Don’t worry, I’ve got you (short story)

Come on, Follet, you look like you could use a drink!” Del looked up from her spot on the comfy chair. When she saw who was talking with her she shook her black haired head.

Leave me alone, Alenko,” she said. “I’m not in the mood.” She lifted the side of her lip, ready to snarl something else at him if he didn’t leave. She knew that with her strong physique and red scar across her lips she looked more than a little intimidating. Surely intimidating enough to get Alenko to leave her alone.

He held up his hands in a defensive gesture.

Fine, fine, I was just offering. You’ve been sitting here all night.”

Del nodded, but didn’t smile. She couldn’t wait for the others to leave. The national holiday brought out the strangest things in people. They wanted to celebrate the country’s finest. The heroes. The do – gooders. It made Del sick. She wanted no one to celebrate her or her past actions. She hated this stupid day. Usually she made it bearable by drinking with her old commander, but the bastard had betrayed her and gone on a date instead.

The lobby filled with silence as Del was finally left alone. She should have felt relief, but instead she was filled with anxiety. She tapped her foot on the floor and tried to resist biting on nails. She was a lieutenant commander damn it, acting like this was beneath her. After crossing her legs and then uncrossing them, she got up and headed for the door. She didn’t really want to, but anything would be better than just sitting here.

* * *

And there was something better. As much as Del had dreaded going into town, she had to admit that moving to the beat of music inside the club was nice. It was a lesbian club, a small one and Del could drown in blessed anonymity. She was just a person in the crowd, not a hero, not military. Just another lesbian out on the Fourth of July who wanted to get lost in the music. She danced for a while longer, but then when the next song ended, she headed over to the bar and ordered a drink.

She leaned against the bar on her elbow and let her gaze sweep across the room. The club wasn’t completely filled with people since most were celebrating elsewhere. Del found herself wondering why the people around her weren’t with families or friends, celebrating with apple pie, fireworks and good conversation. They couldn’t all be dealing with latent PTSD tendencies and a commander who had abandoned her on this night of all nights. Del chugged her drink down as the beat of the music continued.

That was when she noticed a young woman sitting by one of the tables to the side. She was nodding her head to the music, golden locks bouncing around her shoulders. She looked a bit like a porcelain doll. Del was so focused on inspecting the woman’s pale skin and cute nose that she didn’t notice the woman’s gaze traveling, suddenly blue eyes looked straight into Del’s black ones. Del immediately looked away. Her cheeks heated and she hated it. She lifted her gaze again and noticed that the blonde woman was laughing. Seemingly at her. Del turned her head towards the bar and ordered another drink.

She couldn’t keep away for too long, she turned around again and threw a glance towards the table. The woman wasn’t alone anymore, instead her friend… or girlfriend, Del thought gloomily, was standing over her and beckoning her to come and dance. The woman shook her head, laughing, but then extended her arm to her friend. They joined a group of dancing women on the dance floor. Del held up a finger to signal that she wanted another drink, what she didn’t do was take her eyes off of the dancing woman. The woman moved sensually to the music, all hips and curves. Del swallowed the drink and realized that her next one should probably be water. She usually didn’t ogle girls in bars, she really didn’t. It was strange that the woman hadn’t been dancing before, she loved it. It was clear in how she moved and didn’t miss a beat. As the song tapered off, Del turned towards the bar.

Can I buy you a drink?” A voice next to her said as the music changed again. Del turned around and was met by the most brilliant blue eyes.

I can buy my own drink,” Del said, not caring how it sounded. It was okay to admire, but there was no way she wanted to actually interact. A blond eyebrow lifted and cherry coloured lips curled into a teasing smile.

Okay.” The woman raised her hand towards the bartender.

 The silence was a bit awkward while they waited, but as soon as she was holding a red cocktail in her hand, the woman turned to Del again.

What’s your name?”

Del.” Why is she talking to me?  “Well, Delilah, but Del works.”

Yeah.” The woman wrinkled her nose a bit, “Delilah really doesn’t suit you.”

 They stayed silent as they continued drinking.

And yours?” Del asked eventually. She didn’t mind seeming rude, but she was curious. She wanted to know the other woman’s name.

Easter.” Del’s eyes widened.

Yeah, I know,” Easter said, “and no, I’m not joking. And no, I don’t have a sister called Christmas. I was just born on Easter Sunday and my parents thought it was a pretty name for a girl.”

Easter,” Del said, her drinking partner nodded. Del chuckled.

Okay, Easter Sunday,” she said, “you can buy me a drink if you want.”

So what do you do?” Easter asked when they had placed themselves by one of the tables, two drinks between them. Del sighed, she never like answering that question. This was always what it came down to. What she did for living. Her work. The thing that defined her.

I’m with the military,” Del said, speaking up since the music was a little bit loud. To her annoyance, Easter leaned in to hear her better. A golden lock dangled in front of Del’s face, it smelled distractingly good.

Sounds dangerous.” Easter looked at her. 

Uh, yeah,” Del said, relieved that Easter hadn’t said anything else, “but it’s okay. What about you?”

I’m a PhD candidate,” Easter said, her face so close to Del that Del almost thought that she could feel Easter’s breath on her shoulder. 

Easter? We’re leaving now.” Del felt both annoyed and relieved as Easter leaned away from her. She sucked in air through her mouth, finally able to breathe again. 

Actually,” Easter said loud enough for Del to hear over the music, “I think I might stay for a while. If that’s okay with you?” The last question was directed at Del.

I can walk you home later.” Del felt her mouth saying the words.

 Easter smiled and said goodbye to her friends who cast curious looks at Del and Easter as they left the club. 

I don’t know who’s more surprised, them or me.” Easter giggled like a little girl.

How’s so?” Del’s heart started beating faster as Easter leaned closer again.

I didn’t want to come here tonight,” Easter said, “I thought it was sad to go to a club on the Fourth of July. I wanted to stay home, bake an apple pie and cry that I’m not back home with my family.”

If you don’t want to be here…” Del started saying.

No,” Easter said, looking down at the table as an adorable pink blush spread on her cheeks, “I like talking to you.”

 Del didn’t know what to say to that, but she couldn’t stop the smile tugging on the sides of her mouth. They sat in silence for a little while, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Instead they watched the dancing people together. A slight tapping on the ground made Del look to the side. Easter was tapping her foot to the music and her head was bobbing a bit up and down. Del thought of Easter dancing, of how she had moved. Del wanted to experience it for herself. She was about to open her mouth but Easter managed to get there before her.

Want to dance with me?”

S… sure,” Del stuttered.

 Easter stood up and extended her hand but Del didn’t take it, instead she stood up, towering over Easter a little bit. In this position, their height difference was clear and Del enjoyed having Easter’s gaze lifted a bit to look at her face. It made her feel strong, and she needed to feel strong. Then Easter took Del’s hand anyway, turned around and pulled her towards the dance floor.

 Watching Easter dance was nothing like being near her. Heat radiated between them as they moved to the music, each move making Del more and more breathless. Easter was so close, her hot breath landing on Del’s cheek with every exhale. She smelled so good and Del felt herself getting sweaty just by being so close. Del had always loved women, but no one had affected her like this for a long time. She was finding it hard to keep her eyes open, but she refused to close them, she didn’t want to miss a single moment. The song changed but neither of them made a move to get off the dance floor. Their fingers brushed, then intertwined. Easter’s eyes were glittering and her lips slightly parted. Del’s heart pounded. Before she knew what had happened, Easter stood on tip toe and pressed their lips together. It was sweet, sexy and over before Del had a chance to truly savor it. They left the dance floor.

That was the nicest dance I’ve had in years!” Easter’s smile was infectious and Del found herself smiling wider than she had done in years.

Yeah, me too,” she said, then she shook her head. What was she doing? “Well, it’s late. I should walk you home now.”

Disappointment filled Easter’s eyes and she produced the most adorable pout. It was almost adorable enough to convince Del to do just about anything. “We can walk slowly and talk at the same time.” She offered. Easter nodded but the disappointment didn’t leave her eyes. They left.

The street outside was mainly empty since most partying people were in the centre. The atmosphere was almost serene. The night would have been perfect if it hadn’t been for the fact that Del soon was going to say goodbye to Easter. They had been walking for several minutes, in silence when it occurred to her that she didn’t know where Easter lived. She had been so deep in thought she had forgotten to ask. She turned to the side and looked into amused blue eyes.

You didn’t tell me where you live,” Del said, hoping they hadn’t been walking in the wrong direction.

You didn’t ask me,” Easter said with a chuckle, “but it’s that way.” She pointed at the same way they had just come from. Del frowned, she felt foolish and she didn’t like it. They turned around.

They had been walking in silence for a bit longer when Del’s phone beeped.

Sorry,” she mumbled. They stood still as Del picked up her phone and checked it. She groaned at the message. Then put it away again. She started walking again but Easter wasn’t following. Del stopped and looked back.

What is it?” She asked.

There is a park about a block from here,” Easter said, “want to go there? It’s beautiful. Quite lovely at night.”

You go to parks at night a lot?”

Not really,” Easter said, “but it feels perfect tonight, does it not?” Del had no arguments left.

* * *

The park was perfect. Even Del had to admit that. The air was warm and sweet smelling despite the residue of fireworks that still hung in the air. Occasionally they would hear or see more fireworks even though it was past midnight. They sat down on a bench. Easter had picked up a daisy and was picking the petals off, one by one. Del’s phone kept beeping, and Del kept groaning at every message even though she knew that it was making Easter more and more curious.

What’s wrong?” Easter said eventually, “why don’t you just turn it off?”

I never know when it might be something important.” Del knew that it didn’t answer Easter’s real question.

Fine,” she said after a little while, “I’m getting birthday wishes. It’s past midnight, so technically today is my birthday.”

Oh!” Easter said, “happy birth…”

Don’t,” Del said. She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. I’m just not too fond of my birthday. Something my family and friends should know.” When Del looked up again, Easter was looking right at her. Del felt scrutinized under her gaze but for some reason it didn’t feel like such a bad thing.

They sat together in silence. The path they were sitting on was lit up, and it was still quite warm but Del had noticed how Easter’s bare arms were covered in goosebumps. She tried not to notice the other sign that Easter was cold, so easily visible through the thin fabric of Easter’s dress. Del noticed to her distress that she was wondering if Easter was wearing a bra. That was definitely not appropriate!

Easter took her hand again. It was such an innocent gesture and yet it sent Del’s heart racing. She looked down on their joined hands. She felt a sudden urge to tell Easter everything, to explain, to share. To have her fears, her sadness and loneliness validated by someone other than herself and her commander.

What’s troubling you?” Easter caressed Del’s knuckles with her thumb.

Why do you say that?”

Not sure to be honest,” Easter said and chuckled softly to herself, “but there is clearly something bothering you.”

I don’t want you to think badly of me,” Del said and closed her eyes. Easter gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

Take a chance.”

Del took a big breath and then she started talking. She left some parts out, like locations and names and flesh wounds. But she told other things, the vital things, about survivor’s guilt, about loneliness and sadness. Of being a killer even though she didn’t want to. Of how hollow she felt. When she had finished talking, she turned to Easter, expecting repulsion and fear but all she got was compassion and sadness. Easter gave her a sad smile even as big silent tears trailed down her cheeks.

I’m sorry,” Easter mumbled and lifted her hand to wipe away the tears but Del was quicker. She reached out and wiped away the tears with her thumb. She let her hand stay there, cradling Easter’s cheek.

I didn’t mean to make you cry,” she said softly. Easter pushed into Del’s palm and shook her head gently. Easter’s skin was so soft and Del let her thumb move lower and pass over Easter’s inviting lips. She could both see and feel Easter’s breath hitch. Del looked at her, wondering if Easter could see the silent question in her eyes.

* * *

Easter couldn’t do anything but to give them both what they needed. She took Del’s hand from her face, leaned forward and fell into a scorching kiss. Perhaps it was a little more eager than Easter had been going for, but she could feel the tension in Del’s shoulders when she put her arms around Del’s neck. Easter wanted to help her, to soothe the apparent loneliness and sadness. She parted her lips and sighed happily when Del turned her face and entered Easter’s mouth with her tongue. Del tasted absolutely delicious and Easter hoped that maybe she could get to taste other parts of her before the night was over. She wanted to know what it felt like to have Del on top of her, to have those strong fingers inside her. She hoped she wasn’t too obvious. Even though her nipples had been hard for at least 20 minutes. She should have worn a bra.

They pulled away slowly, equally out of breath. Easter couldn’t believe that she was kissing a stranger like that, it should have been out of her comfort zone, but it wasn’t. She looked up at the woman in front of her and immediately wished she hadn’t because it made her want more. Del looked slightly flushed, her lips were red and her eyes were fixated on Easter’s lips. She bit her lip, wondering if this was really what she wanted, if this was something she dared to do. Her heart pounded in her chest and she was no longer able to ignore the wetness that was pooling between her legs. “Where can we go?” She blushed as she pronounced the words. She usually didn’t pick up women in bars. But the night was magical and Easter’s blood thrummed through her veins.

Are you sure?” Del said, hope and surprise filling her face.

I’m sure,” Easter said, “I want this. I want to. I want… I want you.” The last words were barely a whisper and Easter had to look down from Del’s piercing gaze. She wished she was braver.

I don’t think I can take you back to the barracks,” Del said with an amused smile. Easter nodded.

We can go to my room.”

* * *

Easter was renting a small room in a bigger house. She wondered what Del thought of it when they entered. Probably much messier than whatever military room Del had. It was relatively organized but her desk was cluttered with papers, books, pencils and her laptop. She even had a pile of books by the bed. The bed! Easter remembered to her distress that her bedspread was pink and had flowers on. Easter felt mortified but when she threw a glance at Del’s face, the soldier seemed amused rather than annoyed. When Easter pushed a pile of dirty laundry under her bed, not at all discreetly, Del started laughing.

What?” Easter said.

Nothing really,” Del said, “I was just thinking that this room suits you. Very well.”

I’ve only been here a couple of weeks,” Easter said and glanced at the desk, “but I guess I have spread out a little. My dad used to call it organized chaos.”

Then your dad was a wise man.”

Not really,” Easter said with a chuckle, “but I suppose he had his moments.” They smiled, but awkwardly looked away. Easter wished she could be braver. She took a moment to inspect Del, she was tall and with delicious broad shoulders. Her hair was short and black and framed her face in a cute way. She had a couple scars that hadn’t been visible in the dim light of the club. Easter supposed they could have been intimidating if Del was angry, but right now, they just made Del look more interesting.

Del looked like she was about to say something, when her phone beeped again. She growled in annoyance and took it out of her pocket.

You must have a lot of friends,” Easter said.

I guess,” Del said, “although some of the messages are from the same person. Anyway, I’m turning it off now.” She pressed a button on the top of the phone and then placed it on Easter’s desk.

I…” Easter didn’t know what to say. She looked at Del pleadingly, hoping that she could have some help. Del stepped closer, grabbed Easter’s chin gently and looked into her eyes. Del seemed calm, but Easter could see a hint of nervousness in Del’s eyes. They were also darkened with desire.

What’s wrong?” Del asked, when all Easter did was breathe fast and not saying anything.

I’ve never done this before.”

What?” Del said gently and moved closer, “been with a woman?”

No,” Easter said with an embarrassed chuckle, “I have done that before. Just never been with a stranger before. No! I mean, someone I didn’t know so well or…” Del took a step back.

If you’re not comfortable with this that’s okay,” she said, “I don’t want you to feel coerced in any way. I’ve had a lovely night already.”

Don’t be silly.” Easter said. She wasn’t a fool. She realized that she might never see Del again. She knew what this was. And yet it felt completely right. She wanted to give herself to this strange woman who had made her heart ache and the space between her legs pulse. She knew this was the right choice. She placed her hands on Del’s shoulders and pushed gently. They walked together until the back of Del’s knees hit the bed, then she sat down. Easter imagined that someone like Del was usually in charge in the bedroom, but right now the shoulders underneath her fingers were strained and tense. Easter wanted her to relax.

Do you want a glass of water or something?” Del shook her head. Easter leaned down and their lips met again in a delicious dance. She leaned over and then put her legs on either side of Del’s thighs so that she was straddling her. Even in this position, Del was large enough to make Easter feel small and she loved it. She leaned forward and started pressing kisses over Del’s neck and exposed shoulders. Del’s skin smelled like the sea, salty and fresh and absolutely delicious. Easter couldn’t help but open her mouth and place a little bite on the muscled area where neck meets shoulder. Del visibly shivered.

You like that?” Easter asked, forcing innocence into her voice.

* * *

Easter was playing with her, Del knew it. But it didn’t feel mean spirited or even wrong. It was almost endearing. But when Easter leaned down and bit Del’s shoulders again, harder this time, something snapped inside Del. She made a low growl and held Easter close, forcing their lips together and then coaxing the younger woman to part her lips and let Del’s tongue inside.

Suddenly they were in a hurry. Del reached for the buttons on the back of Easter’s dress and Easter’s hands found their way inside her tank top, dancing over Del’s muscles and then going higher to cup her breasts. Del had to pull her mouth away from Easter’s to breathe and moan at the sensation, she couldn’t even remember the last time she had been touched like this. Easter’s fingers found a hard nipple and started rubbing in deliberate circles. Del couldn’t stand it anymore.

I need you under me,” she growled and pushed Easter to the side so she landed with her back on the bed.

May I?” She asked but didn’t wait for Easter’s answer before she pulled the already opened dress off of Easter’s body. Luckily, Easter moaned a quick “yes” and visible goose bumps were covering her arms and chest. Easter hadn’t been wearing a bra and Del’s vision zoomed in on her chest. She needed more of Easter. She couldn’t touch her quick enough, she couldn’t get enough.

Del,” Easter moaned and writhed on the bed, “please.” Del covered the small and soft body with her own, reveling in how she could feel Easter’s pounding heart through her own chest. She leaned back on her thighs just so that she could cover Easter’s breasts with her hands and then dived down on her neck. Kissing, licking and not so gently nipping at the sensitive skin.

Easter didn’t seem to know what to do, she was arching her body, pushing into Del’s touch and panting. Del took it as the invitation it was, moved her hand away and replaced it with her mouth, swirling her tongue around an erect nipple. Easter whimpered and a hand came to rest on Del’s head, fisting in her hair. Then suddenly the hand fisting in her hair was pulling upwards.


What?” Del pulled her mouth off of a pink nipple, immediately wishing she hadn’t, “did I do something wrong? Did I…?”

No,” Easter said, her voice a bit strained, “just take this off, please?” Her fingers pinched the fabric of Del’s tank top. Del gave her a quick smile and pulled her tank top over her head. She fell forward and groaned at the feeling of Easter unbuttoning her trousers. Seeing as Easter was just in her underwear, Del decided to take pity on her. She got up from the bed and took off the rest of her clothing. Clad only in her underwear, she lay down next to Easter and kissed her deeply. They continued looking at each other as their lips met, Easter’s eyes eager and hopeful. Like she trusted that Del would take care of her, like Del knew what they both needed.

As they kept kissing, one of Del’s hands came to tug at Easter’s breast again, while Easter’s went to rest on Del’s abdomen. As their kiss deepened, Easter’s hand traveled lower, and without warning, dove into the wetness between Del’s legs. Del released Easter’s lips to gasp.

Oh sweetheart,” Easter murmured as she found Del’s clit with her index finger, “you really need me, don’t you?” It was a stark contrast to the innocence that Easter radiated, but Del was quickly getting used to the contrasts between Easter’s actions and how she seemed. Del grunted when Easter passed over her clit with more force.

You should be careful,” Del panted, “you don’t know how bad my revenge will be.” Easter laughed gently, then moved her fingers to swirl around Del’s entrance. Del was embarrassingly wet, but as Easter’s fingers continued to stroke and tease, Del was almost thankful of the fact. Without the copious amount of wetness, the touch would have been much more unbearable.

Mmm,” Easter sounded, “can I taste you?” She gathered up some more wetness with her fingers, “I want to taste this.”

Please,” Del said. She hated how strained her voice sounded, but she couldn’t afford to care. Not when Easter pushed her on her back and quickly kissed and licked her way down Del’s body. She pulled the underwear off and threw it to the side. Then, before Easter reached her destination, she pulled off her own as well.

Fuck, was all Del managed to think when Easter spread her with fingers and then dove in with her lips and tongue. Del’s whole body pounded with arousal. Both at the feeling of Easter licking her so masterfully but also at the soft wet noises and the hums of approval that was coming from Easter. It wouldn’t take long. Del had felt tense for weeks and ready for Easter since she had first laid her eyes on her in the club. Now that she was on her back, in Easter’s room, with Easter’s mouth sucking at her and kissing her so intimately, Del didn’t see any reason to hold back. Her thighs became rock hard as her muscles tensed and she came in Easter mouth with a hoarse cry. She was just coming down from her high when she noticed that Easter hadn’t stopped but was gently licking up the remains of Del’s arousal.

Stop,” Del said weakly. But Easter either didn’t hear it or she ignored it, instead she placed her hands on Del’s hips to hold her down. Del was much stronger than Easter so she didn’t exactly feel restrained. But it made her feel vulnerable and she wasn’t used to that. She whimpered as Easter licked her clit into aching stiffness again. She couldn’t believe it, she was going to come again.

* * *

Feeling Del come under her tongue twice had wired up Easter’s arousal to almost unbearable limits. As she laid on her stomach between Del’s legs, Easter wanted to slip one of her hands between her own legs just to give her some relief. But she also knew that if she waited, having Del touch her would be a million times better. When the whimpers above her turned to be more pained than filled with pleasure, Easter released Del’s clit after one last kiss to the still stiff point. Then she got up from her place and lay down face to face with Del. She pressed a kiss to her nose. Del had her eyes closed, but didn’t look tired, just relaxed.

Thanks,” Del said, “I really needed that.” Easter let her hand flow over Del’s torso, enjoyed the slick skin over hard muscles.

I can see that,” she said and then leaned down to capture Del’s lips again.

Don’t think you won’t get yours,” Del said, “you haven’t wiped me out yet.”

Oh,” Easter said, “then I should have tried harder.”

With a growl Del opened her eyes, reached for Easter and in one swift move had turned her around so that she was lying on her stomach. Easter made a surprise noise that quickly turned into a moan when Del covered her body with her own. Del seemed to be almost in a hurry when she quickly moved her hand to Easter’s lower abdomen and then between her legs.

I don’t think you’ll find wiping me out very hard,” Del whispered in Easter’s ear, “and besides, I think you wouldn’t like it very much. Not with how obviously needy you are.” Two slick fingers pressed down on either side of Easter’s clit, making her groan and twitch. Something about being face down with Del’s heavy and warm body on top of her made Easter feel vulnerable, out of control and safe all at once. Del tugged on her clit again but it wouldn’t do. Easter wanted her inside. She wanted Del’s fingers deep inside her.

Please,” she said, groaning when Del’s fingers swiped directly on top of her clit, “I want you… I want you to…” she whimpered.

What is it that you want?” Del said, seemingly feigning ignorance, “you couldn’t possibly want me to fuck you, do you?” Easter felt more wetness spill from inside her at Del’s crude word and she tried to push into Del’s hand. She noticed to her distress that Del had stopped moving her hand, probably still waiting for Easter to answer.

Yes, of course I do,” Easter said, “please, just, I need you… please, it hurts.”

Shh,” Del soothed as she started moving again, “don’t worry. I got you.” Easter let out a relieved sob when Del moved her fingers lower and finally probed at her opening. Del entered her with one finger, pushing excruciatingly slow. This is how I die, Easter thought.

No,” she moaned, “please, two fingers… I… I need two fingers.” When Del listened to her plea and added another finger and pushed into her a bit faster, Easter bit the pillow to keep from crying out. She raised her butt in the air to make it easier for Del to start thrusting. Easter could feel her own muscles responding, tightening around Del’s fingers. Clearly Del could feel it too, cause the woman on top grunted, started thrusting a bit faster and also started rubbing herself on the back of Easter’s thigh.

Del, oh please,” Easter said, not caring if the things coming out of her mouth sounded stupid or not, “Del, Del, Del. You make me feel so good.” There came an answering grunt from Del as she ground herself harder, painting Easter’s leg with wetness. Easter groaned at the sudden stretch when Del on the next in stroke added another finger and entered Easter with three. Easter pumped her hips, alternating pushing back against Del’s groin and pushing forward into Del’s hand. It was too much, too fast and release found her off guard. In the same time, Del ground herself hard into Easter’s leg and they tumbled into release together, crying out and moving desperately together.

* * *

Del kept moving until the cramp in her wrist got overbearing. She removed it gently, despite Easter’s protesting whimper. She turned Easter around and pulled her into an embrace. Del had meant for it to be comforting for Easter, to hold her, to make her feel safe after such a climax. But as Del pulled Easter closer and put her face in the sweet smelling spot under Easter’s chin, Del found herself crumbling. When Easter’s breathing calmed and she put her arms around Del’s waist, hugging her back, Del started sobbing wildly. She had forgotten how this felt. Human contact. Sex. Love. Her walls were tumbling down, crumbling her heart until all that was left was pure emotion. She held onto Easter as sob after sob wrecked through her body.

When Del came to it, she got aware of how she was cradled in Easter’s embrace, her head resting on a soft breast and one gentle hand stroking through her hair. Easter was whispering soothing words constantly. Del blushed when she caught the last ones.

You’re safe. For tonight you are loved. I’ve got you.”

They laid in silence together until their breaths evened and they fell asleep together.

* * *

When Easter woke up, the July sun was shining through her green curtains. She moved and grimaced when she noticed how sore she was. The grimace quickly turned into a smile when she remembered, Del, sweat and emotions and… tears. Where was Del? Easter’s heart sped up until she turned around and noticed Del sitting on the side of the bed with her back to Easter. She turned around when Easter sat up and put one of her hands on Del’s shoulder.

I’m so sorry,” Del whispered. Easter brushed a couple of dark strands out of Del’s forehead.

For what?” Easter said and held Del’s gaze gently with her own, “I just had the most amazing night of my life. You have nothing to be sorry for.” Easter kissed her gently. But as soon as they drifted apart, Del stood up and gathered her clothes. Easter let her, even as her heart ached, the thought of letting Del leave made her feel empty in a way she didn’t recognize.

When Del was fully dressed, she went to the desk and checked her mobile. Whatever she saw there caused lines to appear on her forehead. Easter wanted to go and kiss them away. Eventually she couldn’t stay silent anymore.

Will I ever see you again?” She asked from her place on the bed. Del looked up, she sighed.

I don’t know,” Del said, clearly wanting to be truthful. Something that Easter appreciated even if the answer made her sad.

Don’t worry,” Easter said, “I knew what this was. And I don’t regret it.” Del went to the bed and sat down next to Easter.

This was…” Del said with a shy smile, “this was more than that. You know that, Easter Sunday. This meant a lot to me. More than I can say.” Easter couldn’t help but smile at Del’s words.

It meant a lot to me too,” she said. They kissed again. Then Del looked down at her mobile again.

Damn,” she said, “I really have to go.” Easter swallowed, her throat dry. Del stood up.

Good luck with your doctorate,” she said.

Thank you,” Easter replied, “and good luck with…”

Yeah.” Del nodded.

* * *

Del leaned down to press one last kiss on Easter’s lips. She swallowed back the sudden sadness that was forming a lump in her throat. She felt immense gratefulness towards the woman. Easter had truly healed her in so many ways. If she had known that Easter was waiting for her, Del would have left the base earlier. She would have thanked her commander for being busy. She smiled at Easter one last time and headed for the door.

Del!” Del turned around and looked at Easter, taking her beautiful form in. She never wanted to forget her. Easter smiled. A smile free from any sadness.

Happy birthday, Del.”


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