Happy birthday Samantha (free lesfic short story (erotica) )

Happy birthday, Samantha!” Sam looked up from her place by the desk. She was still new enough to not know the woman’s name, even less how her co-worker could have known it was her birthday.

Thank you,” she said, only quickly glancing up from her computer screen hoping that it wouldn’t be taken as an invitation for further conversation. It didn’t work.

So, do you have any grand plans after work today?” The woman came into her office and walked right up to Sam’s desk. “I know you’re new to London, so me and some of the guys were thinking that we could take you out.” Sam resisted the urge to growl at the woman to leave. She didn’t want to celebrate her birthday, and definitely not with this woman.

Actually,” she said, trying to sound as polite as possible, “I’m kind of tired, I was looking forward to just going home, taking a bubble bath and drinking some wine.” The woman looked as shocked as if Sam had told her the sun had stopped shining.

Well,” Sam’s co-worker said, “it’s your own choice of course, but I think we could have a good time.”

I’m sure we could,” Sam said, “but I also have a lot of people to call, and…”

Ah,” the woman replied before letting Sam finish, “say no more. I understand.” She winked at Sam, making her wonder what the co-worker thought she had understood.

Wha-?” Sam started to say but then another one of her co-workers stuck his head through her doorway.

Samantha, what are you still doing here?” Sam almost groaned out loud.

I’m working,” she said, “the thing you pay me for.”

You Americans are always such workaholics,” the man said, “it’s your birthday! No one expects you to stay at the office past five on your birthday!” Sam didn’t know which part to respond too. Americans are always workaholics? Who had told them it was her birthday? What did the woman think she had meant? She gave up.

Well, I’ll pack up and go home then, thank you,” she said even though she would regret not finishing her report later. This just wasn’t her day.

Sam missed her old work back home in the US. As cool as living in London could be, it just wasn’t the same. She even missed the stupid pranks they used to play on each other. But more than anything else, she missed Maura.

Sam had just put her dinner in the microwave when she took out a bottle of wine to let it breathe. She hadn’t been serious when saying that all she wanted to do was take a bath and drink wine but the plan looked better and better. She scowled at the calendar that hung on her fridge. She didn’t want to be reminded that it was April. That meant she hadn’t seen Maura for four months. Four months without kisses, hugs and Maura’s laugh.

Sam went to the bathroom and turned the water on to fill the tub. She left the tap running and went back into the kitchen to pour herself a generous glass of wine. She had just taken a sip when her doorbell rang. It was probably one of her annoying neighbours, or even aggravating co-workers to again wish her a happy birthday. She went to the door with tired steps, and opened it.

Sam had never liked her birthday. She didn’t understand the point at all or why people celebrated past 21. So why did she feel like she had just received the most lovely birthday present ever? Maura was standing in front of her. Maura with her brown curly hair, blue eyes and usual pencil skirt and shirt. Judging by the way she was dressed, she must have left for Britain straight from the office. Sam realised that she hadn’t said anything for probably a minute and she stood to the side, letting Maura enter.

What are you doing here?” She asked, her mouth slightly open. Maura laughed gently, grabbed Sam’s glass and took a sip from it before putting it on the nearest surface.

You’re not happy to see me?”

Of course I’m happy to see you,” Sam said, “I mean, I’m…” She didn’t manage to say anything more as Maura finally dropped her bag and threw her arms around Sam’s neck. They hugged, Sam almost whimpering at the contact. She had missed Maura so much. Then it got even better as Maura leaned back and searched for Sam’s lips with her own. Maura’s lips were just as soft as Sam remembered them.

Hi,” Maura said when they pulled back a little bit.

Hi,” Sam replied with a chuckle. They released each other and Sam watched as Maura reached for her glass again and took another sip.

Sorry, I’m just so surprised,” Sam said, “what are you doing here? What about work?”

Work can manage without me for a bit,” Maura said, “it’s your birthday. It’s supposed to be spent with your near and dear, and I consider myself both. Plus I brought you something.” She turned around and opened her bag. After looking around for a bit, she returned and handed Sam a rectangular box. The look on her face was both coy and teasing at the same time, and Sam started worrying about what Maura had brought her.

You look at that,” Maura said, “I’m going to go and inspect the premises.” Sam nodded while mindlessly inspecting the box.

Hey, can you turn off the bathwater?” She called out as she opened it, “I think I left it… oh!” She lifted her eyebrows in surprise. Maura came back into the room.

Well,” Sam said, looking up at Maura, “it’s nice that I no longer need to feel bad for not getting you anything. Clearly, there is something you want from me.”

And something that I hope you’ll want to give,” Maura said and smiled, but Sam could see the insecurity in her eyes. She looked down at the box again. The object within was familiar; it was long, plastic, and tan coloured. Oh Sam knew what it was. They hadn’t used one before, but the idea wasn’t foreign to her. Still, she couldn’t help but tease Maura a little bit.

What is this?” She asked.

It’s something I thought we could use,” Maura said, her eyes wide and her cheeks red, “to celebrate your birthday.”

You know I don’t care about my birthday,” Sam said, her tone of voice almost reprimanding.

Maura giggled, the sound sending goose bumps down Sam’s spine. She wanted to be with Maura, she really did. She wanted to give Maura the world. To get reacquainted after being apart for so long. But she really wasn’t sure she could do this. To hide her insecurity, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against Maura’s. She wanted it to be harsh and intense, but instead her lips melted as soon as they touched. Maura whimpered and Sam felt herself grow wet.

You really want this?” Sam asked, unable to hide her eagerness. Maura nodded.

I want you.” The words were simple, but they got Sam’s attention. “I’ve missed you so much. And I’ve been dreaming about you taking me like this for a long time.” She looked up at Sam with pleading, needy eyes. Sam was almost convinced, but then Maura did something that pushed her over the edge. She got up on the tips of her toes and pressed a swift kiss to Sam’s lips. Then she placed her lips close to Sam’s ears.

Make me yours,” she whispered, “I need you. Please fuck me.” Maura was blushing so much now, the taint spreading from her cheek and down her modest cleavage. Sam wanted to follow that blush with her tongue. But she also knew Maura; she could see the weariness in her eyes and the crease in her forehead. The time apart had clearly been as hard on Maura as it had been on her. Sam knew what Maura needed, and she was going to do her best to give it to her. She took hold of Maura’s hand and then led her to the bedroom.

* * *

Before Maura knew what was happening, Sam had stopped kissing her, spun her around and pressed her against the wall. Maura whimpered when she felt Sam’s chest press against her back. Their usual routine had been soft and slow, but tonight called for something different. Both of them knew that.

Are you sure teasing me was a good idea?” Sam’s breath was hot in Maura’s ear and the words themselves even hotter. “You’ve been teasing me too much. You’ve been so far away. Sending me photos and little messages. That’s not okay.” Her voice was low, and the tone made Maura burn inside. She wanted to yield, submit, bend over the bed and hope that Sam knew what to do. But she still had her pride. And she wanted to taunt Sam a little bit.

I have no idea what you mean,” she purred and tried to turn around, but Sam captured her hands and pressed them over hear head, trapping her against the wall. “You left. I didn’t.”

But you let me,” Sam said, nipping at Maura’s neck between words, “ and you didn’t come with me. You didn’t ask me to stay. I think you know exactly what I mean.” Maura wasn’t sure how many of Sam’s words were part of their scene and how much was truth. Being apart had been horrible, and the thought of leaving again made her heart ache.

Sam started licking down the length of Maura’s neck, igniting her and making her forget about her gloomy thoughts. The touch was electric and when Sam loosened some of the hold she had on Maura’s wrist, Maura spun around and crashed their lips together. She put her arms around Sam’s neck and pulled her closer.

I want to be yours,” Maura said when their lips came apart, both of them gasping for air, “just for a little bit, I need…”

You are mine,” Sam said, “you’ve always been mine. Even when we’re almost 4000 miles apart you are still mine.”

Maura couldn’t help but smile in relief. Sam always knew what to say. She couldn’t wait anymore. She grabbed hold of Sam’s black hair and pulled her back for a scorching kiss. She must have pulled on Sam’s hair too hard, because Sam grunted and then pushed Maura against the wall and rocked into her. They moved desperately against each other for a few minutes, they just couldn’t help it. When they came to their senses and they slowed down, Sam let her head fall on Maura’s shoulder. She was breathing hard and when Maura pulled her fingers through Sam’s hair, the strands were a bit damp.

Are you okay?” She whispered.

Yeah,” Sam said, “I just… it’s been so long, I…” She made a noise that almost sounded like a sob.

It’s okay,” Maura said, “I missed you too. I’m here now.” Maura knew what Sam was feeling. Part of her still couldn’t believe that she had quit her job the day before, but here in Sam’s arms, she knew it had been the right decision. If they could just be together, all other pieces would fall into place on their own.

They went towards the bed together, eagerly pulling at each other’s clothes. When Maura went down on her knees and pulled Sam’s trousers and underwear off, she couldn’t help but press a kiss at the juncture of Sam’s thighs. When a whimpering sound escaped her lover, Maura dived forward, reaching with her tongue and fervently searching for Sam’s clit. She didn’t just want to make Sam feel good, she was also eager to reconnect on the most basic level. Sam moaned above her, making Maura lap at her faster. She dug deeper with her tongue, wanting more of Sam. The woman above her started squirming.

Maura, sweetheart,” Sam said, “please, just… wait. Wait!”

Maura lifted her head, her bottom lip glistening.

What is it?”

This is not what you want,” Sam said, “and it’s not what I want either.” Maura knew what Sam meant but she almost didn’t want to stop. She pressed one last kiss to the black curls and then got up from her position on the floor. She sat down on the bed while Sam went to get the package that was still in the other room. In their excitement they had forgotten it. Instead of coming right back to the bedroom, however, Sam went into the bathroom without saying a word.

After a few minutes, Sam came back to the bedroom, now with an addition between her legs and a harness keeping it in check. Sam smirked a bit when she saw Maura’s face. Maura was proud of that smirk even as it made blood rush to her face and her knees a bit weaker. A few years ago, Sam would have never displayed such prowess and cockiness in the bedroom. Maura felt lucky that she was the one that Sam felt this confident and comfortable with.

Sit down,” Maura said and patted the bed next to her. But as Sam came closer, her skin glistening and her face a vision of happiness, Maura changed her mind. She stood up, fell to her knees on the floor and grasped the shaft of the toy. With Sam’s eyes burning on the top of her hair, Maura leaned forward and put the tip of the toy in her mouth. This wasn’t something they had discussed before, but for Maura it felt natural, even desirable. And with the way Sam’s thighs were trembling and the whimper that left her mouth, it seemed like she enjoyed it too. Maura released the toy just long enough to lead Sam to the bed and motion for her to sit down. Then Maura kneeled on the floor and once again put her lips around the toy. She swirled her tongue around the tip and then tried to take more of it into the mouth. She wanted so badly to make Sam feel good.

Fuck,” Sam said, more than a little bit breathless, “I feel… like…Maura!” Her hips twitched under Maura’s hands, like she was fighting to not pump into Maura’s mouth.

Maura looked up at her with the toy still in her mouth. She released it. Gave it a lick.

Want to come in my mouth?”

Sam’s eyelids fluttered closed, her jaw flexed and then relaxed. Her fingers twitched upon the bed.

I do, but… this wasn’t…”

Maura shushed her, gave the toy another lick.

I want to do this for you,” she said. Sam opened her eyes again, looked at Maura and then nodded quickly. Her breathing sped up as Maura resumed her task. A smile tugged on Maura’s lips even around the toy, as a hand came to rest on her head, first gently, then more forcefully. Sam moaned, cursed, and then started to thrust her hips a little bit. Tentatively first, then more energetically. It was almost overbearing, but Maura closed her eyes, relaxed and focused on the irresistible, needy sounds that Sam was making and the wetness that was gathering between her own legs. The thrusts stopped suddenly, and Sam’s legs went rock hard, she groaned low and the grip on Maura’s hair became almost painful.

Maura was almost tempted to reach down between her own legs, but resisted. Instead she released the toy and looked up at Sam. She could feel that her lips were puffy and realized that they were probably red. Sam’s eyes were glazed over and her breath was coming out in short puffs of air. Maura wanted to tease her, laugh with her, revel in the feeling that no one else would get to see Sam like this. But more than anything, she wanted Sam to fuck her.

I’m not done yet,” Sam said, her voice low and throaty.

Good.” Maura smiled. She gave a last kiss to the tempting toy near her mouth, then she got up in one fluid movement and threw herself over Sam and straddled her. Her core was close to the toy now and she was pulsing so badly she feared she might come as soon as Sam entered her.

Sam placed her hands on the top of Maura’s hips, massaging her hipbones. Maura tilted her head back and moaned; Sam’s hands felt so warm and so right on her skin. Then Sam let her fingers dance over Maura’s skin, dip lower and glide between her lips, into the wetness she found there.

What have we here?” Sam said, “you’re really ready for me, aren’t you?” Maura shuddered. Sam let her fingers hover on either side of Maura’s lips and held her open. Maura couldn’t help how her hips rocked forward and she threw her arms around Sam’s shoulders.

Yes.” She shuddered on top of Sam. “Please, I need you so badly. I need you, I need…” Her words turned into a whimper as Sam placed the toy at her opening.

God I need to have you,” Sam said and started pushing upwards. Maura was plenty wet, but the toy was still bigger than anything she had taken before. She reached down to touch her clit at the same time, to help her stop tensing.

It’s just me,” Sam said, out of breath, “let me be inside you.”

Maura couldn’t help it, she completely melted. She loved this. How it felt, the all-consuming stretch. She let herself sink down on the toy, sighing and whimpering at the different sensations. There were no other thoughts in her head in that moment. Just Sam taking her. Having her. Loving her.

My little girl,” Sam purred in her ear as the toy finally went all the way in, “you feel so good.” Maura couldn’t answer, she just shuddered as their pelvises aligned. It was overwhelming. But when Sam just continued stroking her back, Maura couldn’t wait anymore. She started rising and lowering without Sam’s help, a bit slow and careful at first, shuddering on every down stroke.

Oh Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, please, please, please,” Maura pleaded, not even sure what she was asking for. She just knew that she couldn’t stop. She fell forward and placed a non-too gentle bite on a pale shoulder. She couldn’t believe that anything could feel so good. They’d only been going at it for a few minutes and it already felt like she was ready to burst. When Sam tightened her grip on Maura’s hips and started thrusting upwards more forcefully, Maura felt the first tremors.

I’m going to come,” she whimpered, “if you continue, I… won’t have any choice.” She had barely finished talking before she flew over the edge. Her muscles clamped down around the toy and she fell forward, mumbling Sam’s name over and over as the waves kept crashing over her. Sam held her close but didn’t let her rest soon before sweeping the hair out of Maura’s face.

I’m still not done,” Sam said, her voice gentle, “is that okay?”

Maura had no words, but she managed to nod. A surprised sound escaped her when Sam took a stronger hold of her and then rolled them around until Maura was on her back in the middle of the bed.

Maura had felt sated, but when Sam started moving again, her body eagerly and greedily accepted it. With Sam on top, the feelings were different, but still wonderful. Maura felt safe underneath Sam. Safe and vulnerable, protected and desired. Their gazes met, Sam’s eyes darker than Maura had ever seen them before.

I’m… fuck… I’m…” Sam’s breath was ragged. Sweat trickled down her face and Maura had a sudden urge to catch the drops with her tongue.

I want you to come,” Maura said, “I want to feel you. See you.” Maura screamed as Sam bit down on her shoulder and her hips pumped hard between her legs. Sam’s hands clamped down on Maura’s waist, more out of desperation than a need to dominate. Eventually she slowed down with a shudder. Maura could feel Sam pulsing, all down the length of the toy, and that set her off. This time it was explosive, and Maura cried out through the pleasure pain.

* * *

Sam felt wonderful. She had missed Maura for so long, and now that she finally had her back, she didn’t think that she could ever let her go again. She wanted to stay on top of the sweet smelling woman that was the love of her life forever and keep her from leaving ever again. But hearing Maura whimper weakly brought her back to reality. She reluctantly pulled out and sat back on her heels; she spread Maura’s legs to inspect.

Are you okay?” She asked, “I wasn’t too rough, was I?” Maura sat up, wincing visibly. Sam knew her body enough to tell that she was sore, and she wouldn’t have Maura denying it. Sam just hoped that it had been worth it.

No,” Maura said in a gentle voice, “you weren’t too rough. You were wonderful.” She reached out and stroked Sam’s cheek and then pulled her in for a kiss.

Want a bath?” Sam suggested, “I was preparing one before you showed up.”

That sounds lovely,” Maura said, making a grimace as she scooted towards the end of the bed. “I think the hot water will feel absolutely perfect.” Sam gathered their clothes and threw the pile on the comfy chair in the corner, then she waltzed in the bathroom with the biggest smile on her face.

We need to get some dinner too,” she called out from the bathroom as she turned on the water again and then poured in some lavender oil. “I mean, you’re staying for dinner right?” Maura came into the bathroom, pulling her brown curls up in a messy bun on top of her hair.

Of course,” she said, and blew a kiss in her direction, “and if you let me, I’ll stay for breakfast, too.”

When the tub was filled and the water was the right temperature, Sam sat down in the water and waved for Maura to sit in front of her. When Maura placed herself there, Sam pulled her against her chest and hugged her tightly.

Mmm, this is exactly where you’re supposed to be,” she said and pressed a kiss to Maura’s damp neck.

I know,” Maura replied sleepily. She yawned and then chuckled. “You really wore me out you know.”

You think you’re tired?” Sam asked, “I was under the impression that I did all the work.” Maura splashed some water at her. Sam grabbed a hold of her arms and held her as she playfully struggled.

I’m so happy you’re here,” Sam said, “that was…”

I know,” Maura said, “it was worth every minute of that dreadful flight.” She whimpered lightly as Sam, unable to resist, pinched a soft nipple under the water.

You can stay for a couple of days right?”

I can stay for more than a couple of days,” Maura said cryptically, placing her hand over Sam’s and pressing it harder against her breast. She sighed happily.

I missed you so much,” Sam said, “and I’m so glad you came. I don’t ever want you to leave again.” She pulled her other arm tighter around Maura’s waist. “As much as I usually dislike my birthday, this was a pretty good one.”

So you liked your present?” Maura said with a giggle.

More than anything,” Sam said, “well, maybe not anything. I love you.” She buried her nose in the back of Maura’s hair, inhaling deeply.

I love you too,” Maura said, her voice full of emotion, “I love you so much. I would never have missed your birthday.” She turned around in the bath, lying between Sam’s legs. Their lips met in a tender kiss.

How is possible that I can still want more of you?” Sam whispered when they came apart. Maura pressed a quick kiss to her nose.

I think it’s only natural, darling,” she said and placed another kiss on Maura’s lips, “luckily you can have as much of me as you want.”

Not really,” Sam said, her face frowning, “you have to go back soon, don’t you?”

Actually,” Maura said, her eyes twinkling, “I can stay for pretty long.” They sat up, Sam not even daring to ask what that might mean. She just stared until Maura started talking again.

I can only stay for three months on my tourist visa,” Maura said. Sam’s heart started beating like a captive bird.

But once I’m back in the States,” Maura continued, “I’m going to see if I can’t move over here permanently. That is, if you’ll have me.” Sam’s face broke into a smile. She couldn’t believe her luck. She pulled Maura in for another kiss, letting that speak for her. She wasn’t sure she could find the words to properly convey what she was feeling. Best birthday ever, Sam thought as their kiss deepened and they fell into each other one more time.


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