On being a writer and wasting time


I don’t usually review books on this blog (even though this isn’t a proper review), unless I’m making my lists but this is too valuable not to mention. I’m talking of course about Time Management for Writers by Sandra Gerth.

I bought this on a whim. I have quite a tight budget at the moment and I try to save the money I can spend on frivolous things for lesfic novels because from time to time I really do need to read something new that has lesbians (latest novel I read was Good Enough to Eat by Jae and Allison Grey, no wait that’s not true, I also read Bitter Fruit by Lois Cloarec Hart).

Anyway, Time Management for Writers is absolutely awesome! I thought I managed my time well, but oh no, I really don’t. This also explains how Ms Gerth (writing as her alter ego Jae) manages to write two novels in the time I write one. The book gives a lot of concise advice and small exercises to perform after each chapter, everything to make us the best and most effective writers that we can be. To me some of the advice seemed rather extreme at first, e.g. not cooking every day but rather making more food from time to time and then rely on leftovers. But afterwards I started thinking. I write a lot, sure I do, but not nearly enough and not more than an hour or two per day. Which is ridiculous concidering how much time I spend on other things, including cooking (I spend a lot of time in the kitchen 😛 ), watching television, reading or even writing this blog post. This book has taught me to do better and I’m already seeing a change. I want writing to be my job and there is only one way forward.

And that’s why I wanted to tell you all about it. Writers, please read it, it’s for both newbies and people who have been writing for several years. It’s wholeheartedly recommended by yours truly.

…and now I’m going to take the lesson to heart and go and write. Oh wait, dog walk first. And then I need to make dinner. Wait, what did the book say again?



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