Easy as ABC (short lesfic, erotica)

AN: This has a threesome, so don’t read if you don’t like. Also, beta read by a fellow writer, Deniz Pekin.

“Well that was fun.” Chell stretched her arms above her head as the last guest left, then she turned towards the Bonnie and Anya: actual hosts and her friends.  They were standing by the door of the only bedroom, Anya’s arm around Bonnie’s waist, like usual. They had been together for three years and Chell liked seeing them happy; they were her friends after all. And they had been sweet enough to offer her a place to sleep since they had known from the beginning that the party would stretch far into the night. It was now two in the morning and Chell was very grateful that she didn’t have to head out for the two hour ride back to her place.

“Want another drink?” Chell laughed at Anya’s proposal but nodded eagerly after a while. Why not? It wasn’t like she had somewhere to be in the morning. It was also never too late to have another one of Anya’s awesome mojitos and even though she “cheated”, Chell knew that Anya had gotten cocktail glasses with the recipe printed on them for her birthday, she still deserved the credit. They went into the kitchen and came out with drinks in hand, with an extra for Bonnie… who was nowhere to be seen.


“In here, babe.”

They went inside the bedroom where they found Bonnie spread out on the bed, belly-down, with a laptop in front of her. She sat up and eagerly received the extra drink that Chell had been carrying.

“I just couldn’t wait to check facebook,” she said, “but look what I found. Oscar just posted it.” She turned the screen towards Chell and Anya. It was an old photo with all three of them. Bonnie with her black curly hair, Anya just barely reaching her shoulder, with one arm around Bonnie and the other around Chell. Anya and Chell had been friends forever but that had been the first time Chell had met Bonnie, Anya’s new girlfriend. It had been almost five years since then, Bonnie was no longer Anya’s new girlfriend and they were fairly tight as a group.

Chell started laughing and leaned down at it to look closer.

“Gosh, we were babies.” She looked at herself in the photo. “I’m so happy I decided to grow my hair out.” Short hair had been nice too, but as she looked at her younger self she saw that the longer hair made her face looked thinner.

“Your arms look naked.” Bonnie grabbed a hold of Anya’s arms. Chell looked down and had to agree. Anya’s arms now sported several tattoos and in the picture they didn’t.

“Another definite improvement.” Chell had just meant to think it but the alcohol made her more talkative than usual. Anya chuckled and nodded as a thank you.

 Bonnie went up from the bed and went over to her cd-player to put some music on, Chell took her place on the bed, pulling the laptop closer. She clicked through the album, looking at the photos and laughing at how young they had once been.

A sound made her look up and she rolled her eyes at the duo on the armchair by the desk. Bonnie was sitting in Anya’s lap and they were making out eagerly, their drinks forgotten on the desk. Chell rolled her eyes but couldn’t help the smile that came to her lips. It was nice to see her best friends happy and in love.

“That’s not fair.” She smiled teasingly when her friends looked up at her. “Making out when I’m here all alone.” She winked at Bonnie’s slightly flushed face and then looked back towards the laptop, fixing her gaze on a photo of herself and Bonnie, fixing their hair in the same 80s style fashion for a party. Chell remembered that day, they had compared hair colors liking the stark difference between Bonnie’s black strands and Chell’s auburn.

She heard more kissing noises, and some whispers. Then one last kiss and the soft steps as Bonnie came closer. She put a hand on Chell’s lower back and stroked the exposed skin there. The touch was less than innocent, but usual for Bonnie who was quite touchy-feely and Chell tried to ignore the goosebumps she felt covering her skin.

“You’re not alone.” Bonnie kept moving her hand backwards and forwards. “You’re among friends.”

She leaned over Chell’s shoulder, pressing her t-shirt clad chest into Chell’s back as she did so.

“That’s a fun photo. I remember that.”

Chell made a surprised noise when Bonnie suddenly lifted one of her legs and sat down softly on Chell’s lower back, straddling her. She continued leaning forward and one of her hands came forward to click through the photos. Chell tried to act nonchalantly even as her heart beat a bit faster. The alcohol buzzed in her head and made her hyper aware of Bonnie’s body pressed against her own. She hoped that neither Bonnie nor Anya noticed.

 “You okay?” Chell shivered as Bonnie started stroking her fingers up and down Chell’s arm.

 “Yeah, I’m okay.” Chell felt her face heat up at how her voice was slightly husky. She swallowed. Bonnie chuckled, and blew some air over Chell’s ear. She was being overly seductive and Chell threw a questioning look at Anya who was still sitting on the chair by the desk. She looked very comfortable and threw a lazy smile in Chell’s direction.

 Bonnie regained her attention by flicking her tongue over Chell’s earlobe and then blowing over it again.

 “I want to fuck you.” Bonnie chuckled as she spoke and Chell could smell the alcohol on her breath. “We both do.” She ground herself gently into Chell’s back as if the movement needed to accompany the words. Chell pushed her legs together as if that would be enough to sooth the uncomfortable ache that was very present between her legs. She looked over at Anya again who squirmed in her seat and pulled her baggy trousers a bit lower as if she was uncomfortable too.

 Almost in unison Chell and Bonnie moved. Bonnie raised to her knees, allowing Chell to turn around while still staying between her legs. Soon she was on her back with Bonnie straddling her waist. Bonnie leaned down and captured her lips in a sloppy, but nice, kiss.

This is Bonnie. This is your friend. Her girlfriend, your best friend, is sitting right over there. What the hell is happening? Chell pushed all the awkwards thoughts away and opened her lips to let Bonnie enter her mouth with her tongue.

When they came apart to breathe, Chell couldn’t help but turn to look at Anya again. She had a very interested look on her face and one of her hands had come to rest on the inside of her own thigh.

Is this really happening? Chell felt dizzy with nervousness and arousal.

She pulled Bonnie with another kiss but Bonnie didn’t let her set the pace. She nipped at Chell’s bottom lip and then straightened her arms until she was towering over Chell. Her eyes were full of mischief and want. She was exactly like Chell would have imagined her to be, should Chell ever have wondered what Bonnie was like in bed.

 She was so hypnotized by the devious look in Bonnie’s eyes that she almost didn’t notice that Bonnie was using one of her hands to undo the buttons on Chell’s shirt. She wore no bra underneath, just a tanktop and when her shirt was undone, Bonnie just pulled part of the tank top out of the way, then she leaned down and flicked her tongue over Chell’s nipple.

Chell whimpered and pushed her head back into the mattress. Part of her still couldn’t believe that this was happening but nothing in her wanted to stop. She lifted her arms to pull Bonnie’s head up to be able to kiss her but Bonnie just pushed her arms over her head and then resumed kissing and licking Chell’s stiffening nipple.

Chell couldn’t help the whimpers that fell over her lips and she felt her face heat. She glanced at Anya who was now sighing deeply and she was palming herself through her trousers. Just the sight of it made Chell squeeze her legs together again, all too aware of the embarrassing amount of wetness she could feel painting her inner thighs.

 Bonnie didn’t let her think of it for much longer. She released Chell’s nipple with a pop and then dived in to devour her mouth again. They kissed deeply, Chell moaning into Bonnie’s mouth and she couldn’t bucking her hips, needing friction against something, anything. She could feel Bonnie chuckling, the vibration both soothing and embarrassing, but she was too aroused to care. Bonnie’s hand came to her knee, spread her legs and placed her own hips between Chell’s legs. Then she rocked into her, making Chell close her eyes and bite her bottom lip.

They kissed again, a hot kiss full of tongues, lips and teeth. As awkward as this could have been, Chell didn’t care. Instead she let her fingers linger on Bonnie’s lean arm and focused on how sweet Bonnie tasted and how arousing it was to know that Anya’s was watching them, leisurely stroking herself over her trousers.

Bonnie was clearly impatient and she tugged on the top of Chell’s trousers, trying to get them off. Chell lifted her hips and tried to not feel self conscious when Bonnie pulled off, not just her jeans, but also her underwear.

 She leaned back, pulled Chell up and then helped her off with the rest of her clothes. Soon Chell was completely naked, Bonnie leaning over her with a predatory look in her eyes. It was making her shiver despite the heat.

“Honey?” Anya’s voice made them both look up. She was looking at Bonnie until Bonnie nodded. She turned back to Chell and ran her fingers along the side of her face.

“You’re okay right?”

Chell nodded despite her pounding heart and dry mouth. When Bonnie leaned forward and kissed her again the dance was more gentle and she felt better. Anya came and sat next to them. It felt good to have her there; it gave Chell a level of security that she hadn’t had before.

Bonnie continued kissing her while Anya was stroking Bonnie over her back and pulling her fingers through her head. Then Bonnie left her lips and started kissing down Chell’s neck and chest. The fluttering kisses felt good and Chell’s eyes were threatening to close but she forced them to stay open. She looked at Anya.

 Anya looked so sexy, her pale skin slightly flushed, her dark hair falling forward and framing her face. Chell reached forward to wrap her fingers in that hair. Anya smiled and let herself be pulled forward when Chell tightened her grip. Their lips met, tentatively at first, carefully tasting each other.

“Fuck, you look so hot kissing each other.” Chell and Anya released each other and looked down at Bonnie who was now lying on her belly between Chell’s legs. “Feel free to continue that while I do this.” Then she leaned down and ran her tongue through Chell’s lips. Chell moaned and arched her back; then Anya captured her mouth again in a slow kiss.

 Bonnie was licking her with a fast intensity that threatened to steal Chell’s breath away, but Anya was there with her quiet calm, anchoring her and making her feel safe but so turned on that all she could do was let her friends play her body like an instrument.

Bonnie leaned back and blew cold air over Chell’s overheated flesh. She hummed when Chell whimpered. Anya made an answering sound and Chell looked up at her, Anya was naked now and looking increasingly uncomfortable. They looked lips again with Bonnie looking at them.

“You taste so sweet,” she murmured, then she dove in again. Chell was soon on edge but there was still something more she needed. As if Bonnie understood, she lifted one of her hands and entered Bonnie with two fingers. In the same time she tightened her lips around Chell’s painfully aroused clit. Chell came, screaming into Anya’s mouth and pulsing in Bonnie’s.

 Bonnie pulled back, leaving her warm space between Chell’s legs. She was the only one still dressed and Chell regarded as Anya reached for her girlfriend. Chell was still unable to move but she watched Anya and Bonnie kissing, feeling her clit tug at the thought that Bonnie’s lips probably tasted like her.

Anya helped Bonnie to get undressed and then pulled her to her lap. They were both sitting up and even though Chell couldn’t see the destination of Anya’s travelling hand she could guess the goal when she heard Bonnie’s breath hitch and a small moan escape her.

 Chell pulled herself to her side so that she could watch her friends better. They looked beautiful moving together, Anya holding one arm around Bonnie’s waist and the other one between Bonnie’s thighs. Chell wanted to join them. She wanted to be a part of that.

 Before she lost her courage, she got up and sat right behind Anya; cradling Anya’s ass with her pelvis. She stroked Anya’s back and then hugged her, kissing the top of her shoulders. She cradled one of Anya’s breast in one hand and then let her other travel down to the warm and wet place between Anya’s legs.

 She graced Anya’s clit with the tips of her fingers, reveling in the feeling of Anya bucking at the contact. Then she went lower and entered her, first with one finger, then two. The position was awkward and after just a few minutes, her wrist started to burn, but she couldn’t stop.

 Bonnie had started to moan rather loudly and was moving quickly, almost grinding herself on top of Anya’s hand, from what Chell could tell. This made Anya’s movements more desperate too. Chell closed her eyes and pressed the side of her face into Anya’s warm back. She couldn’t help but ground herself into Anya’s body, she wanted to feel Anya come on her hand. She needed it.

 Then it happened. Bonnie came first, falling forward and biting Anya’s shoulder, rather roughly from the look of it. Then the muscles around Chell’s fingers contracted and Anya groaned, the vibrations starting in her chest and moving upwards. Chell held on until Anya’s muscles stopped trembling and she was able to withdraw gently.

 She moved back and let her body fall down. She felt like laughing, she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

 Bonnie fell down next to her, her eyes closed and breathing deeply. Chell looked at her, then lifted her gaze to raise an eyebrow at Anya.

“Is she asleep?”

Anya chuckled, then she stroked Bonnie’s belly affectionately.

“That’s her. Alcohol, sex, then sleep.”

They chuckled together, then reality dawned on Chell and she smiled awkwardly.

“Eh, I should. Umm…” She felt to her embarrassment her face turning red again and she lowered her gaze. “I’m going to go to the sofa.”

“You okay?” Anya’s face was friendly, normal. “Do you need anything?” It made Chell feel better. It was good to know that nothing had changed. Anya was still her friend. Her best friend. She nodded.

“Yeah, I’m okay. I just need to sleep.” She chuckled. “See you for breakfast.” She leaned forward and pressed a final kiss to Anya’s cheek, hoping that it was okay. Anya just smiled and with one last friendly wink, Chell left the bedroom.


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