.

Imogen looked at it, then Olivia’s face. Her eyes looked like they were completely unseeing, like she was somewhere else. But after another deep sigh, she grabbed Olivia’s hand and let herself be more or less pulled out of the car.

 When they were both standing on the street, Olivia hugged Imogen to her. She was shaking and her arms came up to rest around Olivia’s waist. When she burst out in tears, Olivia hugged her even closer.

“You’re okay, you’re okay.” Olivia closed her eyes and rested her head on top of Imogen’s head.

 An ambulance and a police car arrived at the scene and an EMT came running.

“We’re okay,” Olivia said. Imogen still wouldn’t let go and had her face pressed into Olivia’s neck. “I think we’re mainly shook up.”

The EMT nodded and smiled sympathetically.

“Should I check on your friend?”

“I saw everything!” A woman in a nearby gathering crowd said. “He just drove right into them!”

“Yes please.” Olivia patted Imogen on the back. “The EMT needs to check on you, okay?”

 A shudder ran through Imogen’s body but she let go and turned towards the waiting man. Her face looked like it had regained a little bit of color and even if her face was tear stricken she smiled softly at Olivia.

“We were lucky.” She still sounded breathless.

“That we were,” Olivia mumbled as Imogen went towards the EMT.

 “Ma’am?” A policeman came up to Olivia. “Could I get your statement please?”

Olivia recounted the events as she had seen them happening. She didn’t think there would be any legal twist as there seemed to be witnesses there who had seen everything happen. She needed to contact her insurance, call a –

“It seems to be a clear cut case.” The policeman woke her up from mentally writing her to-do list. “The other driver was under the influence.”  

“That’s good.”

“Olivia?” Imogen came to her side and grabbed her hand. Olivia gave it a squeeze. “They want to check on you too.” She still seemed shook up, but when she looked at Olivia’s face her eyes were clear and her complexion was completely back to normal.

“When can we leave?” Imogen asked the officer. “I want to get out of here.”

“You need to get a tow truck for your car and you need to contact your insurance, but otherwise you’re free to leave.”

“Let me go and talk to the EMT quickly.” Olivia gave Imogen’s hand one final squeeze and then let go. “I’ll make a few phone calls and then we can leave.”

She left Imogen standing by the officer and tried to ignore how the hand that had been holding Imogen’s was tingling just a little bit.


* * *


They stood front to front in Imogen’s hallway and watched each other, neither of them seemingly to know what they were supposed to be doing now.

They were lucky to be alive. Imogen realised this and yet it was an incredibly foreign thought. She had never been in any kind of accident before, and to have it happen like this, so suddenly be faced with proof of her own mortality had shook her very core. And still in the same time, she was incredibly grateful. No one had died. No one had even gotten very hurt. Apart from Olivia’s car which was pretty much totaled, everyone could consider themselves lucky.

 Olivia gasped suddenly and put her hand on her chest. The worry that Imogen felt must have shone out of her eyes because when Olivia caught her looking, she gave her a reassuring smile.

“It feels like my heart stopped before and now it keeps reminding me that I’m still alive.”

 Imogen looked at Olivia’s hand, and as a byproduct, Olivia’s chest. And when she had started she couldn’t stop. She felt her own heart speed up as she wondered how it would feel to just reach forward and…

“Can I feel?” Imogen held out her hand tentatively. Her world had already been shook to its very core, she might as well act insane too.

 Olivia didn’t seem to think that Imogen’s request was insane. A light lit in her eyes as she reached for Imogen’s hand and pressed it between her breasts. With Olivia’s heart pounding against Imogen’s fingertips, everything was right in the world again. Every single bad day, every heart break, every tear, every lonely hour Imogen carried inside her melted as she stared into the blue gaze of someone who held the key to taking it all away.

“Can you feel it?” Olivia’s tone was husky.

Imogen nodded, turning her gaze down. She didn’t care that it was now directed toward her hand and Olivia’s very nicely shaped chest. It still felt less intimate than staring into Olivia’s eyes.

“Can you teach me something?” Olivia’s question made her look up again.

“What?” She blushed when she heard how breathless she sounded.

“Can you teach me to be brave?” A hand came up to rest on Imogen’s hip. The other one was still keeping Imogen’s hand pressed to Olivia’s chest.

“Brave? I don’t understand.” Imogen smiled shyly. The look on Olivia’s face was mesmerising, her eyes so alive and her mouth curved into that teasing smile that always made her limbs turn into spaghetti.

 Olivia chuckled.

“If I had been braver, I would have asked you out earlier and our first date wouldn’t have been interrupted by a near-death-experience.”

“Our first…” Imogen couldn’t wait anymore. Her hand fell away and she placed it around Olivia’s waist pulling her closer. She went up on tiptoe and hungrily sought Olivia’s mouth with her own.

Within an instance Olivia was everywhere, her tongue in Imogen’s mouth, her hands on Imogen’s back. Her mouth was so warm, and her scent intoxicating.

They pulled their mouths away, gasping for air. Imogen pressed her face Olivia’s neck and inhaled deeply.

“I feel like my skin is on fire.”

Olivia stroked up and down Imogen’s arm and chuckled softly.

“I know how you feel.”

Imogen pulled back to look into Olivia’s face. She couldn’t believe how much she was feeling. It felt like she had been frozen and now she was thawing so fast she felt like her heart would stop.

“Hey, you okay?” Olivia palmed her cheek. “You look like you’re about to start crying.”

Imogen swallowed, she didn’t know what was happening with her.

“I think this day has been a bit overwhelming for me,” she whispered.

“Do you want me to stop?” Olivia traced the curve of Imogen’s jaw and moved upwards, threading her fingers in her hair.

“No.” Shudders ran down Imogen’s spine and she shook her head violently. “Will you be with me? I just want to feel alive.” Please.

 Olivia took a step backward and took her hand.

“Show me the way.”


* * *


Imogen’s bedroom was exactly like Olivia had imagined it to be. Big bed with light pink sheets, an open wardrobe where her various dresses were hanging and three slim bookcases were filled with brightly coloured books. A soccer ball lying in the corner made Olivia smile before she was spun around by small hands and pushed on top of the bed.

 Imogen jumped on top of her, straddled her and attacked her mouth. Her thick braid landed next to Olivia’s head. Olivia was happy to let Imogen continue for a little while, but when she bit down on Olivia’s bottom lip, Olivia had had enough. She grunted loudly.

“Oh!” Imogen pulled away, sounding concerned. “Did I hurt you?”

Olivia chuckled and gently rolled them around so that she was on top.

“Not at all.”

She sighed contently when Imogen’s legs spread almost on their own accord and let Olivia’s settle between them. Things slowed down as Olivia kept herself up on her elbows and regarded Imogen.

 She had always found Imogen incredibly cute, but as she laid underneath Olivia, her face flushed and her eyes sparkling with something between desire and mischief she was beyond beautiful.

“This isn’t just because of the truck.” It was important to Olivia that Imogen heard this. “I’ve wanted you for so long.” She let kisses rain down on Imogen’s face, finishing with a quick touch on her lips.

“That’s good.” Imogen smiled. “Because I feel the same way.”

 Their lips met again, slow at first and then faster as their kiss deepened.

 Olivia didn’t notice that she started moving, thrusting into Imogen’s hips. She didn’t notice until Imogen pulled her mouth from Olivia and moaned softly. She clutched at Olivia’s back, grasping fistfulls of her shirt.

“I’m all wired up,” she whimpered. “I’m going to go off before we manage to do anything.”

“Let’s take off our clothes?” Olivia had to make it into a question since she wasn’t sure she could even stop the hungry movement of her hips. “You just feel… so… good.” Imogen was angling her hips up, making their dance feel that much better. Olivia had almost resorted to letting them both come from only this when Imogen moaned again. No, not like this.

“Come on.” Olivia sat up and pulled Imogen too her.

 Imogen’s eyes were slightly hooded, but unlike the shock after the accident, her pupils were enlarged and completely focused on Olivia.

“Let me help you.” Olivia kissed her and started undoing the buttons on Imogen’s clothes one by one.


* * *


 Imogen shuddered as she stood naked in front of an equally nude Olivia. She felt cold and hot at the same time, and when Olivia opened her arms she fell in between them.

Olivia. God.

When their breasts touched, Imogen wasn’t sure if she had ever felt anything quite so exquisitive. Olivia was magnificent. Lean and strong, somehow both soft and hard at the same time. Imogen was dying to close her lips over the taut nipples that she now felt pressed against her own chest.

“Do you want to lie down again?” Olivia whispered close to her ears.

“Can you be on top of me?” Imogen couldn’t bear it any longer. She wanted Olivia’s comforting weight on top of her, pressing her down. Keeping her safe.

 Olivia smiled crookedly, looking exactly like she did when they passed each other in the corridor at school. The familiar face sent thrills through Imogen.

“Come on.” Olivia helped her to the bed and motioned for her to lay down on top of the covers.

Imogen was so wet already, but unlike other times with other people, she wanted Olivia to notice. She wanted to show Olivia how much she wanted her, what she did to her. Touch me.

 Olivia settled on top of her and immediately claimed her mouth again. She tasted so good, Imogen didn’t think she would ever have enough.

That was until Olivia reached down and in one swift motion cupped her between her legs, then Imogen knew that she would never have enough. This feeling didn’t stop when Olivia rested her thumb on Imogen’s swollen clit and her index finger swirled closer to her entrance.

“Can I -” Olivia didn’t need to finish her question.

Imogen nodded and then desperately threw her arms around Olivia’s neck. Before she could fully appreciate what was happening, Olivia thrusted her finger inside, pulled out again and returned with two. It tore a whimper from Imogen’s throat and she clutched to Olivia as if she was the last stable point in the universe.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh yes,” she whispered in a constant litany. Oh no. Imogen couldn’t help it, she couldn’t hold back anymore. She tried to hold off the inevitable but with one more push of Olivia’s skillful fingers, Imogen came.


* * *


The muscles contracted around her fingers and Olivia moaned when Imogen raked her nails down her back. She was so very, very hot and hard herself and couldn’t help but rub herself on the thigh that Imogen had raised.

 “That was fast,” Olivia said breathlessly and delivered a teasing smile as she rode Imogen’s thigh, pushing herself closer to a climax. “Not that I’m complaining.”  

“Can you come like this?”  Imogen shuddered and grasped Olivia’s naked buttocks, pushing her harder on her thigh. “I want to feel you come.”

“Soon. Oh god.” Olivia bit down on the soft skin on Imogen’s neck, not caring if it would leave a mark or not.

 Hot molten lava ran down her spine and concentrated between her legs, spreading outwards but all the time focusing on that one point at the heart of her. Hormones surged through her blood, igniting her, making her feel lost and in the same time found in the refuge of Imogen’s arms.

“Imogen, Imogen, Imogen, I’m going to…” Olivia couldn’t say anything else as her throat closed up and all she could do was groan and hold on, pressing herself even harder against Imogen’s leg.

 She came down a minute later and hugged Imogen who was crying softly in the curve of her shoulder.

“You okay?” She whispered.

“Mmhmm.” Imogen nodded but didn’t move from her warm spot, her tears wetting Olivia’s shoulder. “Just… feeling a lot.”

“Hopefully good stuff?”

“Only good stuff.” Imogen laughed. “Do you think you could…”

 Olivia felt heat rise to her cheek when she realised she still had two fingers imbedded deep inside Imogen. She had been so caught up in her own ardour that she had barely noticed.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” I must have been pounding into her, Olivia realised to her distress.

“No, it made me feel wonderful.” Imogen lifted her face and looked right into Olivia’s eyes. “I… came again.” Her face was flushed.

“Really?” Happiness filled Olivia’s insides.

“Yes.” Imogen laughed. “But you’re going to need to go out now.”

  Olivia pulled out and moved so she laid on her back. Imogen immediately came to her side and rested her head on Olivia’s shoulder. Their legs entwined and Imogen possessively snaked her arm across Olivia’s belly.

“This is awesome.” She sighed in contentment and Olivia could do nothing but agree.

She ran her fingers up and down Imogen’s back, revelling in the softness of her skin. If anybody had told her this morning that before the day was over she wouldn’t just be in a car accident, but more importantly, she would be lying naked and sated in Imogen’s bed, she wouldn’t have believed them. She didn’t think she would ever feel this happy or whole again.

She hugged Imogen closer.

“I hope this isn’t the only time we do this,” Imogen said and hid her face in Olivia’s side, her breath warm and ticklish.

“I don’t want it to be. Don’t worry.”

Imogen’s stomach growled before she had answered anything and they laughed together.

“I forgot about food.”

“Me too.” Olivia squeezed her side. “Must have been the shock.”

“Or the state of being horny.” There was laughter in Imogen’s voice and she hid her face even further.

Olivia burst out laughing. “That could definitely be the case. Do you want to go and eat now?”

“No.” She shook her head. “Who knows what will happen if we leave.”

Olivia knew what Imogen meant. Right now they were vulnerable together, their hearts beat as one and the outside world didn’t exist. Right now everything was perfect. The moment they left Imogen’s bed, reality would come knocking. Were they dating? Did Imogen want something serious? Something casual? Was Olivia her first woman? Did Imogen…

“Olivia? What’s wrong?” Imogen was leaning over her and her hand came up to smooth the creased line of Olivia’s forehead. “Whatever you’re thinking about, don’t. You look so serious.”

Olivia grabbed Imogen’s hand and brought her fingers to her lips.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ll try not to.”

“Good.” Imogen smiled. “So food, right? Because I want you again and I’m going to need some food first.”

Her words made Olivia chuckle again.

“Okay. Food first. Then more sex.”


* * * The following Monday afternoon * * *


 A knock on the door made Imogen look up from the myriad of papers on the desk. It was PTA season and she had plenty of things to prepare, being a kindergarten teacher didn’t make a difference. Dealing with parents wasn’t Imogen’s favourite activity and she was starting to feel slightly annoyed.

“I’m not disturbing am I?” Olivia was a welcome distraction.

“Of course not.” Imogen put her pen down and smiled widely. “Close the door?”

Olivia closed the door and came and gave her a sloppy and perfect kiss.

“When do you get off?” Imogen asked when their kiss finished.

“Not for another couple of hours.” Olivia looked serious for a moment. “I have an extra meeting about a troubled student, and before that I have the tenth graders.”


“No math.”

“Ah okay.” Imogen nodded. “Maybe I could make some dinner for you afterwards? If you’d like?” She didn’t mean to sound so hesitant. Having a girlfriend at work, or having a girlfriend at all, was definitely new territory for her. What she did know was that her afternoon and evening would be so much more dreary if she went home without Olivia.

“Of course I would like!” Olivia looked shocked that Imogen would even suggest anything different. “If you want we could go to my place this time. We can pop by the supermarket first.”

“See you by the entrance at five?” It would give Imogen adequate time to prepare most of the papers and also make a few phone calls. During the semester, a teacher never rested.

 Olivia nodded. The bell rang overhead.

“I have to go.” Olivia watched her in silent for a little bit.

“What is it? You have to go!” Imogen got up and gave her a playful shove towards the still closed door.

 “But how can I when you look so delicious?” Olivia grabbed Imogen’s arm and pulled her close, nipped at her ear and then whispered. “After we’ve eaten, I’m going to have you for dessert. I hope you know that.”

Imogen felt her cheeks heat and guinea pigs popcorning in her stomach.

“Is that so?” She tried to sound sultry and failing completely but she knew that Olivia didn’t mind.

“Yes it is.”

The second bell rang and Olivia let her go, her crooked smile holding a thousand secrets. Imogen wanted to know all of them.

“I’ll see you later.”

“That you will.” Imogen kept smiling for a long time even after Olivia had left. That you will.



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