I like reading about lesbians part 2

I could talk forever about books that I have read and love. I like to share. This time however, I’d like to list the books I’m looking forward to read this term. As a teacher (and student) I don’t have much money during the summer, but since the term is starting on Monday I will soon be able to get new books again from time to time. Some of these books are not new and I know that. It’s just books I’m planning to buy and read before Christmas.

  1.  “Good enough to eat” by Jae and Alison Grey – this is suppose to be funny, it has vampire and it’s by Jae (partly). What could go wrong?
  2. “Lifeline” and Karma” both by Susan X Meagher and part of the “I found my heart in San Francisco” series. (Sorry. 😉 ) I’m just too invested in Jamie’s and Ryan’s life to stop now.
  3. “And once more saw the stars” by Rae D Magdon. I need to seriously catch up with this girl’s writing. She’s brilliant. I should to stop wasting my money on stuff like food and rent and instead just get the books of hers I haven’t read.
  4. All things rise” by Missouri Vaun. I’ve only heard good things about this book and the setting sounds awesome.
  5. “Next of kin” by Jae. Actually any book by Jae that I haven’t got on my shelf. But this one comes first.
  6. “The magic hunt” by L.L.Raand. This is part five of the “Midnight hunters” series and very high on my list. Why do all my favorite books have werewolves I wonder.
  7. “The muse” by Meghan O’brien. I haven’t read much on this book yet, but Meghan O’brien has never disappointed me yet.
  8. “Soul selecta” by Gill Mcknight. Sadly not werewolves, but like all books by Gill Mcknight I assume it’ll be witty, very funny and well worth reading.

Who knows if I’ll manage to get all of them before Christmas, but this is what I look forward to reading during the next couple of months. Do check them out, even though I haven’t read any of them yet I’m quite sure they are enjoyable reads.

But first comes university. I’m not presenting my master thesis tomorrow for nothing. At least it’s fitting that it’s on children and literacy.


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