Unwritten perfection (short lesfic, erotica)

April took a strong grip around the armrest as the plane shook into movement and sped up, readying for flight. She didn’t hate flying, not really, but it was scary how the plane shook in the beginning. It was so easy to imagine it coming apart. If April concentrated she could see it happening. She could see the terrified faces around her, she could see the oxygen masks falling down, she could smell the burning metal in the air. She shook her head. Nothing happened. Within a few minutes the seat belt sign turned green and April got up to get her laptop. It was just two hours from London to Brussels, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t and shouldn’t get some writing done.

Words. I never had much more than words. Beautiful words. Happy words. Sad words. Ugly words. Lost words. Words for love. Words for hate. Words to cut, hurt and maim. I don’t know why the ugly words were easier, but they were. I spent my childhood never hearing the pretty ones. I couldn’t spell them. I couldn’t pronounce them. As an adult, I have heard them. And I can reproduce them, even when I don’t understand them. Even if I can never understand them.

She leaned back and frowned. What she had just written was absolute trash; she deleted it. She leaned back and looked out of the window for some inspiration. Since the majority of Europe seemed to be covered in heavy rain clouds there wasn’t much to see, so instead she focused on the strange shapes.

“So where are you going dear?” April turned towards the old lady that was sitting next to her.

“I’m going to visit… a friend.” April hoped that Christine, her editor and fellow author, didn’t mind being called her friend. They were friends, right?

“Ah that’s nice. I’m visiting my daughter and her husband.” April smiled at the woman, then she resumed looking out of the window. Usually she loved small talk, but today her whole body was filled with butterflies. She really couldn’t wait for the plane to land.

April and Christine had been emailing back and forth, ever since April had come out of her shell and started publishing her novels. She had needed a professional editor, Christine had been free and over the year a friendship had developed. And now they were going to meet face-to-face for the first time. It was an impromptu visit, April had been in need of a change of atmosphere and Christine had offered for April to come and stay with her for a couple of days. Even though it wasn’t planned, couldn’t help but feel like she’d been looking forward for this day for a very long time. She spent the rest of the flight looking out of the window and biding her time.

* * *

 Christine smiled as the man held open the door for her and entered the airport. It was only five minutes until April’s plane was scheduled to arrive, but because of baggage claims and queues and things like that, Christine felt pretty confident that she had plenty of time to waltz over to the cafe and grab two coffees to go. Coffee was definitely one of the things Christine and April had in common, one of the many things they had in common, despite their almost 12 year age difference.

Once she had two cups in her hands, she went towards the place where passengers from international flights come out. There were already people coming out and Christine tried to hide her excitement. She was just providing a friend with some change in scenery, nothing more. She kept scanning the crowd, looking for a slender figure in red jumper and jeans skirt, the clothes April had said that she would wear today. She smiled and waved as she finally saw April come towards her, all arms and legs and a big bush of blonde curly hair.



April stopped right in front of her and smiled so brightly that Christine didn’t know what to say at first. I’m so happy that you’re here seemed silly. Finally she snapped out of it.

“Let me take that,” she said and reached for April’s bag. Then she offered her one of the coffees. Together they went towards the exit to Christine’s waiting car.

“Did you have a nice trip?” Christine put April’s bag in the trunk and then they entered the car. It felt surreal to have April here.

“Yeah, it was good. I like flying.” She looked out of the window.

“Me too, last month I went to London for a few days. I’m not sure if I enjoyed the flight or the stay in London more.” April chuckled at that, but Christine found her face heating. That had to be the stupidest thing she’d ever said.

* * *

April wanted to laugh again. Christine was just too cute. She was just April’s type too, with shoulder length light brown hair, glasses and very gentle eyes behind them. April just needed to remember that she needed to stay professional. They were friends, sure, but mainly they had a professional relationship. And April didn’t want to make things weird between them. Either way it probably didn’t matter. Christine was an adult woman and probably only dated other adults and not April who felt like a child next to her.

“I haven’t been to London,” she said. “Was it nice?”

“Yes. It was very good.” Christine smiled. “I was mainly stuck in a conference, but I got to see the Tower of London and some sightseeing.”

“Sounds good.”

“Yeah, it was.” Christine cleared her throat. “Speaking of that, is there anything specific you want to do while you are here?”

“Not really,” April answered. “I want to take it easy. Write a lot I suppose.” She hadn’t thought about it. All she had focused on was on meeting Christine in real life, seeing where she lived, where she wrote. Especially where she wrote.

“That’s good.” Christine accelerated as they drove onto the highway. “I’m wrapping up my own novel at the moment, so I write for most of the day. Also have some editing to do.”

“I’m curious about the novel you’re working on,” April said and looked at Christine.

“Well, it’s not part of my Lost wind series.” Christine drove off of the highway. “It’s contemporary romance. With an adventurous twist.”

“Sounds good.”

Silence fell between them and they stayed silent until Christine drove into a driveway and stopped the car.

“We’re already here?”

“Yes.” They simultaneously unbuckled their seatbelts. “Only twenty minutes between me and the airport. I love it.”

They got out of the car, got April’s bags, and went into the building.

Christine’s apartment was just like April had always imagined it. Warm and inviting. As she took off her shoes and walked further in she could see that it was quite big for a two-bedroom apartment. It had a large combined kitchen and living room, and three doors on the right which were probably the two bedrooms and a bathroom. As she walked farther into the living room she could see the book case that was a mess of books lying in every direction. Christine must have seen where her gaze was and produced a small chuckle.

“I tend to flip through my books often and when I’m done with them I don’t always put them back in the proper place.”

“Don’t worry, I do the same.” April smiled.

“Well,” Christine said and opened one of the doors, “this is the bathroom, and this,” she opened another door, “this is where you’ll be staying.” They went inside together.

It was clear that the guest bedroom was mainly used as a writing studio. A small bed was to the side but otherwise the room was occupied by a big desk with a desktop computer standing on top of it. The walls were covered with pictures featuring the covers of Christine’s novels and anthologies. April couldn’t help but stare at them a little.

“It’s not a problem that I’m sleeping in here, is it?” She asked after a while. “I don’t want to come and just take over your office.”

“No, no, don’t worry,” Christine said, “I might come in here and write sometime during the day, but we can write in here at the same time or if you feel like being alone I can write on my laptop in the kitchen. Are you hungry?”

“A little.” April put the bag on the bed. “Think I can take a shower? I’ve been on the road since four this morning.”

“Of course.” Christine went to a cabinet and got out a big fluffy towel and handed it to April. “I’ll be in the kitchen.” She left, leaving April to look at her back.

* * *

Christine started making an omelette as the water in the bathroom started running. She tried not to imagine April, standing in Christine’s bathroom, with her clothes off. Letting the water run down her body, taking up the bottle of soap… skin glistening in the… snap out of it! Christine shook her head. She had promised herself that she wouldn’t think such thoughts while April was there. Her little infatuation was stupid anyway. And unprofessional. And April didn’t need that right now. April needed rest.

The sound of water stopped and after a little while, Christine heard approaching footsteps. She smiled when her friend entered the kitchen. Her friend. Not future girlfriend. Friend. She turned around and immediately wished she hadn’t. April looked adorable in jeans with no socks, a loose-fitting tank top and her hair wet and messy.

“The shower was awesome, thanks.”

“It’s no problem. I hope you’re hungry.”

They sat down together by the table and ate in silence. It was a bit awkward, Christine had to admit. Since they had only spoken by Skype, emails and once on the phone before this, it was bound to be awkward. Christine just hoped that they would get over it soon.

Once they had finished eating, April insisted on doing the dishes and Christine got her laptop to get some writing done. She could have gone into her office and sat at the desk but she found that writing with April near was quite soothing. The words came easier with sounds in the background and there was nothing more inspiring that looking up and seeing April’s back… and what a shapely backside it was… Oh dear god. This had been a very bad idea.

“I think I’ll do some writing too.” April disappeared and then came back carrying her laptop. “You can use your office if you need.”

“No, I…” Christine bit her lip, unsure if she should tell the truth. “I think it’ll be nice to write side by side, if you don’t mind?”

April looked surprised and pleased. She nodded.


* * *

April felt ridiculous. She should never have come here. She was sitting just a meter away from Christine working. Writing. Part of her was elated because this was her friend, Christine, who she’d wanted to meet for a long time, the other part of her was fangirling so hard she wanted to fall over. She’d been reading and loving Christine’s novels for years. The situation was surreal. That she was here, working on her own fourth novel just added to it. She opened her laptop and tried to focus.

“Surreal. Pathetic. Sad. Lovely. Beautiful,” Leslie wasn’t a lover of words, but even she couldn’t deny the…

Christine got up to get a glass of water and April couldn’t help but follow every single movement. It was good that she was just staying there for a couple of days, otherwise she would get too behind. Christine was too gorgeous to be around.

* * *

I think I might actually survive this, Christine thought as they entered the house that night They had kept writing during the day and then they had gone out to have dinner with some of Christine’s friends. Despite the dizzying and confusing attraction Christine felt, the night had gone by calmly with a lot of laughs, good food and alcohol. April had had a couple of drinks too and her movements had gotten a little bit slower, otherwise she seemed normal.

“Do you want a cup of tea?” Christine felt like it was her job to make sure that April went to bed hydrated.

“Sure,” April said. She rubbed her eyes with her knuckles. “Something sweet.”

Christine chuckled.

“Strawberry tea? I’ll put some honey in it too.” Christine bit her tongue before adding the completely cheesy comment that April already was sweet enough. They sat down at the table with their teas. She tried not to be distracted when April’s raspberry lips blew on the hot tea.

Their gazes connected and while Christine looked on, April’s face turned a deep shade of crimson.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel ill?”

She shook her head.

“No, I…” She averted her gaze. “Christine, I… Am I…? You…”

Christine’s heart started beating faster, loud enough that she worried that April would hear it.

“What is it?”

April lifted her gaze again, her eyes big enough to light up not just Christine’s kitchen but also her soul.

“Am I crazy?” April’s voice had turned into a whisper. “Do you feel this too? Or is it just me that’s…”

Christine stared at her, open mouthed. She let two heart beats pass, then she got up, walked to the other side and without saying anything, leaned down and captured April’s lips in a kiss. April let out a surprised whimper, but then her mouth melted against Christine’s.

No dreams could have prepared Christine for this moment, no dreams could have prepared her for the sweet decadence of April’s lips or how warm her tongue was against hers. Her body was on fire and when a shy hand came to rest on her bare neck, Christine thought she would melt. They continued kissing until they had to come apart for air.

April’s face was still flushed, but the confusion was out of her eyes and there was a shy smile on her mouth.


Christine pressed a quick kiss on the top of her nose.

“What, sweet girl?”

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a really long time.” April’s words made Christine happier than she could express.

“Me too.” Christine was almost a bit ashamed of how breathless she sounded.

“Really?” April’s smile grew wider.


They came together again, kissing deeply. Kissing was awesome but Christine wanted more, she wanted to feel and see all of April. Without thinking she left April’s lips and nipped her way along April’s jaw and down her neck.

“I want you.” April’s words were spoken with a strength and surety that made Christine pulse.

She leaned back so their gazes could lock again.

“I want you too.”

April smiled shyly.

“Not just for tonight.” She bit her bottom lip, almost hypnotizing Christine until April’s words had sunk in. She couldn’t help but smile widely.

“That…” she sighed deeply as if almost gasping for air, “…can be arranged.”


April stood up and grabbed Christine’s hand.

“Lead me to the bedroom.”

Christine whole body was trembling and her palms felt sweaty. She was definitely not going to survive this.

* * *

They didn’t take their clothes off right away, instead they laid down on the bed together, side by side, facing each other. April was running her fingers through Christine’s hair, smiling at the little humming sounds that she released from time to time. She was clearly enjoying the attention which made April only want to continue. She wanted to make Christine feel good.

She leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Christine’s temple. She left her mouth next to her ear.

“Sometimes I liked knowing that we had read the same novels.” Christine opened her eyes to look at her, so April kept talking. “I liked knowing that we had read the same sex scenes. I sometimes wondered if the same parts turned us on.” She bit her lip again and Christine’s breath hitched. She curled her fingers on the back of Christine’s head and pulled their faces together. This time their kiss was hurried, desperate and very, very sexy. It was lucky that they were already lying down because April knew that her legs were not working anymore.

She rolled on top of Christine and pressed down with her knee, revelling in the moan that Christine let out and how she bucked her hips. Her hands came up to grip April’s hips and pulled her harder down. With their clothes still on, they moved against each other, neither of them present enough to stop and get their clothes off. It was only when Christine groaned and her fingers flexed on April’s hips, April knew she had to stop. She didn’t want their first time to be hurried and above the clothes.

“Wait, Christine, don’t come yet, I want to see you first.”

Christine tore her face away from sucking on April’s neck and looked up at her, her gaze so adorably confused that April almost let her continue but then the thought of feeling skin under her fingertips overcame her.

“I want to touch you,” Christine whispered, leaning up and letting her teeth scrape over April’s earlobe. And suddenly April wanted Christine to see her as much as she wanted to see Christine. She wanted to touch and to be touched. Love and to be loved. Christine’s eyes were shining with need and April couldn’t believe that it was directed at her.

“You’re so beautiful.”

* * *

Christine couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. Her body was buzzing with adrenaline, she could never remember feeling more alive than she did just now. Her heart fluttered like a captive bird as their lips met again, slower this time, and April’s hands came up to undo the buttons of her shirt. Her hands were trembling and when Christine properly looked at her she realised that April was looking a little bit overwhelmed. Christine stopped her hands with a gentle movement.

“You okay?”

April nodded.

“I’m just…” she sighed deeply. Christine caught her lips in another kiss. Slow and sweet and very deep.

“You know we don’t have to do anything, right?” It was important that April knew it.

“I want to.” Her smile was small and hopeful. She undid the rest of Christine’s buttons and pressed her hand to the revealed skin underneath.

“Let’s get the rest of our clothes off, okay?” She pressed a quick kiss to April’s nose. They shed their rest of the clothes and then came together again on top of the bed. Christine had sobered up and this time she took charge, moving on top of April and pressing down.

They kissed for a long time, just tasting each other and revelling in the moment. April tasted perfect and the feeling of her stiff nipple under Christine’s palm was divine. An idea sprung up in her mind and she gripped April’s shoulder gently.

“May I?” She said and pushed on April’s shoulder until April moved to be on her belly underneath Christine. “Is this okay?”

“More than okay.” April ground her ass into Christine’s groin, making Christine groan and she thrust her hips into April. She placed her hands on April’s hips and pulled upwards until she was on fours.

“Still okay?”

April nodded her head forceful enough to make her blond curls dance, then a whimper escaped her as Christine slipped one of her hands across April’s stomach and downwards until she cupped her between her legs. It was Christine’s time to moan.

“You are so wet.”

April hummed in reply and pressed down on Christine’s hand.

“So swollen.” April’s flesh was incredibly slick and warm and Christine couldn’t help but press forward with her fingers. They moaned in unison as Christine entered her with a finger.

“Unwritten perfection.” The words had escaped Christine without her meaning to and when April hummed something, Christine quickly said “Nothing”. She focused on the sensation on her fingers and every place where their bodies touched. She moved slowly at first and then a bit faster, April’s muscles were clutching at her and the sounds that April was producing was more than encouraging.

“One more fing-…” Christine didn’t let April finish the sentence before pulling out and then returning with two. After a little while she pulled out and returned with three. She went gentler this time to make sure that April was okay but when all April did was fall forward and whimper loudly, Christine knew she was okay. She moved her thumb and put it on top of April’s clit.

“Christine, I’m not… I’m not…” April’s voice was strangled and whatever it was that she was trying to say were lost as the muscles around Christine’s fingers contracted and April moaned loudly into the mattress underneath her.

Christine kept up the gentle movements for a little while and then she withdrew slowly. She helped April down on her side since her legs seemed frozen.

“Are you okay?”

April nodded, breathing heavily and her eyes closed. Christine kissed her eyelids and chuckled.

“You sure?”

April sighed contently and smiled.

“I think my career as a writer is over.” She opened her eyes.


April leaned forward and kissed her.

“I have no words left.” A mischievous gleam appeared in her eyes. “What I do have is energy.” With that she placed her hand on Christine’s shoulder and pushed her over.

* * *

A few hours later they were sated and content, April resting her head on top of Christine’s shoulder. April felt tired but also giddy in a way she couldn’t explain. She knew Christine was the reason though. She smiled and pressed a quick kiss on the skin under her mouth.

“Should we sleep now?” Christine yawned.

“My old lady,” April said affectionately and giggled. “But sure, we can sleep, for a few hours anyway. Then I want you again.”

“You’ll be my death.”


“But I’ll die happily.”

April lifted her head and looked at Christine.

“And that’s all anyone can ever ask for.”

They kissed one last time and then Christine closed her eyes. After just a little while Christine’s breathing evened and her facial features relaxed completely. April watched her for a little while, then she got up and went through the flat completely naked, in search of her laptop. She was fluttering with unused energy and was going to use it to get some writing done. Once she had located her laptop by the kitchen table, she brought it back into the bedroom; she crawled back into the bed next to Christine. Then she placed her laptop on her lap, opened it and for the first time that day, her words came out easily.

Thanks to K over on Lilacletters for beta reading! 


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