Beta reader wanted

I’m looking for serious beta readers for my novel “State of emergency”. “State of Emergency” is semi-dystopian and revolves around a terrible disease spreading through Sweden, killing off a third of the population in the first week.

I’m looking for someone over 18 as it has sexual (lesbian) themes.

What I’m looking for from a beta reader is commentary on the overall story, character development and occasional typos or grammar mistakes. Any help is appreciated, really.

It’s 60k words long right now but I’m hoping to add 20 – 30k words.

If you’re interested, just send me an email at


2 thoughts on “Beta reader wanted

  1. Me! me!! me!!! 🙂 Can I be qualified as a beta reader although English is not my native language? I can’t say much about the grammar but I’m pretty good at pointing out plot holes (if there are any). Also I’m a biochemist by profession and maybe I can give you some ideas about the dystopian-biohazard aspects of your story. If you say “yes” I’ll send you an email right away 😀

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