Patient zero

It’s kind of ironic how after I send “State of emergency” (my novel about an epidemic) to the publisher, I get all the symptoms. I must be patient zero. 😛

Like my beta reader said: “Evacuate Sweden!”

Jokes aside, I’m done with “State of emergency” for now. I’m also done with the planning for my next novel, “Out of hand” that I want to start seriously writing on as soon as I get better. I really can’t wait to start that one. It has a romance between two women who meet under very bad circumstances and hate each other in the beginning. What’s not to love with that? 😛 Or at least I hope so… I’ll make it work. It’s also very different from “State of emergency” which is good. I really need to write something different after working on that for almost two years.

Might have a short story or two to be posted here as well in the near future.

But the number one thing I need to concern myself with right now is getting well again. I really, really hate being ill.


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