Analysis Paralysis

Writer’s block has hit me hard and in a way it never has before. I’ve spent the past two weeks feeling absolutely frustrated with myself and the world. Why can’t I write? Why can’t I even think of something to write? I thought I had an idea but I feel dissuaded. By myself mostly. There is so much I don’t know, so much I can’t do, so many reasons why my idea is a bad idea. What stories do I have to tell? What stories do I have to tell that haven’t been told a million times before?

So I tried to revise, write short stories, finish short stories, do anything that has to do with writing but not my new novel and I just can’t. I can’t focus. I can’t even start focusing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know why I think that writing was ever a good idea, then people will expect you to write. To deliver. When I wish I could just stop.

And then there is the absolute compulsion to write, weighing me down. The character screaming in my head needing to come out, out, out, but I don’t have a story for her. Not even a world. I don’t know where to put her.

What to do…


2 thoughts on “Analysis Paralysis

  1. Write because you want to write. Don’t worry about the rest of us. Hey, my favourite author stopped her trilogy two books in because she wasn’t in the right place to write it… that was in 1997. She went on to write other novels, and she’s just now coming back to write the third book almost 20 years later! The stories will come out when they’re ready, so just write whatever it is that comes to you. We can be patient.
    BTW, nice term 😉

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    • Thanks, I think it’s mainly over now and I know what to write again. Sometimes I just feel like I’d like to take several months off and I don’t think I can let myself. I’ll always be in the middle of it, and that’s a little bit stressful to think about. But I’m probably overreacting.

      And thank your wife for me 😉 , without the two of you I’d never have heard of that term. 😛 and it’s a very good term.

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