Five female protagonists that I admire (or crush on a little bit)

Yesterday I saw this post on tumblr so I decided that in honour of International Women’s day, I will make a list of the top five female protagonists that I admire. In no particular order. Some of these, or most of these are from lesfic novels. But there is an explanation for that, I assure you.

1. Hermione from the Harry Potter books. Might be a bit of a cliche but what’s not to love? She is smart and brave and made it a bit easier to grow up as a book worm who actually enjoyed studying. But she is so much more than that. She could easily be on the bottom, being muggle born, a lot of teachers dismiss her, she has no knowledge of magic or the world of magic from her childhood. She goes on to be the top of her class. But I like that she isn’t just smart because she’s smart. I mean, of course she is talented and intelligent. But her talent comes from A LOT of hard work. She studies, studies, studies. She’s not just bright but she has a good work ethic and that’s something I’ll always admire.

2. Luke from Backwards to Oregon by Jae. I’m not sure how much is admiration and how much is just a crush but I really, really love Luke Hamilton. Okay? She also has a great work ethic and she is very brave. Very, very brave. I like how she’s in charge of herself.  She doesn’t get into fights, she doesn’t rise to silly challenges. She is calm and patient. She has embodied “others can’t make you feel something without your permission.” I wish some of her discipline could rub off on me.

3. Anita Blake from the Anita Blake books by Laurell K Hamilton. I started reading the Anita Blake books when I was 16 and they have stayed with me into adulthood. Anita Blake doesn’t take shit, she is brave and strong and knows how to be intimating despite being petite and seemingly pretty. She adapts to situations. I also like that despite being a strong character, she isn’t perfect. Sometimes when I’m reading, I keep thinking “Anita, shut up.” Her mouth really gets her into trouble. Sadly, I haven’t enjoyed the latest books but there comes a time when I’ll reread the whole series.

4. Ryan from the I lost my heart in San Francisco series by Susan X Meagher. Ryan is brilliant, wonderful and very smart. I’m most of the time just impressed with her skills, but I like how she is very modest. She doesn’t brag. She prioritizes her goals and needs. Puts family first and sticks to her principles. She forgives but doesn’t let people run her over. In many ways I wish I could be like Ryan.

5. Beatrice from  Wideacre by Philippa Gregory. I know that Beatrice is evil. And twisted. And I don’t think I actually admire her. But gosh, she has strength and resolve. And she’s a fighter. It doesn’t matter that everything is against her, she fights for what she wants and she fights to keep it.

That’s my list. It was hard to stick to just five to be honest but if I didn’t, I would have been up all night.


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